Finance has been a major pillar responsible for running the world’s economies. The financial sector is, therefore, responsible for basically what the human life revolves around every day. Brian Bonar is a chairman of the board of a corporation known as Dalrada Financial Corporation. He took up the company in the year 1995 where he had taken the position of being a director. His prudent and devoted hard work oversaw him take over the chairman’s position on the Board of Directors. He also took over the post of director of technology sales in 1994 and later he was promoted to become the vice, president.

Brian Bonar did not quit his endeavors as he escalated promptly to become the company’s president and chief operating officer finally. With his multiple progress and major stakes in the industry, he was levitated to become the company’s CEO. His earlier venture in managerial positions was in the year 1991 where he was the VP of Bezier system inc., which was solely responsible for making printers. In the year 1990 he was also employed at Adaptec where he was a sales, manager. He was also responsible for sales and marketing for a corporation known as Rastech where he played a huge part towards the success of the company. At around the period of 1984, he became the executive director of engineering in a company known as the QMS inc. This company was majorly involved in monochrome printing solutions.

Due to his immense contribution to the industry, he enjoys a massive cash compensation of 360,000 dollars. He is currently the chief executive officer of a company known as TRUCEPT Inc, which was earlier on referred to as Smart Tek Solutions Inc. He had earlier on taken various leadership positions for the same company. For instance, he had taken over the position of CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in around the year 2010. In the same month, he also happened to be the secretary and the treasurer of the company in question. He finally became the company’s president in late 2014. In the year 2000, he was also the CEO of Dalrada.

Brian Bonar has been able to contribute vastly to the area of finance. His various promotions in the numerous companies he was deployed in shows just how much he was determined to achieve the financial goals of the companies. He revolutionized change in the companies that he worked for as he came up with various policies that were relevant to the trending business situations at that particular conduct. He has been considered to be among the most distinguished and the most accomplished Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officer of all time.

The Model of Qnet

Qnet is a direct selling company based in Hong Kong. Qnet sells a variety of products online to anyone all over the world. Qnet sells a wide range of products including energy products, weight management products, home care products, personal care products, fashion accessories and luxury goods. Qnet was founded by Vijay Eswaran, he is also a motivational speaker to the distributors that sell Qnet products. Many of his motivational speaking sessions are usually exciting and over the top, with props and lots of showmanship. The company’s marketing strategy follows a multi-level marketing and direct selling model. The company depends on independent representatives to market and sell their products to consumers. These independent representatives will then get compensation on a commission basis, based on their sales volume. Their sales volume is usually dependent on their referrals and other independent representatives within their team. The teams are built in a binary fashion. The independent representatives use aggressive marketing to sell Qnet’s products. They use a combination of newspaper advertisements and online resources.

Qnet has offices in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, India and Turkey. The company also operates in other countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda and Ivory Coast. Qnet promises its independent representatives financial freedom by working at the company. Independent representatives make money by selling the products. The more Qnet products they sell, the more money they make. This strategy puts the independent representatives at a huge advantage because it allows them to make the most of their career and the opportunity. Qnet is all about providing resources to their independent representatives. The company prides themselves on giving their independent representatives the education and the tools to better understand their products so they can better sell them to consumers. Qnet also prides itself on its diversity. The company’s team members are drawn from over 30 countries and their consumer base are from more than 100 countries.

QNet’s Global Production Shift

QNet ltd is widely known as a direct selling company that deals with various products such as energy, nutrition, personal and home care, luxury goods, and fashion accessories. The products that QNet produce range from 30 brands that are classified into 9 separate categories with an overall focus on promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Offices and franchises are spread across multiple Asian countries as well as India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Indonesia to name a few. QNet was founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran of Hong Kong.

In 2013, QNet announced that it wanted to make India the main area of production for the company by shifting the entire production source of items consisting of consumer goods to electronics. QNet has included India in its’ business for more than a decade but the biggest challenge has been the investment climate and regulations that exist which make direct-selling difficult for many companies. This plan came after a calculated cost benefit estimate of between eight and twelve percent. Furthermore, during this time Qnet reported that nearly 80 percent of the representatives at their five-day convention hosted in 2013 were Indian. Due to this high volume, the company wanted to include an additional sales platform to employees in India that would allow them to develop unique products and goods.

