Jason Hope, Arizona Entreprenuer

Jason Hope has made quite a name for himself as an entrepreneur and by talking about the latest tech trends. Lately, he has been calling the Internet of Things the biggest advancement to hit the tech industry. What he has to say on the matter is regarded as true words of wisdom about the direction new technology is headed.


The Internet of Things, put simply, is the connected technology allowing your personal devices to sync with eachother. These devices include kitchen appliances, street lights, cars, cell phones, and laptops. All your devices connect on your network and share data making them more efficient. Hope says that the Internet of Things could possibly change the way businesses operate and could become the most important advancement the tech industry has had, or will have, for years.

Global Economy

Hope also believes that the Internet of Things is so influential that many of the world’s largest corporations will be focusing a lot of money and resources to bank on its success. The biggest names in global economy are embracing the Internet of Things while smaller businesses better pick up the pace. Jason Hope believes that in the future that all our devices will be able to connect to each other.

Product Competition

In the future there could be competition for creating the most useful app that allows users to engage a variety of different devices they own. There should be a lot of competition as companies try to outdo themselves and others.

Utilizing the Internet of Things

Embracing the Internet of Things as well as other smart technology can help to eliminate waste and make our lives safer. The public transportation system has utilized things like real-time mapping of bus stops and routes to improve riders’ satisfaction. They can check from their phone when a bus is supposed to be where or if the bus is behind schedule.

There are major benefits to anyone exploring the potential of the Internet of Things. Businesses need to start making use of this technology if they want to make it in the future.

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