Talk Fusion Shows The Future Of Marketing

According to a study that was carried out by the Relevancy Group, attaching a video to an email in marketing campaigns has led to an increase of 40% in email marketing revenue. With the internet growing and the attention span of people decreasing, video marketing is the future as it has proven to be more engaging than the traditionally used marketing methods.

Click-through rates go up by 2-3 times and open rates by 20% just by including a video in an email. Video has proven to be more time efficient than text. It also provides instant gratification to the intended audience. When it comes to expressing one’s brand personality, videos prove to be much more effective.

One of the leaders in this space is Talk Fusion, a Florida-based firm that has proven to be a pioneer and trend setter in the industry. The company has been ranked as the 8th on the list of online video content providers worldwide. Founded in 2007, the company has perfected the art of incorporating videos into emails.

The founder, Bob Reina, saw the gap that existed in the industry when he wanted to send a short video to his friends, but America Online did not provide this service. He teamed up with his friend and IT expert to create a way of embedding videos into emails.

Talk Fusion makes it very easy to enter into the world of video marketing. On other platforms, video marketing through video emails can prove to be intimidating to newbies. However, Talk Fusion provides over 1,000 templates that are able to cater for every situation and occasion imaginable. It goes a step further to allow the users to create their own custom templates.

Talk Fusion incorporates proprietary, patent-pending video technology in marketing to help businesses to grow and change lives all over the world. The company makes use of independent associates to market their products on a person-to-person basis.

The world’s first Instant Pay Compensation Plan was introduced by Talk Fusion. The company operates with adherence to the highest ethical business practices. The firm is also a member of DSA (Direct Selling Association). Talk Fusion is on the frontline in giving back to society through support of charities.

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Dick DeVos Aims for Education

Education is very important when it comes to life. The DeVos family knows this. However, it is not just being taught, one has to be taught good information. There is a lot of things to learn that can’t be taught with just one school system. For this reason, DeVos and a few other entities are shooting for school choice. For one thing, there is a fight for school reform. One thing that has been established and realized is that the key to ending poverty is through education. If people are not getting adequate education, then they are going to have a harder time building income through legitimate means.

Dick DeVos is one person who really believes in the importance of education. He believes in a certain type of education which is applicable to real wold settings. Among the things he suggests for education is business. He is also involved in philanthropic activities like giving funding to institutions, especially faith based institutions. He has his own charity which he runs with his wife. He has also owned plenty of businesses and franchises. Among the franchises he has owned was NBA franchise, Orlando Magic. One business that he has owned for a long time is called Amway.

The DeVos family is one of the families that are pushing for a change in the educational structure so that people will actually learn things that will benefit them in their career. The DeVos family is joining with other philanthropists in order to help bring forth the needed change in order to bring about the improvements that they believe is needed. The first step they are taking is conducting research in order to decide where there needs to be improvements made to the educational system. With two research studies that are being funded by philanthropists, they will find something that will make things better for everyone when it comes to education.

Cooperation Between Venezuela and Guinea-Bissau Strengthened By Signing of New Agreements

Venezuela and Guinea-Bissau signed new bilateral agreements on April 4, 2016. The agreements were signed by the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro and the Bissau-Guinean Prime Minister Carlos Correia. Through the bilateral agreements, cooperation between the two states will be strengthened. This is part of the efforts by Maduro’s government to create new ties with African countries.
The news about the signing of the agreements is reported in Maduro is quoted by Danilo Diaz Grandos on twitter saying that Africans are like brothers to the people of Venezuela. The delegation from Guinea-Bissau was, led by the Prime Minister, was received by Maduro in Miraflores where three fresh agreements were signed by the two heads of state. The agreements are in defense, education, health, and communication and are valid until 2030.

The agreements will see teleSUR, a pan-Latin American TV network based in Caracas, expand its broadcasts to Guinea-Bissau. There was also a commitment to increase the Venezuela-trained Bissau-Guinean doctors from the current number of just 29. Correia on his part pledged that his country stands in solidarity and will continue supporting Venezuela even after the recent renewal of sanctions by Washington.

The cooperation between the two countries started in 2006 after diplomatic relations were initiated. This was part of the efforts by Hugo Chavez, who was the then president, to establish close ties with African countries. It is during this period that embassies were opened in several African countries.

