Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer and founder of Kerrisdale Management LLC. In addition to this, he is also a hedge fund investor and entrepreneur. Moreover, Sahm Adrangi is the author of Northern Dynasty (NYSEMKT: NAK): The Pebble Deposit Isn’t Commercial Viable. This brief article was able to tremendously alter the market on February 14th, 2017. In addition to this, it enabled some individuals to retain back their positions at NAK through buying. When Mr. Adrangi started Kerrisdale it had less than one million dollars but currently, the company is managing 150 million dollars. The investment thrives on publishing research that is misinterpreted by the market.

Sahm Adrangi started Kerrisdale Capital Management in April 2009. He has been working as a CIO in the investment management firm up to date. Prior to this, he was working at Longacre Fund Management where he worked for a period of one year 11 months from April 2007 to February 2009. While working here as an analyst he had the opportunity of working on a two billion distressed debt fund. Before joining Longacre he had worked for Chanin Capital Partners as an analyst. He worked for the bankruptcy restricting company for one year four months that is from December 2005 to March 2007. Chanin Capital Partners is a boutique investment banking institution. This facility is based in New York and Los Angeles. The Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Management also worked as an analyst at Deutsche Bank from April 2004 to October 2005 that is a period of one year seven months.

Sahm Adrangi Education:

The founder of Kerrisdale Management Group attended Yale University from 1999 to 2003 and attained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He has various skills which include investments, investment banking, hedge funds, investment management, portfolio management, asset management among others.


Kerrisdale Capital Management Firm deals with investment management. The company is based in New York. The investment management company’s main aim is to deal with public securities investments that are value oriented. The company employs highly qualified professionals who include Edward Gu who is the Chief Financial Officer, Peter Baer who is the Head of Marketing and Investor Relations and Sahm Adrangi who is the Chief Investment Officer.

Iconic Excellence of Ricardo Tosto

To become a reputable advocate, you have to be a person who has mastered the art of law comprehensively. Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian advocate who has mastered the art of law and has the required vast experience in field of law. He holds a degree in the field of law from the Presbyterian University. He also furthers his studies and has earned a degree in the field of business studies. The education background supports his expertise in the field as a best practicing lawyer. He also has many clients who he has represented in both the courts and other statutory places.

He is part of one of the biggest law firm in Brazil known as Leite and Barros advocates. As a partner in the firm, he has emerged as one of the great entrepreneurs in the field of law in Brazil. He is an all-round lawyer who has represented companies, individual clients and also the multinational companies in different legal cases. His advice to his clients has been attested by many clients to be part of their success. He also works hard with an aim to defend and assist his clients. He has succeeded in the many cases he has represented his clients.

He is a person who has contributed to the amendments and creation of laws in Brazil. His contribution to the formation of statutory laws of Brazil is both on the national law boards and in the courts. His contribution to the judicial laws is great and has severally been enjoined in court cases to assist in the interpretation of the law inherent to the case. He states that his passion for the legal field is unlimited and he works to ensure that all his clients get the best from him. He has inspired many law students by his expertise. He has involved most of them in ensuring that they succeed in the legal field. He has also been at the forefront of providing interns to the law students who graduate and thus assist in making new advocates in Brazil. He has a passion to create new lawyers who are to become successful in the future.

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Battlegrounds Coming to Xbox One in December

The widely popular video game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” will finally be making an appearance on the Xbox One console later this year. It will be released as part of the Xbox Game Preview program on December 12, which will allow video game fans everywhere a chance to buy and play the game while it is still being tweaked by the developers.

“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” was released in a similar fashion for Microsoft Windows computers through Stream, and it quickly became one of the most popular video games in the world. Steam has claimed that more than two million people play the game on their PC every day, and it has also sold a total of 18 million copies since its early release in March. The developers have finally perfected the PC version of the game, so they can now shift their focus to the upcoming Xbox One release.

While the goal is to make the two versions of the game identical, that will not be possible when the Xbox One version launches on December 12. The console version of “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” will initially lack some of the features and maps of the PC version. The goal is to make the both versions identical, but that may take a few months to achieve.

It is safe to say that most people that own an Xbox One are not going to complain about playing the unfinished game in December. The exciting battle royal gameplay of “PlayerUnknown’s Battlgrounds” has made it one of the biggest phenomenons in the video game community this year, but a large percentage of gamers have not got to experience it yet because they do not own a personal computer equipped for gaming.

“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” will cost $29.99 when it hits the Xbox Game Preview program in December. Microsoft currently has exclusive rights to the game, so there are no plans to release it on the PS4 in the near future.

“Monster Hunter World” is a New Beast with Familiar Features

Anyone who fancies himself an adventurous monster hunter and longs to turn his trophies into armor and weapons should definitely invest in “Monster Hunter World.” While it is latest Monster Hunter title, World is the first to have a global released. Capcom really wants Westerners to get a taste for this franchise, which has been a domestically profitable franchise for over a decade. Unfortunately, previous efforts to introduce Monster Hunter outside Japan have mostly failed. While the West has a niche community of MH fanatics, they are sadly a minority population Capcom would like to see grow in numbers.