During 2014, QNet made a huge announcement that the Manchester City Football Club would pair with the company as a direct selling partner baed in Manchester, England. This sponsorship will enable QNet to expand on their branding benefits and partnerships. This is not the first community affair that the company has been involved with. QNet seeks out various opportunities to establish important community programs. Most recently, the company has been an avid supporter for Rashid Centre’s programs for special needs. They operate under the philosophy of RYTHM, which stands for “Raise Yourself to Help Mankind”.

QNet’s overall production shift will face many challenges in India due to a lack of legislation and fraudulent companies that exist within the country. If clear policies and legislation are in place, the industry can be regulated and create an overall effective and beneficial environment for companies to grow. The direct-selling model that QNet is based off of enables the company to reduce points of failure and gives commission to the consumer that would normally be reserved for traditional marketing overheads.

Yeonmi Park’s New Book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom

As the title would suggest the newest book from the popular and inspirational human rights activist, Yeonmi Park (co authored by Maryanne Vollers) focuses on the dangers of living under the brutal and dogmatic North Korean regime of Kim Jong-il (father of current day North Korean supreme leader, Kim Jong-un).

Yeonmi Park was born into a relatively privileged position within North Korean society, specifically since her father was a member of the local ruling political party. Despite this her childhood was not a wholly pleasant one. She was told that she must unquestioningly support her great leader, Kim Jong-il and that if she did not he would know, for he could read the minds of all his subjects.

As silly as this might sound it was something which the majority of the North Koreans firmly believed to be true. Yeonmi certainly did and due it her childhood was filled with uncertainty and fear. This fear was only furthered when her father was laid off from his work. Struggling for money and terrified for his families health, her father turned to a life of crime, smuggling metals back and forth from North Korea and China with a gang of similar down and outs. When the North Korean authorities found out about it Mr. Park was imprisoned and tortured, leaving the Park family without their primary source of income. Facing the prospect of death by starvation Yeonmi’s mother, in communication with her jailed husband, came to a shocking and dangerous conclusion – escape North Korea or die.

Yeonmi Park currently resides in South Korea and travels the world speaking out against the atrocities and fascism she witnessed during her upbringing in North Korea. She has worked as a co-host on several internet talk shows and believes and works towards a reunified North and South Korea.



Born in New Jersey, Mr. Pulier is an American author, successful entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is a sharp mind as he started doing programming in fourth grade and by the time he joined high school, he had a computer database company. At Harvard, he did literature majoring in American and English. He then did classes at MIT and graduated as a magna cum laude. He is considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the government. He is current in Los Angeles where he moved in 1991.

Mr. Pulier is a man with plenty on his plate. He has founded and co-founded many startups that have gained recognition from various venture capitalists. When he went to L.A, he founded PDT( people doing things) which addressed various issues through the use of technology. The issues included education. Then three years later, he founded Interactive agency digital evolution later merged in 1998 with Us Interactive LLC. He was elected in 1997 to create the presidential technology exhibition dubbed “The bridge” to the 21st century. The inaugural presidential team conducted his elections. The then Vice President, Al Gore started a forum on technology and healthcare where Mr. Pulier was present and gave advice. He also has founded a private social network for the chronically ill children called Star Bright World. The network helps children sharing the same experiences, connect and chat. Mr. Pulier is also a participant in the Clinton Global Initiative. Aside from working with the government as seen earlier, Mr. Pulier has also founded Media platform, Desktone among others.

He was vice president of cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation. At the company, he helped reduce costs and increase productivity.Using his skills, he enabled the company delivers its services from internally and externally placed providers. As mentioned earlier, Mr. Pulier is a philanthropist. Having started with the project for chronically ill people, Mr. Pulier has donated his personal money to various charities and nonprofit organizations. He currently sits on the board for X- Prize Foundation that serves as a competition for solving humanitarian problems. This shows that despite his portfolio, the man is humble and is geared towards providing a sustainable environment for everyone. For a person worthy of recognition by the president, he sure is a personality to reckon with.

He is recognized well for founding ServiceMesh, a company that allows self-service IT was operating models and provides cloud management platforms a well as enterprise software services. The company also provides application release automation across the software development cycle; it empowers businesses with self-service access to enterprise cloud application and software. They have systems that automate management of enterprise cloud applications for both public and private platforms. The company has earned its market leadership position in the market by providing services to market leaders in various sectors including the financial services.

Brian Bonar is taking leadership to greater heights

Brian Bonar is one of the world famous entrepreneur, resource manager and director. He has a vast directorate profile attached to many companies the European Union. He has handled many high ranks in different organizations. He successfully managed massive financial transactions with greatest level of integrity.

