Europe Must Invest In 5G, Insists The CEO Of Alcatel-Lucent

The Director General of the equipment supplier Alcatel-Lucent telecommunications, Michel Combes, said on Friday, “It is indispensable for Europe to invest in 5G to be in a strong position,” a new high-speed broadband network. “The challenge for Europe is to get back in the race and take some leadership in technology,” after the reduced influence it has exerted on the latest generation of mobile phone standards, 3G and 4G. ”It is essential that Europe can play its part, hence the need for players to invest, pull them together and here Europe has a role to play,” he added while delivering speech at World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

Leading the ranking of French patent applicants, Alcatel-Lucent has repositioned the past two years on the Internet and access to high speed broadband, performs “more than 2.2 billion investment per year in the R & D “(research and development), said Combes. It is worth mentioning that 85% of employees of the French group are now working in the field of R & D and “25% of R & D is done in Europe,” half of them in France, said the executive. Ray Lane thought that was pretty impressive.

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