Dr. Dov Rand Uses Traditional Progressive Treatment to Help Patients Live Life

Dr. Dov Rand is a leading specialist in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. He received his training from the respected Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. His New Jersey based practice, Healthy Aging Medical Centers, do just as their title describes. Provide various treatments of aging disorders and focus on ideal regimens for the promotion of healthy aging. Rand is an advocate for a decades old method of holistic treatment that uses physical tough to evoke healing. This method is known as the “high-touch” programmatic delivery model. It treats systems within the body collectively with integrative tactics. Although these methods have been around for a while they are still considered to be progressive. For this purpose, the treatments Rand utilizes are peer-reviewed to establish scientific support. He only advocates the use of fact-based treatments in his practice.


Patients of Dr. Dov Rand receive intravenous vitamin supplements, acupuncture, and follow up their treatments with a lifestyle model. The model is designed to support their treatment by encouraging healthy living. Such models bear a focus on nutrition, supplementation, yoga, better food choices, cardiovascular training, and strength building. Rand is a very certain that such optimization is necessary to evict functional results from treatment. But what exactly is Dr. Dov Rand’s method?


Physical medicine and rehabilitation was established in 1947. The idea was for treatment to improve function, and overall life quality than just he pursuit of a cure. Practioners like Dr. Dov Rand assist patients in recovery, their treatment very rarely requiring surgical intervention. They aid in the reduction of chronic pain, symptoms of overuse, and recovery of function. Their treatment extending past the clinic walls, into the everyday life of the patient. Allowing them to return to their life and live it better. As the field deals heavily in recovery, practitioners often work with other professionals in conjunctive treatment. For any medical treatment to succeed, the body also had to adapt to a healthier version of itself. Practitioners in this field treat disabilities, physical ailments, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, rheumatological, and neurological problems.