Michel Terpin: The Great Rally Champion

Michel Terpin hails from a sporting family. Michel’s father Jack Terpins enjoys basketball, having played it in the 60s and 70s.

Terpins participates in the T-REX T1 Prototype category. For the second consecutive year, the MEM team developed the car he drives. This car requires extensive modification because of its competitive and muscular nature.

Michel’s car uses a powerful v8 ethanol engine, installed by the MEM team. The engine makes the car powerful and effective for the terrain. Michel finds every competition that he participates in enjoyable. He prepares himself for the unknown because every stage comes with its challenges.

Maykel Justo is Michel’s navigator. He has won four major titles. He has participated in 10 competitions, 3 in cars and 7 in trucks.

He takes pride in Michel’s success. In the previous T1 prototype, the two emerged champions with 61 points. Closely following them was Facco Luiz who attained 43 points. This was a landslide margin.

Michel Terpins Expectations for the Sertões 2016 Rally

The Sertões Rally started on September 3, 2016, and ended on 10th. Michel Terpins participated, and he counted on the help of his all-time navigator. Michel knew that Justo was an amazing navigator, and he was certain that all would go on well. It was a competitive category, and he hoped to accelerate. He understands the value of commitment and dedication to every outlined goal.

His rally team

Michel and his brother formed a rally team to quench their thirst for speed. It has Bull Sertoes, Xarla and other sponsors. The two brothers represent the team in famous rallies such as the Mitsubishi Cup.

Bull Sertoes Rally Team received the Carbon Free Seal courtesy of the Green environmental initiative. The initiative seeks to reduce and neutralize carbon dioxide emitted by cars. It also seeks to encourage the planting of trees in the Atlantic Forest to compensate for the air pollution during the seven-stage competition.

Rallying is one famous sport in Brazil. It still attracts many competitors in Brazil and beyond.

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