Dr. Dov Rand Founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers

Healthy Aging Medical Centers is a company founded by Dr. Dov Rand. He is dedicated to helping people with age related problems. He does this by providing health and wellness services to his patients. He is a believer in preventive medicine. He has invented many anti aging procedures. Educational materials are provided to patients so that they can participate better with their treatment. The anti aging procedures are based on scientific research. Dr. Dov Rand adheres to the highest standards in his field. Individual patient outcomes are evaluated and this helps Dr. Dov Rand’s practice to remain at the fore front in anti aging research and development.

Dr. Dov Rand is a believer in the field of regenerative medicine. This kind of medical treatment can be used to enhance a patients quality of life. Each patient receives the proper care for their own individual needs. This includes patients who are suffering from a serious illness. These types of patients need Dr. Dov Rand’s assistance so that their lives can be more fulfilling. They can also be helped to keep earning a living while they are going through an illness that will eventually take their life. These types of situations can be extremely difficult for a suffering patient and Dr. Dov Rand stays with them every step of the way.

Dr. Dov Rand offers weight loss programs, regenerative medical procedures as well as anti aging procedures. Women experiencing menopause can get help through the doctor. Dr. Dov also came up with the HCG diet to help people loose weight in a natural way. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a hormone that helps in stopping muscle atrophy that can be caused by eating many popular foods today. IV Nutrient Therapy is offered by Dr. Dov Rand. Each patient is considered on an individual basis and the diets and exercise patterns of the person are taken into consideration. Patients can have their blood tested and also their genes to help to see what the contributing factors of their health condition is. For anti aging needs or weight loss or quality of life needs see Dr. Dov Rand.


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