Their Is More To Bruce Levenson Than The Hawks

Bruce Levenson is a businessman and philanthropist. He is on the Board of Directors for IT industry and Tech Target, as well as a former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. Bruce Levenson grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland and attended the Washington University. He also earned a law degree from the American University.

In 1977 he co-founded the United Communications Group on The company was began in his apartment by producing newsletters on the oil industry’s prices and new developments within the industry. Shortly after the company’s beginnings they began acquiring other newsletters and publications. Today the United Communications Group specializes in data and analysis for the healthcare, banking and telecommunications sectors as well as operated the mobile platform application GasBuddy, which helps drivers find the lowest gas prices.

In 2004, Bruce Levenson on co-founded the Atlanta Spirit LLC in order to buy the Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. The partners then changed the name to Atlanta Hawks LLC. Mr. Levenson also served as the governor for the Hawks on the NBA Board of Governors until he sold the team in 2015. In the original purchase from Turner Broadcasting Mr. Levenson and his partners controlled the Hawks basketball team, Philips Arena and the Atlanta Thrashers. Soon after the purchased of the Atlanta Hawks Bruce Levenson and his partners sold the Thrashers for $170 million dollars, after the sale the team moved to Winnipeg. In 2015 Bruce Levenson and his partners sold the Atlanta Hawks for an estimated $850 million dollars to billionaire Anthony Ressler and former NBA player Grant Hill.

Besides being an astute businessman, Bruce Levenson is a philanthropist. Mr. Levenson is an active member of the Community Foundation of Washington D.C. and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. Bruce Levenson also served as president of the I Have a Dream Foundation in Washington. The foundation helps inner city children achieve their dreams of a quality education. He is also a huge supporter of Jewish causes. He supports the U.S.Holocaust museum, his mother in law is a Holocaust survivor, as well as the Bringing the Lessons Home program, which gives inner city students the hands on experience of the Holocaust and prepares them to lead tours of the museum. Mr. Levenson also supports the SEED Foundation and Seeds of Peace, both of which he makes significant donations to. Mr. Levenson also gives financial support to Birthright Israel, the Jewish Federation, the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, and BBYO, which is a young Jewish-American movement.

Bernardo Chua, CEO of Organo Gold Announced New Regional Vice-President for African, European and Russian Markets

Organo Gold is famously known worldwide as one of the top direct selling companies. The company experienced enormous growth since 2008, when Bernardo Chua started the business in the Philippines. He saw success the first five years of starting Organo and began to explore other markets around the globe. Bernardo, also known as Bernie knows the importance of expanding the company and recently announced a new regional vice-president for the African, European and Russian Commonwealth markets. According to Organo Blog News released on February 8th, 2016, his selection to fulfil the role is Colin Morgan Jones, former executive for Amway, Young Living, and Mannatech.

Colin Morgan Jones will be responsible for overseeing the whole operations of the business within Africa, Europe and Russia Commonwealth. Bernie selected Jones because of his 15-year experience in the direct selling industry and prior expertise working with European and Russian markets. He was responsible for acquisition, commercial expansion, field cultivation, and developing business strategies. Bernie strongly believes Jones is a huge asset to the company because of his understanding of the industry. He said, ″Colin Morgan Jones joins the executive team to support Organo′s growing Distributor field base throughout the region.″

Eight years after Organo Gold Started, the company has branches in over 40 countries in Asia, Americas, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. Colin Jones replaced prior regional vice-president, Paul Jarvis. Organo is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia and continues with its mission to produce quality products that contains certified organic ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma is a natural herb that grows from the earth in the form of a mushroom. The herb is considered an ancient Chinese medicine and is still used today to treat various diseases.

Bernardo Chua discovered a way to incorporate the herb into coffees, teas, supplements, and personal care products. He has studied and researched ganoderma for many years after being introduced it to as a child growing up in the Philippines. Chua continues to invest into research to ensure the herb is safe and effective.

LinkedIn shows that the endeavors of Chua are to continuously perfect Organo’s products by working with organic ganoderma producers and funding research.  On Twitter he said he wants to provide as much information about the herb to consumers and educate them of the benefits of using ganoderma in gourmet coffees & teas, nutraceuticals, and supplements. Organo Gold has provided economic growth to communities internationally.  Follow Bernie on Facebook for further information.