Education background
He studied BS in the University of Strathclyde and later enrolled to Stafford Shire University where he pursued a master’s degree in Business Administration. He then advanced to PhD in the same Staffordshire University. This enabled him to acquire competitive and analytic skills that enabled him to manage multiple businesses.

Working Experience
Mr. Brian Bonar has worked in international companies stretching from the United States of America to Europe and Asia. His working history can be traced back from 1994 when he became the Chief Operating Officer and later an Acting Chief Financial Officer of Degrade Financial Corp. he was later promoted to Acting Chief Accounting Officer in the same company.

He has over 18 years’ experience with IBM in Europe, Asia and the USA and 20 more years in renowned owed public and private companies. He is also the founder of AMS outsourcing a PEO whose focus was in the transport market place.

He has served as the chairperson and the chief executive officer of Triceps Inc. where he served as treasurer, secretary and principal accounting officer from year 2009 to 2010. Besides holding many post in Triceps, he also served as the president of Trade show products Inc. in the year 2008

Financial Information
The dedicated services, that Mr Bonar has offered to a vast range of industries has enabled him to establish a strong financial background along with his long period of service. The financial records of all the companies that he has worked in, every payment that went into his pocket was only a compensation for the service he rendered in his executive positions.

Information from proxy statements filed for the 2012 fiscal year depicted that, during his tenor as the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Director at TRUCEPT, INC., Brian Bonar managed to make about $860,571 in total compensation. Out of which he received $360,000 as salary. He never received any payment as either bonus or any other suspicious forms. The remaining $500,571 came from other types of compensation attributed to his work.

What Glass Ceiling?

As a woman, excelling in a “man’s” world it can be quite a challenge unless you are Susan McGalla. It might be that she grew up with two brothers or that she is on to something. She is a major player in the business world today. She believes that one of the biggest mistakes a woman can make, career wise, is to allow self defeating talk where women even consider that they are separate from men.

Think about this for just a second, while driving down the street, sirens go off. The ambulance is right behind, closing in. It gets louder and louder, but it is a divided highway. On one side of the median is an ambulance following closely behind a corvette. The corvette has nowhere to go as there are cars on each side. If the corvette driver would have had a pick up truck, then no issue going right over the center median. The corvette is never going to jump the center median unless the driver wants to wreck the car.

If a woman puts a wall or even a foot tall median between her and men, in the business world on, she is making it difficult for herself. So, in theory separating oneself from men puts a pretty high glass ceiling up. That glass ceiling that was only a foot high is like trying to climb over the sears tower in Chicago. Good luck with that one.

There is a theory out there that if you believe it, you can achieve it. Now that does sound a little cliche but it is the truth. Women who just want to be better than men are taking the wrong approach. Who cares what anyone else is doing? Because, if you are worried about what everyone else is doing, you will not make it far at all. Susan McGalla has the right idea when it comes to business. Work hard for yourself and if you just happen to fly higher than a man, sweet.

Susan McGalla on is a great example for every woman out there. Focus on your own inner drive, not that of someone else. Susan obviously knows what she is talking about or she wouldn’t be the world class executive consultant that she is today. She was on the journey for no one other than herself. It wasn’t about beating ” Joe Smith” but about topping her best effort over and over.

No one wants kudos for simply beating a man because there is a good chance he wasn’t much competition anyhow. Hitting the high mark for yourself, now that is an amazing feat. Take a lesson from Susan as she knows exactly what it is like to climb to the top on ones own merit. It is a much better feat than riding the coattails of someone else. It also takes a strong woman to make that immense accomplishment for herself and no one else. Thirty years from now people will not remember the woman that did better than the man but they will remember the woman who flew over the pacific.

Adam Sender is Changing Gears

Adam Sender, a well-respected hedge fund manager and contemporary art collector, is changing the direction of his life. He said, “I’m closing this chapter of my life.” That is exactly what he is doing. He recently closed Exis Capital Management which he founded a number of years ago. He is also preparing to reorganize his vast art collection. He will sell some items, and put some on display. He will also keep some of the works. In the last 17 years he has accumulated an art collection of about 800 works. This includes various artists, 139 in total.

The larger part of his collection will be sold by Sotheby’s. This will not happen in a week or two, but will be sold over a 12 month period. The value of the pieces is estimated at $70 million to $80 million. One piece of art is called “Untitled #93.” It is estimated it will bring in two to three million dollars. Another painting, “Commissioned Painting: A Painting by Edgar Transue” is estimated to bring in the same amount.

