Niantic Drops ‘Pokemon Go’ Valentines Day Event.

Pokemon Go is probably one of the most interesting gaming experiences you are going to find in the mobile world. We aren’t sure if that is saying much, but Niantic is doing their best to keep their experience as fresh as possible and this means making sure to release big holiday events. Most recently, Niantic broke open February with their newest Valentine’s Day event and it wasn’t what anyone had expected. Gamers may have had their expectations heightened due to past holiday events, but fan reaction around the game was less than inspired. Still, that doesn’t mean that fans should feel let down — we’ll explain why.

For this year’s Valentine’s Day event, Niantic decided to push focus toward some of their new Pokemon. Starting February 15th, gamers will have to keep an eagle-eye out for roaming Luvdisc. Luvdisc is a pink, heart-shaped Pokemon that is decidedly perfect for this event. What makes them special, aside from being on the roster of the newest gen of Pokemon, is the fact that they are giving triple-stardust for each capture during this event. That is pretty much it for the event in a nutshell.

While these small events are going to be disappointing for players looking for new immersive experiences, they still should hit the mark for higher-leveled trainers. Any time that Niantic releases an event that improves your ability to quickly rack up stardust, that will be considered a win for the community. Leveling, as most trainers know, can feel arduous at the higher levels — especially during non-event periods of time.

What trainers should take to heart, no matter their opinion on this specific event, is that Niantic is not abandoning their flagship application. Despite the increased focus on their work with the announced ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ application, Niantic continues to unleash a flurry of activity and updates to keep their trainers happy. Alongside their recently released AR+ and weather updates, we can’t complain about what we have been seeing from the company of late.

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