Town Residential is a real estate brokerage firm. The firm specializes in residential real estate. It was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, CEO and co-chairman.

Town Residential is born out of its predecessor Citi Habitats which, Heiberger first founded. Citi Habitats initially focussed on rentals. Town Residential recently absorbed boutique brokerage Thomas & Ingram which has its eyes on sales deals.

The New York City apartments for sale and real estate scene recently reported on Real Estate weekly. The man behind RE/MAX planetary powerhouse has his focus on New York. The firm has bought back the master franchise for the state. Dave Liniger is focused on powering up the local brokerages and its expansion. Novel marketing and branding campaigns are onset, and Dave believes that it’s going to do so well counting on the success they have received from other regions like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. However, little growth has been seen in Manhattan.

Little success has been attributed to generational and branding issues mostly in the suburbs and rural areas but then Liniger counts on getting the right management team, selling franchises and the right persons with inner drives coupled with leadership qualities.

Keller Williams NYC is the New York City master franchise of the Texas-based brokerage titan. Among other growing franchises are Rutenberg Reality, BOND New York and TOWN. Rutenberg appears to have grown by using a unique unconventional business framework and profit-sharing model. Their framework attracts self-sufficient, experienced brokers who believe in their hard work and determination.

BOLD has since grown and the firm is in charge of leasing one of the city’s pricey rental buildings.

Heiberger, founder of Town Residential, says that in order for them to properly service the market place, they will need to have a foothold across Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn.
Weichert Realtors has since focussed to remain in Brooklyn.

Carrying out a lot of research before getting to the NYC real estate market is a crucial idea as it can be extremely different from getting into any suburban market. It’s prudent to keep track records and remaining persistent.

Improve Your Daily Style

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones with innate style sense, cheat it. Most of us need to. I long to be as chic as an Italian baker or French cashier, but alas, I am not.

Who What Wear lays out the best pairing matches below to build a daily style strategy. The list is only a beginning point. If you see something you like on the street or online, write it down or snap an incognito picture. Also, sort through all of the ideas you have gathered in your social media accounts. Look through your Pinterest style board, your favorite Instagram accounts, and Polyvore outfits for ideas. Add all of the styling ideas to the list below and keep it near your closet. Make sure to leave plenty of room at the bottom to be able to always add more ideas. Having a reference point in the morning makes keeping your outfits fresh simple. Simple is exactly how I like my mornings.

Outfit Inspiration List: 6 Outfits to Start With
1. Make a pleated metallic skirt more casual with a jean jacket.
2. Go old school and pair wide flared jeans with a varsity letter bomber jacket.
3. High waist jeans can be cuffed and styled with a classic striped blouse and a black leather belt with a logo buckle for a chic daytime look.
4. Make a maxi dress a bit Downtown by pairing it with a leather jacket and high-top sneakers.
5. Formalize a lace dress with a blazer and belt. You can pair with boots or heels.
6. Pair a bright fur coat with a simple, classic pleated miniskirt to keep the focus on the coat.

Sign-up for a VIP Membership at JustFab and have outfits picked out for you each month. The subscription sends you handbags, tops, slacks, skirts, denim, and jewelry to your doorstep each month. You can edit which pieces to receive in your personalized online boutique. If there is a particular look you like, make sure to write down the pairing on your brand new closet outfit list near your closet.

US Money Reserve Appreciates The Future By Honoring The Past

The US Money Reserve, established in 2001 is one of the largest private distributors of gold, silver, and platinum products. And in partnering with The US Navy Memorial Foundation, they are about to inspire sea service men, women, and children with a stunning reminder of “A date which will forever live in infamy”. December 7, 1941, marks one of the darkest days in the history of The United States. The attack on Pearl Harbor was one of the most iconic moments in war history, as well as American history.

