Jojo Hedaya : The founding Of Unroll.Me


Jojo Hedaya was what most college stride to be, traveling abroad, good grades and even serving on the student government of their university as Jojo once did when he attended Boston University, however, his passion and drive for creating would end his time in college, for the better. To really understand the journey of Jojo Hedaya and his business, we first have to go to Israel where Jojo would mean the partner that would help him begin the business in the first place.

On a trip to Israel, Jojo Hedaya would be introduced to Josh Rosenwald by a Rabbi simply because they both have international blackberries and coincidently enough also shared the same birthdays. The fact that they didn’t live in the same city forced them to communicate via email, however, with so much spam and unwanted newsletters Jojo’s email would get lost causing Josh to take days to respond.

Out of this personal frustration came the idea for an email organization tool. They both began working on formulating some sort of app that could do this and more, sleepless nights and limited budgets pushed them to create the service within only two months. It wasn’t good at all at first, says Jojo, but the team had to get a product out there quick. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Even thought was in its infancy in terms of capability and function, the service was able to capture the attention of prominent publications such as LifeHacker and The Next Web which allowed them to receive thousands of sign-ups. The concept that Hedaya and Rosenwald created aren’t anything groundbreaking, in fact, many companies began similar start-ups, however, most of those have already gone out of business, according to the founders, their success is not because they had an original idea, but because they knew how to execute.


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