GoBuyside Advises Investment Firms on Competing Effectively for Workforce Talent

A recently published article on Daily Forex Report has detailed the challenges that investment management firms presently face in the acquisition of specialized talents. Pointing to recent surveys indicating that up to 70 percent of investment management executives express concern over talent shortage and the consequences it could have on future prospects, the article also aims to provide apt solutions to these recruitment problems. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

One of the foremost problems addressed, and perhaps the most immediately pressing, was the presence of acute competition from other firms and, at times, other industries entirely, in pursuing the same caliber of talent as the investment management industry. An prime example offered was the high level of demand for IT specialists, including by an array of different industries, many of which bear little resemblance to investment firms or any other financial outfits. The intensity of this competition, the article pointed out, is reflected not only in the limited amount of successful investment management recruiting experts, but also in the rapidly shrinking number of large accounting firms that have historically been contracted by investment firms to handle recruitment – from eight nationally prominent outfits in 1980s by the 1990s.

In addressing this issue, the article advises that investment management firms utilize recruitment experts with extensive knowledge and a verifiable record of scouting out and hiring specialized investment talent. A leading example would be GoBuyside, a leading recruitment platform that specializes in recruitment for hedge funds, private equity firms, investment management firms and Fortune 500 companies. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.

With over 400 clients in four continents worldwide, GoBuyside has successful recruited talents for companies based in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, China and many other countries. The recruitment firm is a prominent example of the sort of niche recruitment firm properly equipped to scout talent for a niche discipline such as investment management.

The write up goes on to highlight six other problems affecting recruitment in the investment management industry, as well as provide solutions to these problems. Read the article here.

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