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ID and Avalanche Studios Partner for Rage 2

The original Rage was released to mixed reviews from gamers and critics. The original game released in 2011 and is a post-apocalyptic first person shooter. Critics claimed the game had excellent gameplay, but it lacked in the story department.


ID Software, the developers of the original Rage, continued working on the first person shooter genre, eventually creating the commercial successful Doom reboot.


Avalanche Studio recently created the official Mad Max game, a game which was also a commercial and critical success.


Now these two game studios are teaming up to create Rage 2. With the announcement of Rage 2 came an announcement trailer. The trailer features bright, vibrant colors, and a loud soundtrack that fits the chaotic cinematic. The trailer didn’t give away much towards gameplay, as the trailer is purely cinematic, but it did showcase a new type of weapon. A boomerang of some sort can be seen in the hand of one character in the trailer. It is unknown if this weapon will be featured in the actual game.


Gamers seem to be taking to the trailer positively, excited for the team up between ID and Avalanche.


The original Rage was a unique experience. ID Games took the familiar apocalyptic settings and made it more beautiful than ever before. The game had an emphasis on fun gameplay, almost completely ignoring the story line and character progression.


The game also made excellent use of a wide variety of vehicles, providing gamers with a means to get from combat area to combat area. The vehicle combat is surprisingly fun even though the primary use of the vehicle is just to get to the next area.


The online competitive gameplay of Rage focused entirely on car combat; the cooperative online gameplay put two players together in order to see how long they van survive, ranking up points in order to get a high score.


Rage 2 doesn’t have a release date, but if the first Rage is any indicator, a Holiday release is highly likely.

Bethesda Games Releases Rage 2 Gameplay, Sets Release Date

Bethesda’s long-awaited follow-up to Rage, a fan-favorite action-shooter video game that debuted in 2011,has finally been revealed. This week, after some alleged Rage 2 details leaked to the media, Bethesda capitalized on the situation by formally announcing the title and posting some high-definition gameplay. Fan response to the reveal has been considerable; at the time of writing this piece, over 4,000 Twitter users have retweeted Bethesda’s official Rage 2 trailer.




The specified trailer showed off several weapons and abilities that will be available for use in Rage 2, but it didn’t detail too many of the title’s specifics, such as new features, game modes, and characters. To be sure, Bethesda also indicated (to the disappointment of quite a few fans!) that Rage 2 won’t hit store shelves until Spring 2019.




The work will release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms, according to Bethesda. (It’s worth mentioning that the widely circulated rumor of a Nintendo Switch version of Rage 2 being in the works hasn’t been confirmed or denied; there is still hope for Nintendo lovers!) Rage 2 is being developed by the company behind the original Rage, id Software, as well as the maker of Just Cause, Avalanche Studios. That two studios are coordinating to develop Rage 2 has led many fans to believe that the scope of the title will be extensive.




It’s expected that Bethesda’s upcoming E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) conference will be used at least in part to showcase additional Rage 2 gameplay. E3 2018 is scheduled for June 12-14, and Bethesda’s press conference will take place at 9:30 PM ET on 10 June. Fans unable to attend E3 in-person can watch companies’ press conferences over the internet and on television.




Lastly, perhaps in an effort to further excite those anticipating new games, Bethesda stated that their E3 2018 press conference will be longer than any of their previous showings.




Here’s to even more video game announcements at E3, from Bethesda and other developers!