Goullet and Diversant are Doing Great Things

John Goullet is the current Principal of DIVERSANT LLC. He worked as a computer consultant before switching to an IT staffing account executive. In 1994, Goullet founded his IT staffing company, Info Technologies. During his regime as the CEO of Info Technologies, John Goullet emphasized on understanding corporate IT issues as well as specific IT challenges experienced by clients. He could match his experience, personality, and work style in consultancy to deliver custom-tailored services that meet customer expectations.

Goullet’s contribution towards the growth of Info Technologies was significant. The company grew to a highly-cherished organization and was ranked among the most influential firms owned by individuals. At one point Info Technologies amassed over $30 million in revenue, earning it a top ten position among the most profitable enterprises in the USA. DIVERSANT LLC was formed in 2010 after the amalgamation of Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. in his current position at DIVERSANT LLC, Goullet endeavors to introduce new, edge-cutting solutions for challenges facing the ever-evolving IT industry.

Owned and operated by African-American, DIVERSANT LLC is the leading IT staffing and solutions firm in the US. In many ways, it reflects Goullet’s personal drive, professional expertise, and his commitment to avert challenges facing the IT industry. DIVERANT LLC has built an excellent reputation among competing firms in the information technology sector. Interestingly, DIVERSANT LLC could experience drastic growth even during the economic depression.

The company is all about growth. It focuses on boosting career and business growth. DIVERSANT mentors and trains its clients to ensure they excel in their chosen career paths. Additionally, DIVERANT allows one to work in a diverse environment that promotes collaboration and innovation. DIVERSANT’S culture is based on healthy competition, making it an ideal place to build a rewarding career and professional network.

Apparently, DIVERSANT LLC has constituted its Advisory Board to benefit from the guidance of senior executives not involved in routine operations of the company. The board comprises of business experts and industrial leaders who advise the management on matters regarding commercial development and strategic planning. Board members meet DIVERSANT’s management regularly to review the company’s performance and market trend.

Norka Luqa Showcase: “Music is my Fate.”

“I came from the most blessed family, in the far lands, with numerous experiences, life lessons, other culture, and languages, that led me to come to the understanding that music was indeed my fate,” said the  singer Norka, who was presenting the showcase in the country. The US-based Venezuelan came into the full-blown music scene with the exclusive support of Emilio Estefan. He performed his album by the name Miracle, which sounds in radio stations in Latino in the current residential country.

For the album, Estefan helped in bringing together a team of prominent producers such as Alberto Gitan, Ricardo, and Archie Pena, along with Luis Giraldo and Puerto Rican, who was put in charge of the source arrangement. The longer part of the production was the decision about the genre of the music. It took them so long to decide in a fusion of rhythms, with some ballads, pop, rock, tropical, Rhythm & Blues as stated by Martinez Luque.

Norka loved the art of singing ever since she was a young child, and thus participated in numerous competitions. After completing high school, she travelled to France in pursuit of advanced studies in International Business but continued parallel in what he liked. Every single minute she would feel idle, music sprang in her head to remind her of her passion. She decided to look for something to do during her idle times concerning music. She joined the Bad Moon Rising music band, rock, and funk, which made her appear on numerous platforms and became a solo artist. Upon returning to the United States, she took singing lessons.

From that moment she only records of good memory especially the day she met Emilio Stefan. He had no idea that he would be present in that function. He approached him and spoke to him, that her dream was music, she presented her with materials showing her past work showing that music was all she wanted to do in her life. The following week, she was at the studies Crescent Moon, Gloria and Emilio Stefan. The Influential producer carefully listened to the material and took him for tuition for he saw the potential she had to become an iconic star. They started working together from that moment. He demanded to continue singing lessons and create a discipline, soon, already they are choosing songs. Norka has now succeeded in her lifetime dream.

