Physical PS Vita Production Official Ends

People who own a PlayStation Vita will no longer to be able to purchase physical copies of new games. These changes are officially set to begin at the beginning of Sony’s next fiscal year, March of 2019.


Sony has had a strange history with the mobile gaming market. The original PlayStation Portable was alright, but the sequel to the portable, the PlayStation Vita, was seen as gimmicky by a lot of gamers. Despite the PSV’s lack of popularity in the Western world, the system did see success in Japan.


The PlayStation Vita was released in 2012, meaning the system officially ran for almost seven years. This is actually an incredible amount of time for the lifespan of a handheld gaming device. Where as Nintendo likes to release an update to their mobile linie-up every year or two, the PSV was only Sony’s second attempt at a mobile market.


The PlayStation Vita is seen among gamers as a failure in America, but in Japan where JRPGs are extremely popular, the Vita served its purpose. Even American gamers who enjoy playing JRPGs could rely on a steady influx of their favorite genre for the PSV.


Many gamers are attributing the failure of the Sony handheld device to its unorthodox storage methods, requiring custom memory cards to be used, which were extremely expensive.


It is unknown if Sony plans to release a new handheld device to the market in the coming years, or if they are simply cutting their losses and departing from the mobile gaming scene. The original release of the Vita came at a time where cellphone gaming was becoming popular. This is another reason the Vita didn’t live up to the hype: people have games on their phones, why would they want to carry a different device just for gaming?

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