The seven foot statue, set in bronze and weighing 1000 pounds, will feature a second component consisting of the sailor’s bag and cleat and weighing 700 pounds. The base of the statue will also incorporate steel from the USS Arizona, giving the Lone Sailor a base of living history to stand upon.
While the statue itself is the brainchild of Stanley Bleifeld, the US Navy Memorial’s Official Sculptor, the funding for the statue itself will come directly from a portion of the proceeds from US Money Reserve’s sales of it’s exclusive 75th anniversary Pearl Harbor Gold and Silver Coins according to a article. As John Totushek so elegantly stated, “This beautiful coin represents not only an important inflection point in our nation’s history, but it is a remembrance of the greatest generation who went on to win this war”.Coming from the President and CEO of the US Navy Memorial Foundation, this is high praise.
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Brad Reifler Starts a New Initiative for Non-accredited Investors

Forefront Capital, a renowned company, has a new initiative to offers its clients in the financial industries. The initiative will be known as Forefront Income trust, and it has been announced for everyone to know about it. Most of the initiatives in this company have always favored the credited investors, but this time round, the non-accredited individuals.

Brad Reifler, the CEO of the company, says that he has only concentrated on this area for many years now, and this would give him around two hundred thousand dollars every year. The CEO says that all his efforts will be shifted to this other group, and all his investments will be shifted to this group which is always looked down up. The SEC authority in the United States has some regulations that every accreditor must have, and these too are followed by the company.

The company has discovered that the gap that exists between the rich and the middle class continuous to grow every day in America, just like it is happening in the other countries in the world. Before the company decided to take this current initiative, the institution was dominated by the one percent rich people in the society, leaving behind over ninety-nine percent.

Brad Reifler has a new platform to ensure that the middle-class consumers get what they require and some good investment to start their lives. The company has put on some special conditions that will ensure that they do not get any money before the consumer makes, at least, a good amount.

Reifler has had some experiences in the past that made him take this bold step. In the past, when his children were young, he invested in certain college savings that were available for everyone, regardless of the class. The wealthy and the poor would be able to access it. However, when his children attained the age to go to college, the fund had gone down by over forty percent, and it was worth that what he had invested in it. This whole drama made him realize that people lose money, and many people experience this dilemma. His new initiative wants to ensure that consumers investments are safe and that they would not get any serious losses, just like he had experienced before when his daughters wanted to go to the university.

The inventor of the 5 tips for investment, Brad Reifler is a famous serial entrepreneur in the United States. He is the founder and also the Chief Executive Officer for Forefront Capital for over seven years. Apart from this, he has co- founded other companies, and he has acquired most of his wealth in this industry. He has a lot of experience in investments, and this is why he has managed to run the company so well.

The End of Olympic Valley Incorporation

After a long, uphill battle, there is finally some good news for Andy Wirth. Wirth, the founder and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC., has been struggling against an effort to incorporate Olympic Valley, where Squaw Vallley Ski Resort is located. Now that California’s Local Agency Formations Commission officially put a stop to the incorporation effort, Wirth can begin to relax.

Sierra Sun reports that Andy Worth was appointed as the chairman of Squaw Valley in 2013 by the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority. Given his background in resort management, Wirth was the clear choice to add innovation and experience to the resort. Wirth also brings his expertise in adding flights and transportation between other resorts, and hope to do the same in Squaw Valley. Wirth’s About Me page details his determination to revamp Squaw Valley, as well as his dedication to charitable and philanthropic causes.

Andy Wirth had reason to fear incorporation of Olympic Valley. The effort would have resulted in higher taxes and fewer maintenance programs that are essential for the town’s functionality. Incorporation would also have isolated the Valley and Resort from nearby communities, all of which are accustomed to working together to solve local issues and share resources.

Squaw Valley and Andy Wirth can now focus on implementing improvements among the communities. Currently the organization is planning on additionally commerical and residential development, and a gondola that will connect Squaw with the nearby Alpine Meadows ski area. The CLAFC decided that the incorporation of Olympic Valley would not be financially viable, and now Wirth is seeking to instead promote increased transportation and communication between resorts and ski areas.

The good news keeps coming for Squaw Valley: the resort area was also battling a snow drought. The drought negatively affected business, but things have started to turn around. The more recent cold weather and early snow storms have allowed the resorts in the Olympic Valley area to open earlier than normal, giving them a much needed boost in business to counteract the effects of the drought.

Originally reported by the Reno-Gazette Journal, the news of desirable weather and the end of the incorporation fight spells an optimistic and bright future for Squaw Valley and Andy Wirth.

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