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Titanfall 2 Will Have A Story Mode

Microsoft has announced that they will be making a sequel to the popular exclusive title TitanFall. Last spring, TitanFall was released for the Xbox one console. Many Xbox one owners bought the game and hoped for a new and exciting first person shooter experience. TitanFall did not have a campaign mode, and this made people feel like the game was only halfway finished.

Boraie Development reports the creators of TitanFall have heard the feedback, and they have decided that there will definitely be a campaign mode in TitanFall 2. features an exclusive interview with the creative team of TitanFall. However, it has also been announced that theTitanFall series will no longer be an exclusive title to the Xbox one console. Instead, TitanFall is going to release on every major system, and this news has angered Xbox one users. There seems to be no reason to own an Xbox one over the PS4. In fact, the PS4 does have several exclusive titles that the Xbox one console may never get. However, Xbox has one game that will never go cross-platform, and that game is Halo 5.