Need Your Start-up to Succeed? Glen Wakeman Has The Solution.

Glen Wakeman is not only an entrepreneur but also a writer who writes very resourceful blog posts on business matters such as emerging markets, administration and management, international fiscal matters, business strategies and other such related topics. Most practitioners and entrepreneurs have found these materials to be very helpful in their business ventures especially in the area of executive development, growth, and innovation. Mr. Wakeman also does mentorship to C-level executives (

Mr. Wakeman is the founder of LaunchPad Holdings which was established in 2015. This is a firm that targets young and start-ups entrepreneurs and helps them develop a workable business plan for their business ideas. It helps increase the success rate of many startups.

To establish this platform, Glen Wakeman was motivated by the high failure rate of most startups. Looking into the matter deeply, Wakeman realized that though these entrepreneurs had brilliant business ideas, they lacked a properly organized plan. He then decided to help them lay down their business plan for a fee.

Mr. Wakeman is a curious man which is normally the driving force that pushes him to research deeper the causes of business failures. However, he always experiences a sense of satisfaction whenever he is able to help his clients solve a certain issue.

Being a businessman and investor, Wakeman has worked in different countries which include Asia, Africa, United States and Europe. This has given him a deep experience and a better understanding of the associated business challenges around the globe. These ideas he always shares with his many followers, especially on LinkedIn, who are always looking forward to gaining something from his write-ups. Additionally, his online platform has also been a mentorship avenue for other business mentors and writers.

Glen holds an Economics and Finance degree from the University of Scranton and an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago. After graduating, he decided to bring into practice his many business ideas using the knowledge he had acquired about business representation. He also used devised different communication approaches and strategies to make them successful.

Previously, Glen has served in executive positions in companies such as GE Capital, Nova Four. Recently, he has also launched a new online brokerage business called Snarkify.

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