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CEO Oren Frank Makes Crucial Move For Talkspace

Anthony Bourdain’s recent suicide reminds us all that depression is a heavy burden that some face in silence. His charmed life leads reasonable people to wonder why he would commit such an unthinkable act. But for some suicide is not unthinkable. Rather, it’s something that is thought about every day. And that’s exactly what Oren Frank is fighting with his tech service Talkspace.

This incredibly innovative company allows users to video chat with mental health professionals for just $79 per week. Or you can choose to have messaging privileges for just $49 per week. It seems that Oren Frank is intent on using the Internet to its full potential in order to help people. This comes as an incredibly welcomed surprise in an age of Internet bullying and groupthink.

Millennials stand to gain the most from this service. Scientific research has exposed a vast increase in anxiety and depression among our youngest workforce. This young generation seems to gravitate toward the messaging service as it is more anonymous and convenient.

Large companies bring in Oren Frank and his Talkspace to increase productivity by combating depression and anxiety. The CEO says that about 10% of each company’s workforce tries out the service with most leaning toward the messaging side.

And CEO Oren Frank is taking Talkspace to the next level. He recently hired a chief medical officer from United Health. Neil Leibowitz comes from the health insurance side of the business and CEO Oren Frank believes he can become responsible for half the company’s revenue. And, according to CEO Oren Frank, that revenue is sky high. He claims the five-year-old company has helped over 1 million people and is generating more than $10 million in revenue.

It’s easy to root for a company like Talkspace. A quick scan of CEO Oren Frank’s twitter shows him as a caring person that is in the right business. It is full of links to different articles exposing the need for mental health services. The first article shows an increase in suicide rates due to global climate change and warmer temperatures across the earth.