An Overview of Town Residential

Town Residential is a real estate company that was founded in the year 2010. The New York-based company specializes in offering real estate services such as property development to its clients. Getting a real estate in New York City that suits your needs can be time-consuming as well as costly. Customers tend to hire professional services to help them in locating a real estate that suits their needs. Regardless of the fact that New York City is the biggest city in the world, looking for a house to purchase or rent can be quite a headache. When looking for a real estate in New York, various factors should be considered including the fact that each neighborhood is built in their unique way.


Town Residential has an experienced team of professionals working under the leadership of Andrew Heiberger, its founder. Mr. Andrew Heiberger has been involved in various real estate businesses, and he has a great experience in the field. He is the founder of Citi Habitats. The professionals working at the firm are experienced and well-trained on how to locate the best residential property to settle or purchase.


Services provided by the real estate company include leasing, sales, as well as property development. The company also does marketing of the property. Town Residential uses its marketing team to spread information to as many potential buyers as possible. If you are seeking an apartment to settle, you can be assured of finding a perfect residential house that suits your needs. Clients who are looking for buyers of their properties are also assured to get a perfect buyer through the real estate firm.


Visit Town Residential firm to get all the information you need about the New York property before disposing of your property. You will also get access to a variety of resources from all over New York City, thanks to the company’s vast reach within the city. You will be able to know all facts about the New York real estate business. The company’s employees will ensure that the buying process goes on successfully without any barriers along the way.


Clients that are interested in selling property can also get services from the company. Town Residential provides customers with exceptional services including best prices in the market and locating perfect potential property buyers. As an auctioneer, you will be able to sell your property without any challenges. The company has a website from where clients can get more information on its services.

Keeping Lips Kissable

The best way to keep lips soft and kissable is to use a lip balm on a regular basis. First off, it is best to find a lip balm with natural ingredients. You want to soften your lips, so why would you coat them with harsh chemicals and additives? Also, by using a natural lip balm with antioxidants you are healing your lips, not just covering them up. The next step is to use the right lip balm for the right situation. Evolution of Smooth or EOS carries several lip balms to meet all your needs.
For intense care for extra dry lips try putting on the Evolution of Smooth Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres overnight. By keeping the Visibly Soft Lip Balm on overnight while you are sleeping it really gives the balm a chance to absorb. They say our bodies heal while we sleep, so it is a perfect time to give your lips a little extra tender loving care!

If you are going to be out for a walk, to the beach or just spending extra time in the sun, give your lips extra protection by applying a lip balm with sunscreen. Evolution of Smooth Action Protection Smooth Spheres has an SPF 30 and is a perfect companion for a fun day out and about on foot or bike. See, https://www.luckyvitamin.com/m-2220-eos-evolution-of-smooth.

Keep your regular school and work days full of fun options by trying the delicious EOS Sphere Lip Balm. It comes in a wide variety of great flavors, so the options keep the product from becoming dull. Available on locla Walmart grocery and for online purchase. For nighttime, a date or to add a little pizzazz to your regular routine, try out the Evolution of Smooth Shimmer Smooth Spheres. The extra shimmer with shine or color brightens up your face and helps keep your lips kissable! To learn more about EOS, visit their Linked In profile.


Class Dojo Raises Capital to Add Features

Class Dojo, a free app for students, parents, and teachers, has raised 21 million in the second round of venture capital raising. This app is a communication platform between students, teachers, and parents, where parents can be updated on social, behavior, and academic progress. This constant stream of communication allows for parents to stay up to date on how their child is doing, which helps to alleviate the stress of those quarterly parent teacher conferences.

The co-founders are using this new round of capital to grow the team and add features to the already popular app. They want to expand the at-home features. Class Dojo wants to help parents talk to their children at home about their education and learning. Teachers can send announcements of events, snapshots of activities and pictures, and showing off the student’s engagement. Class Dojo was founded in 2011 and they wanted to make an app that was easy to use for teachers to communicate with parents. Their goal was to create a culture and community between teachers and parents to help encourage parent and student empowerment.

Currently, the app is used in a wide range of schools, with close to 85,000 schools using the app. The start up app has not generated a profit. They intend to make a profit but not off user’s data. Privacy is a huge concern, especially when there is children involved. They hope to incorporate features that would parents would want to pay for, so they can make a profit.

