Lee May Beamridge To Host 10K Fundraiser For Boxing Club

Lee May Beamridge, a construction management company in Chislehurst, Kent, will sponsor a 10K run to fundraise money for Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club to buy a new mini bus. Lee May Beamridge has long been a sponsor of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club as well as other local community as a whole. Those interested in donating or being a part of the 10K run can visit the fundraising page at JustGiving.

Lee May Beamridge and the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club hope to raise £20,000 to ensure there is enough for the new mini bus. Thus far, approximately £3,580 has been raised, but there is still plenty of time to donate! All donations received will go directly to the Club to enable them to help more young people. No matter how small the donation, every little bit helps the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club and Lee May Beamridge get closer to reaching their fundraiser goal.

The Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club in Kent enables team members to improve both their boxing skills and training regime as well as gives the young boxers the opportunity to compete in tournaments in both the United Kingdom and other European tournaments. Not only does the club improve boxing capabilities, it also helps young people by giving them a family atmosphere and strong values that the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club encourages.

Founded in 2013, Lee May Beamridge is a construction management company. Beamridge has a reputation for designing innovative works while maintaining only the highest standards of quality and safety. They employ green and sustainability practices such as responsible waste management and implementing a carbon footprint policy for every project. Lee May Beamridge is a provider of residential and commercial projects as well as design and building projects. All of their projects are fully warranted, so their quality is completely guaranteed.