Finding the One: Wengie’s Advice

“People choose their life partners quicker than they do an outfit for an event,” said Wengie in her vlog about determining whether or not your partner is the one. As she discussed her overall shock and disdain for the fact that people seemingly fall in love every other day, she highlighted the important factors to consider before you decide to spend the rest of your life with another person. Aside from looks and believing that the person has a good heart, there is a lengthy list of things to consider and, judging by the rock on her finger, Wengie certainly knows what it means to find the one.

Know Yourself in Your Entirety

The beauty blogger is almost thirty, and she stated that she is still finding new things out about herself each day. Exclaiming the importance of finding out who you are before you decide to enjoy another person, the relationship enthusiast believes that it is a great idea to establish what makes you tick, what you like, what you can or cannot tolerate, and the characteristics that you would like to find in another.

Listen to Your Gut

Excluding the typical honeymoon phase when you believe that the other person is the best person in the world, a year or two into the relationship will determine your overall feelings for this individual. If you still feel in your gut that they are spectacular, you might have found the one!


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