Class Dojo will grow like a social network, allowing for more interaction between teachers and parents. Messaging, photos, videos, and other features allow for everyone to keep in touch. They hope to add a payment feature for yearbooks, lunches, and fees, making it easier on parents.

Class Dojo is a communication app that allows for ground up change and creating community in the classroom. It is easy to use and can be used on any smart phone, tablet, or computer. It gives parents the empowerment to work on their child’s education.


Find out more about ClassDojo:


Adam Goldenberg and JustFab Influence the Fashion Industry in a Big Way

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed, but they tend to influence those around them at a very young age. Adam Goldenberg is no different, in that he started dreaming about his own business at the age of 15 and continued to surprise entrepreneurs everywhere with his business acumen. Gamer’s Alliance, his very first endeavor, was a way to unite gamers from all around the world. The idea swept the globe, getting the attention of Intermix Media. This company was the backbone of social sensation MySpace, as well as Alena. It was in 1999 that Goldenberg chose to sell Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media, and he was ready to start something new.

Enter Don Ressler who became Adam Goldenberg’s business partner in 2006. The two concocted an idea that would take the fashion industry by storm. JustFab, a subscription-based fashion site and online retailer, began to raise the awareness of the fashion conscience that there is a better and easier way to shop. JustFab was an all-encompassing idea on Racked, with a subscription that would give women an exclusive right to shop at the best prices. Memberships at different levels would entitle shoppers to reduced pricing as well as access to fashion tips and insights.

JustFab became the model to copy for the fashion industry as well as for subscriptions in e-commerce. Although online shopping already existed, Goldenberg and Ressler had figured out a new way to make it profitable as well as appealing to the users. JustFab is becoming an international sensation, with markets in Canada and Europe. The company eventually added the same shopping experience for kids, calling it FabKids. In the coming months, Ressler chose to add Fabletics, which would appeal to those who live a fitness based lifestyle. The athleisure company has continued to grow since its inception in 2013, estimating nearly $150 million in revenues.

Boasting Kate Hudson as the model and spokesperson for Fabletics, women have been drawn to the comfortable clothing like yoga pants and complimentary apparel for everyday living as well as for workout time. Businesses have been encouraging their employees to work out while they work, or rather to sweatwork. This encouragement toward fitness is to not only encourage better health, but to help give their employees a boost of energy and productivity while on the job. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JustFab

Livio Bisterzo creates new category challenger snack

Starbucks thinks that they have hit the mark with their latest purchase in their snack food department. The company’s buyers have recently felt that there was a void in their offerings when it came to quick healthy on the go snacks. The void was filled by adding Hippeas to their food menu. Hippeas (hippeas.com) are an organic, vegan fun and low-calorie snack that delivers on taste . They also have great nutritional value.


L.A.-based and Italian-born CEO, Livio Bisterzo recognised this opportunity. This why he started his company Green Park Holdings in 2015. Green Park Holdings ‘s main objective to to create brands that prompt social and behavioral change. Livio Bisterzo believes that Hippeas does just that.

Hippease are organic puffs made primarily from chickpeas. It’s a fairly simple product that is also very effective. This snack food is such a great option because it is vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.  The snack is just 130 calories per serving. Snackers that are conscious about their healthy will love that. Hippeas also have 4 grams of protein per serving as well. See more: @liviobisterzo

The brand is currently sold in 7,500 stores around the United States in a single serve bag and two flavors; Far Our Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar.

On top of the company’s commitment to creating healthy snack food options for consumers worldwide, they are also a socially conscious. Livio Bisterzo has made the commitment to give a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every back of Hippeas back to chickpea farmers in Africa.

