Jason Hope Supports Research on Aging that Could Benefit the Human Race

An online article highlighted the medical conditions often produced as a direct result of aging. This same article also showcased the research being done to help reduce or eliminate these conditions. As people age they experience a slowing down of their internal systems, which has long believed to be an inevitable fact of life. People like Jason Hope have questioned whether the process of aging and the medical conditions associated with it, are really as unavoidable as people have been led to believe. As a forward thinking individual, this Arizona native believes a long term solution could be found for the process of aging.

Entrepreneur Jason Hope believes so strongly in the research being done to fight the process of aging that he has made several monetary donations toward this effort. His donations are helping organizations involved in the process of research break new ground in the study of aging. Jason Hope has been a strong supporter of the SENS foundation for many years, which is a company that focuses its attention on finding ways to combat the debilitating conditions such as Alzheimer’s, which is generally associated with the aging process. This organization uses funds like the 500,000 dollars donated by Mr. Hope in 2010, to further its use of biotechnology for anti-aging research.

Jason Hope is no stranger to the way business works. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Arizona State University and an MBA from the University’s School of Business. As someone who has an active interest in science and technology, Mr. Hope has often praised the work being conducted to help fight the onset of medical conditions connected to the aging process. His efforts to raise awareness about this cause are in alignment with his desire to speed up the process of research in this field. He believes the work being done by CEO Aubrey de Grey and the SENS foundation will be beneficial for the human race as a whole.

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