Graham Edwards: His New Chairman Position and Transformative Decisions for Telereal

The world we live in today, while appearing to be progressive, is still fraught with so much political and social issues that if not addressed could escalate into something tragic and globally risky in a large-scale way. Many countries suffer so much poverty. There are banks today that pay nothing for the mistakes in their investments, and there are countries today that are populated with people that barely can make ends meet. To find solutions for such issues, Graham Edwards is responding by accepting the nomination to be the Chairman of a housing policy-making body.


The New Chairmanship

It is formally declared that the Center for Policy Studies is now launching its New Generation initiative, which is right now the platform needed to generate better solutions for the society. Graham Edwards, as the head of Telereal Trillium, has built the right network, social training and expertise to make sure that he can lead in the operations of being its Chairman of the Housing Committee and Research Fellow. It is in his duty to develop policies for home-building and housing of many people in Britain, and while he has all the help he needs, it is going to be a challenge to select the right and financially efficient strategies that will benefit the most number of people.


About Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards Telereal is the CEO of Telereal Trillium since 2001, a company based in London, UK. He’s also the CEO who was able to land an outstanding transaction that resulted to about 6,700 properties transferred to the assets of Telereal, totaling to about £2.4bn. He’s also the man responsible for many negotiations today that stamped Trillium into one of the biggest market leaders today with the largest revenues.

One transaction that stood out was the one in January 2009 where Graham led the acquisition of Trillium from another firm, Land Securities Group PLC. Without such acquisition, Trillium would not have been the top property outsourcing and investment firm that it is today. It may not be able to generate the kind of outstanding revenues that it enjoys right now, which reaches to about to 1 billion. Truly, it may be fair to say that Graham Edwards is one of the most important catalyst and economic generator in the UK property industry today.



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