Star Citizen Reaches the Two Million Investor Mark

Players can be quite loyal and invested in their favorite games. The loyalty and devoted following to Star Citizen, however, seems overly-enthusiastic. Two million plays now rank among those invested in the game. What makes this number so staggering is the fact Star Citizen remains in development limbo. Interest in a game stuck in development, quite honestly, isn’t anything all that out of the ordinary. The situation with Star Citizen isn’t ordinary though. The game has been in development for 7 full years. That’s a long time for gamers to wait for Star Citizen, and even longer for them to remain interested. The interest is there, and the interest may be growing stronger by the day.

Star Citizen started out as a simple crowdfunding project. Chris Roberts serves as the main creator of the game. Since Roberts was involved with the classic game Wing Commander, it wasn’t too difficult to attract attention from gamers. Thanks in part to the promotional efforts by Cloud Imperium Games, the crowdfunding project never lost any momentum. Even after so many years have passed, gamers continue to support the development of the project. Currently, the total amassed for Star Citizen sits at over $180 million. Hopefully, the sum will one day lead to an actually finished and released game.

The crowdfunded project may very well have taken on a life of its own. The extended number of years the game spent in development probably helped the project attain a somewhat dubious-but-beneficial status. If nothing else, the extended development period contributed to furthering publicity over a many-years duration. Gaming enthusiasts see their fellow gamers investing in the crowdfunding project, and they respond by investing as well.

Can the video game ever recoup the huge amount of money invested in its development? Star Citizen would need to be a massive hit. Hopefully, the two million investors will be eclipsed by many more millions of buyers.

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