Marc Beer Appreciates The Additional Round Of Funding For Renovia

New Business

In April of this year Renovia’s first product Leva was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. One of the participants in Marc Beer’s funding included the Longwood Fund. Longwood Fund is an investor that primarily focuses on issues I healthcare. The company became a backer very early in Renovia’s start. Series B round was led by Acension Ventures of Missouri and the Perceptive Advisers of New York. All of the support Marc Beer received is helping to fund testing and development of four of Renovia’s products. Beer’s goal is for Renovia to create the next generation of Leva. Learn more:


Thankful For The Funding

When Marc Beer announced the funding he received, he gave a special thanks to a bunch of star investors in health care. Renovia’s sensor technologies will be combined with a digital health system. Marc Beer will be the head of the development process. He believes the combination of advanced technology will provide valuable information for customers that can bring on new choices for treatment.


Fighting Pelvic floor Disorders

With the growing awareness and understanding of pelvic floor disorders, long-term health care costs can be reduced. Renovia has committed to strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to overall restore pelvic health. The goal of Renovia ultimately gives access to choices that allow patients to recover the control of pelvic floor muscles.


About Marc Beer

Marc Beer holds a B.S. in business from Miami University. He earned his degree back in 1987. He has been a business leader that aimed to help the public ever since. He has been a consultant for OvalScience, which is an organization that researches treatment choices to fight infertility. He has also served on the board of directors for the Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation. This foundation helps families and patients that are facing financial struggles due to the battle with cancer.


What’s So Special About His Leadership?

Marc Beer’s outstanding leadership ability in business is what places him as an innovator that seeks to find solutions to important matters. He worked with Ramon Iglesias, M.D. and Yolanda Lorie, to create Renovia. They founded the company in 2016. It is Marc Beer’s vision and energy that he brings to ventures and the clients they have. He has a remarkable ability to find a need for a company to address urgent matters. That’s why he wanted to start Renovia. It’s this same urgency he saw that made him create ViaCell. ViaCell is now a public company that uses biotechnology that focuses on the collection and preservation and development of stem cells from umbilical cords. It only took him seven years to grow the company into a major enterprise. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn