Fabletics- Leveraging the Power of the Crowd to Build a World Class Brand


Fabletics is a premier retailer of fitness and leisure apparel for the active woman looking for a one stop shop for comfortable, affordable and quality clothing to work out or relax in. Founded by ‘Almost Famous’ actress Kate Hudson and Techstyle Fashion Group founders; Don Ressler and Adam Goldenburg, Fabletics has grown from a small and relatively unknown startup into a 250 million dollar company with over 1.2 million members. The Fabletics brand has grown by leaps and bounds since its formation, recording an impressive aggregate growth of 200% since 2013 when it was launched.

Fabletics- Leveraging the Power of the Crowd to Build a World Class Brand

Fabletics growth and great success has been attributed to the power of the crowd. In a society where more and more people are making their purchases online and relying on crowd reviews to guide their purchasing decisions, the crowd is becoming increasingly important. With brick and mortar stores slowly becoming extinct, online stores are providing a convenient and more suitable shopping environment, allowing people to shop from the comfort of their homes. Since they are unable to visit physical stores to test out products and services that they are interested in, many rely on reviews and crowd opinions to guide their buying decisions.SEO experts estimate that 84% of online shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from people they know. They are therefore more likely to purchase a product that has received positive reviews from a large number of people.

Crowd reviews have several advantages to offer traditional advertising channels. For one, they are more likely to reach larger groups of people. Over half of internet users research a business at least once a month before making the decision to purchase. This means that larger numbers of people are likely to purchase a product if it has received positive reviews from others. As a result, more and more businesses are including customer reviews on their sites in order to draw in more traffic.

Secondly, people tend to trust products and services with positive user reviews more and many buying decisions are determined by how well a product is reviewed by previous users. Positive reviews also improve search rankings, with well reviewed sites appearing at the top of organic searches. Finally, positive reviews contribute to the bottom-line of a business, driving greater and greater numbers to a site and ultimately driving up revenues. Customers who make a purchase based on reviews are also more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend a product or service to people in their network.

Kate Hudson, who enjoys a highly active lifestyle, has heavily invested in the brand since its inception. The actress continues to stay involved with the brand, ensuring that styles remain fresh and reviewing sales figures and strategies to ensure that the company keeps growing. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Kate follows the adage that business owners must ‘drink their own champagne’ and can be spotted wearing many of the brand’s clothing items as she goes about her daily business.


Fabletics is committed to offering stylish, high quality and affordable activewear to empower women everywhere. Using an approach that combines an online store and 22 brick and mortar stores, the brand employs an interactive approach that takes users through a quiz to discover their personal style and interests. Next, the user is matched up with items that line up with their tastes and they can then select the ones that appeal to them most. Two membership plans are available including guest and VIP which comes with special offers and discounts. Interested in making a purchase? Take the lifestyle quiz and discover which items will best match up with your personal and unique style.

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