While Capcom’s dreams are big, it seems like World is their best shot at drawing in new fans. Series veterans will recognize all of the elements that make a game uniquely Monster Hunter, even when the presentation is delivered in a drastically different, more easily conveyed package.

While Monster Hunter’s roots can be traced back to the PS2, it only gained a following once it transitioned to the PSP. Monster Hunter captured elements of the MMO genre, where cooperative gameplay and social interaction can lead to greater success, but only on hardware designed to play games on the go. Other than a brief stint on Nintendo’s Wii console, the main series has mostly stayed put on the 3DS; a measure that has done much to bolster Western interest in the series. World’s intended release platforms (the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC) would seem to indicate Capcom will push online play, a feature of previous installments usually left to people unable to play multiplayer locally.

Series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, the man responsible for the Wii and PSP games, feels that the push for Monster Hunter titles on PC and a return to consoles will do a world of good in raising Western awareness of Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter World will hit the PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th, with a PC release in the future.

Has Professional Gaming Turned the Corner?

For decades we have seen gamers gather around their television in order to beat their friends in heated competition. From racing games to first-person shooters, and everything in between, gamers love the joy of a challenge. With the rise of online streaming websites it has also been realized that gamers love to watch other people, well, play games. This has created the perfect environment for professional video gaming to flourish and now it looks like the e-sport is becoming a major competitive phenomenon. The question now begs to be asked, does professional video gaming have a future as bright as that of prominent major league sports like football or basketball?

Right now the future for professional gaming looks exceptionally bright and the financials behind it are echoing that assumption. This year ESports, the common vernacular for competitive gaming, is expected to reach the $700 million global earning threshold. The most popular competitive game is League of Legends but there are a ton of different games being played every single day. Fans are learning the names of their favorite players and they are traveling in order to watch them compete on stage in packed arenas and stadiums around the world.

Esports has gotten to such a huge point that there is very real talk of including it as an Olympic event in the Asian Games that are coming in 2018. Ben Lenihan, the President of New Zealand’s ESport federation, believes that Esports have grown to be larger than the NFL around the globe. Lenihan says, “It could be a flash in the pan, but I doubt it.” Professional video game competitors are also starting to realize that their work may soon be respected like that of a professional athlete or a top-tier earner in the entertainment industry at some point in the future. The potential is there for gamers to really see their work come to fruition as something that their parents could never have imagined even five years ago.

“Spider-Man PS4” Trailer Focuses on Plot

A new trailer has been released for Spider-Man PS4, and it seems to promise a very cinematic take on the franchise.

The trailer was released at Paris Games Week 2017 and focused largely on the game’s plot, unlike the previous trailers that have been released.

Lasting just over two minutes, the trailer begins with Peter Parker talking to Mary Jane after having recently put Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin, behind bars, and his hope that this will allow him to spend more time in his civilian identity. However, we soon get a medley of scenes that demonstrate how unlikely that is to happen, as we see Norman Osborn running for mayor, people shooting each other, Mary Jane investigating some sort of secret information and battles with Mister Negative (also known as Martin Li), who has been confirmed to be the main villain.

And of course, any Spidey trailer should end with a quip: “Whew! Anybody else need a breather?”

The trailer also confirms the involvement of the villain Shocker, as well as Miles Morales, a popular character who is the second Spider-Man. (He replaced the Peter Parker of the Ultimate Universe when he died, but now co-exists with the main Peter in the main Marvel Universe. Comics are confusing, aren’t they?) It is unclear if Miles will become a superhero in the game, however.

Spider-Man PS4 is being made as a joint venture of Marvel Games, which is licensing the property, and Sony Interactive Entertainment, which is publishing and funding the game. Insomniac Games is actually developing the story, however. This is the first in a series of Sony/Insomniac team-ups to develop Marvel Comics properties.

As its name suggests, the game will only be available on the PS4, as presumably will the others in the planned series. There is not yet a firm release date, though the trailer ends by saying that it will come out sometime in 2018.

Super Mario Odyssey is the Latest Mario Innovation

The Mario franchise continues to wreck havoc even after all these years. It’s been a generation since Mario first graced a video game screen. And now, in 2017, he is dominating another platform.

Super Mario Odyssey is the latest smash hit game released for the Nintendo Switch gaming console. According to Forbes, the game was such an immediate success on the new-ish device that a quarter of all Switch users purchased it within the first three days of the game’s release. In less than a week, it is on pace to easily surpass The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as the biggest game ever for the Switch.

That, on its own, isn’t a huge surprise. Breath of the Wild was the first main release for the console. As the Switch becomes more prevalent in the market, newer games are bound to sell more. However, Super Mario Odyssey has something else going for it. It is one of the best reviewed games of the year.

The thought behind the game is fresh and enticing, though with a hint of nostalgia. Gamers travel the world as Mario, collecting trinkets, taking photos, and searching for hidden secrets in the places they visit. The open world aspect reminds people of Super Mario 64 from the old Nintendo 64. The freedom of exploration really opens up what players have come to expect from a Mario game.