Learn more about Livio Bisterzo:


Eduardo Sirotsky “Duda” Melzer Knows How To Manage People

When it comes to running a business, the CEO is someone who should posess financial knowledge, a dedication to meet goals, and someone who is skilled with technology to drive a company forward. But one point that is often not spoken of is how an executive can work with people and motivate them to do well. Well that is where Brazilian businessman Eduardo Sirotsky Meltzer, also known as Duda, is excelling. According to ADVB, Duda’s top priority is to find people for the job who love what they do, and can be happy and proud of their lives. Because while Duda is a goal-driven and profits-oriented man, he says his first commitment is to his family and friends, and second is to bring positive reinforcement to the workplace.

Duda’s company Grupo RBS, is a company that’s been passed down from generation to generation. It was founded in 1956 by his grandfather, Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho, a man who was passionate about media and journalism. The Groupo RBS is essentially a parent company to a lot of local radio and TV stations, and the content matter that they cover ranges from political activities, to social causes like healthcare and education. Duda took over the company in 2012, and in addition founded the company Digital e.Bricks.

Duda Melzer got his education both in Brazil and the US, completing his bachelor’s degree at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, and his master’s at Harvard. In 2015, he was named to the board of leaders at Cambridge Family Institute. He and Groupo RBS have gained national recognition over the last 10 years, winning prestigious awards such as the Professional Brazilian Advertising Association Award in 2006, the Entrepreneur Communication ARP Award in 2013, and recently the private sector Business Administration award of merit in 2015.


Wen Products by Chaz

What happens when you use Wen products by Chaz for one week? You are left with soft, manageable and shiny hair that is full of life. A recent weekly trial was completed and each day was reported as to how the hair was acting. Each day the hair was able to receive the moisture it had been lacking and restore what had been missing. The formula is so gentle that it allows you to “wash” your hair every day. Most shampoos are too harsh to wash every day and they contain harmful chemicals that can actually make your hair worse. Wen By Chaz offers a full line of products that you can choose from to ensure that your hair is the healthiest ever. Take the plunge today, and check out Amazon.com and Sephora for their full product line.
Wen By Chaz offers the ever popular cleanser that is a 5 in 1 cleanser because it shampoos, conditions, deep conditions, entangles and provides a leave in treatment that continues to work on your hair and protect it all day long. The cleanser comes in different scents and is formulated for all hair types. It’s safe for color treated hair as well, and works to strengthen each weak strand into restored hair from root to tip. Its unique line of treatment includes a boost of volume that is a lightweight formula added to the hair after you cleanse it. They also offer styling gel products and special treatments for damaged hair. The at-home spa hair treatment will moisturize your hair like no other with Shea butter and sweet almond oil. It is designed to soften, smooth and moisturize and you condition each strand. It will leave your hair looking soft and manageable throughout the day and give you the added, extra bit of moisture your hair is lacking. Check out the Wen YouTube channel for more info.

Learn more about Wen, visit http://www.wen.com/why-its-unique.html.

Helane Marrson : A Valiant Knight in the Battle Against Corporate Corruption

Helane Morrison began her career by earning a B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University. Later, she earned her J.D. degree from the University of California at Berkley School of Law.

Her career shifted into high gear when she capitalized on a pivotal opportunity. In 1985 she landed a job working for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Justice Blackmun served as her mentor because he was a “spirited purser of social righteousness.” Blackmun was extremely dedicated to his positions and never buckled under the continuous ideological opposition and threats he received. He remained steadfast to his positions in spite of it all. Two of his most passionate causes the defense of abortion laws and protecting women against sexual misconduct.

As a result of working for Justice Blackman, Helane Morrison’s drive to achieve justice in order to right the wrongs of corporate corruption fully matured.

For the past three decades, Morrison has been championing the cause people who have been abused by corporate deception and financial gouging. Additionally, she is dedicated to cause of more fair and ethical global business practices.

Among her many notable achievements are: Spearheading financial fraud investigations against Fortune 500 executives who believed they were above the law, helped to eradicate insider trading, assisted in protecting consumers regarding trading websites, exposed the illegal shredding of audit papers by auditors working for Ernst and Young, and defended defrauded senior citizens.

Today, Helane Morrison is the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners, in San Francisco. Hall Capital is one of the most successful investment companies in California.

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