Sender, 45, is envied by many art collectors due to his intellectual way of accumulating his art. He made his purchases by researching various artists who impressed him. These artists were climbing the ladder to the art kingdom. Obviously he made some fantastic choices.This helped him to accumulate one of the best collections of contemporary artists. Some people have said that anyone might put together a similar collection (providing they had the money), but, the truth is Sender made very smart choices over and over.

One of Sender’s first purchases was in the latter 1990’s. The work was by Cindy Sherman entitled, “Black Sheets.” He paid approximately $100,000 for the piece. Today the value is many times that amount.He went on to collect more of her works and he now has one of the best Sherman collections you can find.

Undoubtedly Sender will accumulate a small fortune from his art collection. However, one wonders what his next endeavor will be.

Doe Deere Sparks Creativity and Individuality

Doe Deere sparks the imagination in every way through her brand of cosmetics. She is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. She is a CEO who fully believes in self-expression and freedom. Doe Deere clearly instills a strong sense of creativity and individuality in everyone. She does this through her cosmetics as well as by simply being herself. She is one CEO who truly displays her own individuality. She is a creative and colorful CEO and founder of Lime Crime. Inspiration in Every Step
Doe Deere on Pinterest has unique ideas and beliefs surrounding leadership. She does not hold the belief that a leader must rule with the use of an iron fist. She does not seem to hold the belief that an iron fist method of leadership will inspire a sense of respect for any leader. Ms. Deere strives to drive individuals to success while uplifting and fostering a sense of empowerment in those who she leads.

She does appear to be an admired and respected CEO and founder of who inspires those around her. This may be viewed an inspiration in every step. Ms. Deere is a believer and a supporter of any woman who may have an interest in entrepreneurship and business. She inspires future business owners by sharing her own success stories. She will encourage anyone to believe in themselves and their own dreams. She will tell you that dreams really do come true. Magic and inspiration flow through anyone. Extraordinary Views Surrounding Makeup
Doe Deere does hold some extraordinary views regarding makeup. She will make the claim that makeup is about what feels right at each moment. It is not about what may look the best. Doe Deere believes that makeup is about self-expression and freedom. Every individual has the right to wear makeup and feel good about their own personal freedom. Self-expression can be as bold and vibrant as the person who is wearing it. Cruelty-Free Cosmetics
Ms. Deere is proud to offer cruelty-free products to the consumer. She is an animal lover who ensures that her makeup is a vibrant brand of animal-friend cosmetics. This cruelty-free line of cosmetics has expanded in many ways. She started this line of cosmetics in a small way. She stayed true to her cruelty-free ideas and discovered that her small business grew. She now has a product that is well-know on an international basis. Lime Crime is a cruelty makeup that offers makeup products that are vibrant, bright, and filled with creative energy.

Omar Boraie Contributes to Rutgers University’s 18 Chair Challenge


Rutgers University’s latest campaign, the “18 Chair Challenge”, hopes to bring funds to their groundbreaking research facilities. Precision medicine is one of the fastest growing and changing sciences within the medical field and advances change the way medical professionals tackle diseases such as diabetes and cancer diagnosis and treatment plans. During a recent State of the Union Address even President Obama acknowledged the need to further research and fund genomic science and precision medicine, launching an initiative to focus on just that. The initiative calls for focusing on finding a cure for diseases such as cancer.

The newest chair to be added to the “18 Chair Challenge” is the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. Even more exciting to the newest addition is the pledge of an anonymous donor to match each of the $1.5 million chairs, each chair now bringing in a total of $3 million in funds. “I am hopeful this pledge will leverage the support of others so that this important work can satisfy and exceed that goal,” says Omar Boraie of his generous donation to the field of genomic science.

Boraie has been involved in the revamping of New Brunswick and development of the city as the “Healthcare City.” With endowing the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science, Boraie hopes to have made a lasting impact in the field at Rutgers Cancer Institute, both for researchers and cancer patient’s treatments. Appointed to this new chair is Shridar Ganesan, MD, PhD. Ganesan is honored to have been named the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science and pledges to remain innovative and tackle the challenges uniquely presented in the field of precision medicine and offer new hope to those suffering from cancer and their families.

The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey includes many hospitals throughout the state, and is the only designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in the state. The Cancer Institute of New Jersey is a priceless education resource for students and cancer patients’ alike, dedicating time, resources and care to improving cancer detection, treatment plans and patient care. The Boraie Chair in Genomic Science will continue to help revolutionize precision medicine for the Rutgers Cancer Institution. Information in this article was first found at NewsWise and you can read the full text here.

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