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George Soros Isn’t Convinced We Can Trust Putin

While there are quite a few politicians in the United States who are under the impression that Vladimir Putin is someone we can count on when it comes to fighting ISIS, George Soros is attempting to sound the alarm. The financier, who has been known to get involved in US politics certainly isn’t a fan of ISIS but he simply doesn’t trust Putin and wants the rest of the United States to understand the Russian leader isn’t someone we should be leaning on for anything.
George Soros recently wrote an Op-Ed in Project Syndicate where he laid out the case against going anywhere near trust Vladimir Putin. Soros laid out the case that the evidence since Putin has “joined” the fight against the Islamic State proves this out and is also proved out by Putin’s obvious desire to disintegrate the allied relationship between countries in the European Union.

Among the things Soros has pointed to as proof that Russia is working against the interests of the United States, is fact that his air force has been carrying out bombing runs of their own and those bombing runs have been causing more harm than good. The runs have been going against civilians in Syria who are actually trying to depose the despotic rule of the government currently in power.

That government, by the way, is actually one that is a close ally with Russia and Putin’s regime in Russia. This relationship isn’t exactly a closely guarded secret, but people like Soros have likely seen other sides of the relationship because of his status as an international businessman.

George Soros has long been one of the most powerful and richest people in the world. Currently, Forbes has him ranked as the 16th richest person on the globe thanks to his net worth being upwards of $24 billion. One of the ways he’s managed to rake in the dough is by dealing with countries in and outside North America. His business allies tend to do business with the very people the United States would rather weren’t even around these days.

George Soros has a perspective that could be said is more world ready than some of the people who are currently running for president of the United States. Donald Trump may claim he would make a good president because of his ability to make a deal, but Soros has been doing those deals longer than Trump has been alive.

When George Soros tells the United States that they don’t have an ally in Putin, the US should at the very least, listen. This businessman clearly has the US’ best interests at heart in this particular fight. He might not be 100% right but he’s someone who’s viewpoint should be considered.