See What Jeff Aronin Plans To Improve the Lives of the Patients

ny hardworking chief executive officer would improve the company’s operations and activities. What every CEO looks forward to achieving is excellent performance in the company. This means every leader must have what it takes to bring the expected transformation in the company. Whenever something good or bad happens to the company, the leader is associated with it. True leaders look forward to finding solutions for the existing problems. Jeff Aronin is a good example of what this means. He saw a problem is getting medicines approved and he came out to find a reliable solution. He knew if the good discovered medicines were approved, dealing with some diseases would not be a bother.


Jeff has a name in the international healthcare sector. He is the current CEO of Paragon Biosciences, a biopharmaceutical investment company. He has served as the chairman and CEO of this company since 2010. He was a student at Northern Illinois University where he graduated with his first degree. He later went to DePaul University for his master’s degree. Jeff Aronin knew that he would transform the lives of many people one day if he studied hard. This motivated him to study, develop, and commercialize medicines the patients would use. Jeff Aronin felt bad since he knew some medical needs of the patients went unmet for lack of adequate and effective drugs.


He knew some patients had neglected or unusual diseases that needed proper treatment. This pushed him to come up with Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC. He founded this company in 2010 with high hopes that the patients would find their desired treatments. However, this company was later sold after operating for some time. Lundbeck bought it at $900 million. Since he didn’t know how successful the transition process would be, Lundbeck asked Jeff to be the CEO. In 2010, Jeff Aronin had the privilege to serve at Paragon Biosciences as the CEO and chairman. His main role to ensure the company competes on a global platform.


Now that some patients suffer from certain diseases whose cure hasn’t been identified, Jeff felt this could not continue. He believed patients who agonized from such diseases would find a favorable solution soon. Patients with disorders affecting their immune system and nervous system are grateful to Jeff for the solutions he invented. He developed medicines that would also treat dermatologic illnesses associated with genetic origin. According to Jeff Aronin, over 6,000 diseases have an unidentified cure. However, he hopes his company will reduce this number through its innovative solutions.