Christopher Linkas And The Genius Of Early Investing

The success Christopher Linkas has enjoyed as an investor shows that many investment opportunities favor the young because they have the advantage of time on their side. Beginning to invest early gives them a head start for accumulating wealth, enables them to take advantage of more opportunities and allows them to amass the resources they need to enjoy a rewarding, comfortable retirement.


Christopher Linkas is the person many top companies turn to for investment advice. He’s been investing since he graduated from college. He was hired by an investment group based in the UK and worked as an analyst and asset manager. Christopher Linkas made $4 billion for a client in under two years, was hired by New York City based Goldman Sachs and became a vice president as a very young man. He says there are 5 major reasons to begin investing early if you want to acquire wealth and have a secure financial future.


  1. Recovering Over Time


The stock market is volatile. Stocks often lose and gain value. Young people have the luxury of time to wait for their high, low or medium risk investments to pay long-term dividends.


  1. Compound Interest


Over time compound interest can help early investments increase in value significantly. This is especially true if investors follow a continuous stock buying program where they reinvestment their interest and profits. Christopher Linkas has many tools and insights they can use to grow their wealth.

  1. Investing Rather Than Spending


Goal oriented young people should be taught to regularly invest rather than frivolously spend their income. Entrepreneurial minded youth can benefit from interacting with successful business people.

  1. A Leg Up


Young people that begin investing early will have a leg up on their peers. They will have the funds to make purchases others their age can’t afford once their investments mature.


  1. Improved Quality Of Life


Young investors who remain disciplined will have the assets they need to enjoy a good quality of life. As their nest egg grows they will be able to afford the finer things in life and a comfortable retirement.