Limecrime Has Some Awesome New Hair Products!

Lime crime made a smart move when they came out with the new unicorn dream hair coloring products. The new hair dye products were a big hit, but the company wouldn’t stop there. But one problem they had was that most of the colors were bright, so lime crime has decided to go with something new and try something different. Individuals with dark hair couldn’t really benefit from the new funky hair shades unless they wanted to bleach their hair. Therefore, they thought of something new, and came out with four new shades, which are very dark compared to all of the other shades.

The colors in the making are; Chestnut, a dark maroon color, Squid, a purple color, Charcoal, a cloudy gray, and the last is Sea witch, which is a dark mermaid tail green color. These new hair shades were released on their website on October 24th. These new shades were made for individuals with darker shades of hair, so they can rock the funky unicorn look too. And another great part about these products are that Limecrime products are made vegan friendly.

The new shades give you that edgy or Gothic look, and they would look perfect with a variety o different styles, and makeup. These new shades were created also for the fall season. Many people want to go with a darker look in the fall and the winter, and the new darker shades give you the chance to do that. They are dark and super cool.

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