Jonathan Veitch the Great American Way

Jonathan Veitch’s walks in life is and has been an great example of the American way. Before I began to tell you how he fits this description of excellence of being an great American, let me first tell you a little bit more about this exceptional person. Through dedication and hard work he has excelled in interactions of the academic structure.

At present time he is president of Occidental College were he is consistently intergrating new and improved methods which bring new technology and liberal arts to the campus. Because of his experiences with different specialization like humanities and liberal arts, he is able to make this a great campus to attend. This not only applies to students who can afford the beautifully maintained campus, but for those urban students who can only afford the basics can take advantage of liberal arts classes as well, through the use of fundrasing and scholarships. He understands that schools are very expensive to attend even for the middle class it can get quite expensive.

This is one of the projects he is currently working on for underprivileged students to take advantage of all the resources, and to make them reachable to all. Now been understood why he is an pillar of evidence of the American Way through his actions of change, he fits this profile. He is a great example for his students, by showing that through persistence and dedication anything can be done.

This may be reason he chose to stay with Occidental collage after his first term and continues to press on with preserverence. Showing that he can help to improve by staying to implement his hard work even with all the challenges that comes along with it is a great way to start. Jonathan is staying to help in making this school top of the line and able to stand against other liberal arts schools such as Carleton and Middlebury! That is a fantastic start to a great future for change in America.

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