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‘State of Decay 2’ to Launch March 22

The sequel to the 2013 zombie-based survival game “State of Decay” is expected to launch on March 22, 2018. Developed by Undead Labs and purchased by Microsoft as an exclusive title for Windows and Xbox One, “State of Decay 2” improves on many of the elements that made the original game such a hit.

“State of Decay 2” focuses on survival and player development. It begins like its successor, with the player stranded alone in a hostile environment that’s overrun by zombies. You must then scavenge for weapons, food and equipment while also searching for other survivors. As you connect with other survivors, you can establish a base in the zombie-filled landscape, which you can upgrade for perks.

There are a few major changes to “State of Decay 2,” one of which is deeper customization. Survivors can have random attributes, for instance, that affect their statistics or skills. If a survivor has asthma, he or she will have reduced stamina, thus preventing them from sprinting long distances. A survivor with a a high pain threshold, on the other hand, benefits from increased attack power as well as higher XP from completed missions and killed zombies.

Perhaps the greatest feature of “State of Decay 2” is multiplayer. While the original “State of Decay” was well received by critics, it was strictly single player. “State of Decay 2” takes a different approach by supporting four-player co-op.

While there’s no word yet on when or even if “State of Decay 2” will be released, Undead Labs has hinted about possible spinoff games. According to The Verge, Microsoft’s Shannon Loftis said seed intellectual property (IP) could encourage developers to create new games. Being that “State of Decay” has become such a popular title for the Xbox One, we’ll probably see follow-up titles released in the future. Whether they are direct sequels or spinoffs based on IP, however, remains to be seen.