After venturing around, part of the fun of Odyssey is involved in what one does with his or her discoveries. Players are allowed to decorate their ship to represent the places they have visited. They are also encouraged to take and capture the very best Mario photos and share them on social media with other players.

The Mario character continues to succeed because of the innovations surrounding his game play. From Cart to Party, Odyssey is the latest installment in a franchise that keeps improving.

Talkspace: This Company Is For Real

When it comes to hearing about new products or new ideas, there might be a lot of people that are skeptical or they might think it is too good to be true. They might have been burned in the past and they are cynical because of it. Quite frankly, who can blame them? However, there is one company that is real, takes what it does seriously, and goes the extra mile when it comes to therapy. Therapy is something that not a lot of people like to talk about or discuss in their lives. It might make them uncomfortable. However, there is no shame in it. If anyone judges them or thinks less of them, it is the problem of the person judging and not the person that needs help.

As a matter of fact, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to stand up and say, “I’m struggling with my mental health, and I need help.” That is the first step toward getting their life moving in the right direction. There is a saying I’ve heard by a popular TV host, and he says this when talking about mental health, “Sick not weak.” If someone needs help or needs to go to a therapist, they are not weak. They are just sick the same way anyone is that is suffering from something, as the brain is part of the body.

Talkspace is an app that allows people to text or talk to a therapist over the telephone. They can also talk to them on the phone. All of this is very reasonably priced, and it is legitimate as they have over 1,000 professionals that do this daily. When it comes to mental health, it does not take a day off. It needs to be treated the right way through Talkspace.


NexBank Supporting Women

NexBank is a national bank situated in Dallas, Texas and has dedicated itself to supporting women in Dallas through the Dallas Women’s Foundation. This sponsorship was declared publicly during the 32nd Yearly Luncheon that the Women’s Foundation had hosted. The deal sealed was seen to be approximately worth about $100,000 whereby NexBank was supporting the women’s leadership and economic security.

This foundation typically hosts this luncheon every year with leaders across all divides attending the event. In addition to that, the foundation is a steady leader in fighting for economic and social innovation for women and even the young girls.

NexBank has assets worth $7.6 billion as confirmed by 30th September 2017. Some of the services that NexBank offers to its clients include:

  1. Commercial Banking

Under the commercial banking services, more services are provided to the clients. Some of them include the following:

  • Commercial Lending. The team of experts and professionals, are all dedicated to the customers all through the process of lending so that they can be able to have the finances they require to fund their projects.
  • Commercial Real Estate Lending. The NexBank seeks to find partners in the Real Estate business who are offered a broad scope of financing aspects for their business.
  • Finance Institution. With the experts and professionals at NexBank, clients can enjoy services that will enable them to stabilize their position financially and also improve their competitive superiority.
  • Credit Services. There is the provision of access by the third party to senior secured loans and the floating rate.
  • Agency Services. Institutions come to NexBank for services on distressed syndicated debt.
  • Treasury Management. This is a service that offers the client with tailored products which are supposed to increase profits and boost essential treasury functions and capabilities.


  1. Mortgage Banking

At the Mortgage Banking NexBank offers the following services.

  • Warehouse Lending. The bank provides new lines to their clients so that they can be able to close their loans properly.
  • Wholesale and Corresponding Lending.The expertise and teams of professionals offer clients with the best advice on funding and loan acquisition.


  1. Institutional Services

NexBank provides the following:

  • Treasury Management.
  • Financial Institutions.
  • Public Funds.
  • Real Estate Advisory.
  • Investment Banking.

Michael Tarpins’ Participation In The Sertoes Rally

The 25th edition of the competitive Bull Sertoes rally that features the T1 prototype in the team’s double trophy contest is set to begin on 19th August. The rally will take place on the 26th of August. The Bull Sertoes rally is the Brazilian largest rally event. The course of the rally will span 3,300 km. Judging from the participants, the rally is set to be one of the most challenging and competitive since the rally’s inception. As from Sunday, the 20th, both Michael Terpins (race pilot) and Maykel Justo (course navigator) will feature in this race as a team. The support park for this rally edition will be set up the international Autodrome of Goiania.

The Bull Sertoes rally will feature multiple off-road trajectories along the race’s course. Justo and Terpins will form the second prototype team in the T1 category that is on board the T-Rex. The Prototype used by Terpins and Justo has been designed and developed by MEM motorsport. This is the second consecutive year MEM has developed the T-Rex for the Bull Sertoes rally.

The prototype used by the pair has been redesigned to make it more competitive for the 25th edition of the Bull Sertoes rally. Some of the modifications made to the T-Rex is to provide it more power is the addition of a V8 engine.

The rally has been the most awaited event in the rally industry this year meaning that aside from being challenging it is expected to have a great entertaining showdown for its audience.

Michael was able to complete 10th in his earlier participation in the race. Terpins made his debut in rally competition back in 2002. During his debut, Terpins featured in the rally in the motorcycle category. Over the years, Michael raced alongside his brother on multiple rallies. Four years ago, he made a transition to the T-Rex which he has been piloting to date. Terpins is passionate about off-road racing, the thrill of peaking top speeds has made him travel across the world and take part in some of the most significant rallies in the world.

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