Is this the peak of Manhattan apartment prices?

There appears to have been a bit of a reversal in the direction of Manhattan apartments, which may indicate that the peak in real estate prices has been reached. This follows a trend that follows other markets including China, Miami, Australia, London and now the venerable New York City real estate market may suffer.

The suffering that Manhattan has been minor to date and comes at the heels of a historic rise in real estate prices. Many people have been predicting a downturn in real estate after this rise and some brokers are indicating that the economics surrounding the New York City real estate market are no longer logical and don’t fit with reality. Therefore a cool down period is expected in terms of real estate prices in Manhattan.

The first sign of this downturn is an increase in the vacancy rate for Manhattan apartments which have increased to one of the highest points of the last decade. The vacancy rate in Manhattan was 2.87 percent during the month of November, which is up from 2.31 percent a prior year. The vacancy rate has not been as high as it was in November 2015 since the summer of 2006.

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The decrease in prices may make it a better option to wait before renting units as despite the increased vacancy rate, prices are at a high as they have climbed almost 4% from the prior year with average prices of $3,361. Many are predicting that the peak is at hand and rental interest will decrease from here.

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