Reasons Why Most Stay-at-Home Moms Have Become Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides

Family is very important in life but sadly the conventional 9-5 jobs take away a lot of valuable time for a mother to enjoy with her loved ones. This is one reason why most moms are quitting their conventional jobs to start their own businesses from home. There are so many opportunities out there for stay-at-home mothers to exploit. A good number of them have turned to Traveling Vineyard as it offers them with the solution they need and have been yearning for.

Getting the Right Opportunity

A simple search online for ways to make money from home will return a huge array of opportunities for stay-at-home moms. For an opportunity to be viable, you must gauge it to see whether it offers a chance for growth. The best opportunities to pick are those that offer forward momentum to ensure that your pay does not stagnate at one place. You can opt for an online business like a blog and watch as your ad revenue shoots up with the growth of your audience. If all this seems difficult, you can jump into opportunities offered by companies such as Traveling Vineyard, which offers resources and tools to build up a business with zero expertise and experience needed. A huge number of wine guides working for the company have positive testimonials all over social media accounts due to the huge opportunity growth potential they have enjoyed.

How is it Different?

If you love hosting parties and appreciate fine wine, you should consider becoming a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide. It is a great opportunity for stay-at-home mothers looking for work opportunities as they have full control over their schedule and chances of mingling with other wine connoisseurs and moms. No prior experience or knowledge of wine is necessary as the company provides Sommology Kits, which explain everything the wine guides need to know.

Training Vineyard’s Business Model

Traveling Vineyard operates via a unique business model that aims at balancing high quality wine with affordability. It also makes it possible for anyone to join the team with a minimal investment of $189 for setting up and starting to host events. There are no hidden charges and this amount caters for a full Success Kit. The kit comprises of two tasting sets made up of five wine bottles each. This is enough wine to host two events. The kit also contains tasting glasses, wine carrier as well as training materials and order forms. Members gain access to an online training center provided by the company with tutorials and articles that cover all wine terminologies and marketing tips. Members also get their own websites to use in marketing their wine and getting online orders. The website is free for the first three months and later on a maintenance fee is charged. Wine guides earn a commission of 15-35% depending on their sales volume.

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