Dr. Jennifer Walden Motivating other women in the Field of Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the renowned plastic surgeons in Dallas. She has bee named one of the greatest women in the field and has performed a number of successful surgeries. Walden is performing in the field which for a long time has been dominated by men. In fact, there are less than one thousand female surgeons. Dr. Jennifer has been in the profession for more than eight years and she is still very active in the profession. Her focus is exclusive on cosmetic surgery and she has specialized in surgery touching on cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has performed many cosmetic surgeries aimed at enhancing beauty. She has worked on several cases including breast augmentation, facelifts, eyelid lifts and she also has extensive knowledge on rhinoplasties. Walden also performs other operations in her line of work including liposuction which is an operation done on the abdomen, inner things and also on the arms to correct them and regain their initial shape. She has also some knowledge of other invasive procedures and she has performed some minimal operations which include injecting Botox and soft tissue fillers. Her success on the field has been greatly boosted given that most of the operations that are performed are done on women and hence Walden has an upper hand in her career.

Dr. Jennifer Walden attended the University of Texas medical branch based in Galveston. Her schooling years were characterized by intense hard work and she was always on top of her class. She later attended the Manhattan Fellowship center of eye, Ear and Throat Centre. Dr. Jennifer Walden built her successful career in surgery in New York City where she was first attached to her duties. Jennifer Walden is also an author and her contribution in writing has been enormous. She is the coauthor of the book known as the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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