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How Aloha Construction Gives Back To The Communities It Operates In

Aloha Construction is a licensed, bonded, and insured general contracting firm located in Illinois. It was started by its Chief Executive Officer Dave Farbaky a decade ago and now has an office in Lake Zurich and another one in Bloomington. This company has always prioritized being ethical and treating its customers fairly and honestly which was recently recognized when this company was given the BBB Torch Award.

At Aloha Construction they remain accountable to their customers by doing the work that was agreed to correctly, working hard, and using materials of the highest quality. Dave Farbaky also believes in giving back to those in the communities in which his company operates. For that reason, his company has sponsored several youth sports teams and has provided support to nonprofits helping people in need. He recently published a list of six of the organizations they support so that others could support them as well.

Aloha Construction is a sponsor of the Central Illinois Flying Aces USHL hockey team. In addition to being this team’s corporate sponsor, they are also fans of the team. This company is also a sponsor of the Kane County Cougars which is a youth baseball team. Dave Farbaky’s company sponsors the Lake Zurich high school football team which recently almost had an undefeated season, only losing their final game to Batavia in the playoffs.

Another sports team that Aloha Construction sponsors is the Illinois State University athletics program. They have partnered with both the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams. They also support the Children’s Oncology Services, Inc.’s Camp One Step. Each time one of this university’s basketball teams has an assist Aloha Construction will donate $5 to the Camp one Step program.

Aloha Construction recently partnered with OMNI Youth Services. They gave a family with four girls the opportunity to go on a shopping spree at Learning Express. They had 90 seconds to grab whatever they wanted and were able to grab about $7,000 worth of new toys during this time. Finally, Dave Farbaky also recommended supporting the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club like his company does.


Aloha Construction Wins Awards For Ethics

The Northwest suburbs of Chicago have been served for years by Aloha Construction and the company is finally seeing the recognition that it deserves. People now acknowledge the tens of thousands of job that Aloha Construction has done over the course of years is finally making it into the public eye and that’s giving people more reason to choose their services. You won’t find too many places out there that offer this level of quality and experience. Aloha Construction is a truly unique player in the construction world of the Chicago area. It’s no surprise their winning awards for their work.

The awards given out to Aloha Construction are something you won’t see other companies obtain. Other companies in the northwest suburbs of Chicago have not been able to provide the same quality because they don;t understand the needs of customers as well.You don’t need to worry about that with their work. They have done over 18000 contracts over the course of their existence and their clients can vouch for them. This is a company that tries its best to make sure the people who have supported the business from day one are fully satisfied. That’s hard to find to find anywhere else these days.

A strong culture of ethical rigor and hard work is what separates this company from so many out there. This is a family owned business, but it has done much more than others with a similar background. No corners are cut and no request is left unfulfilled. That kind of noble practice is what brings any business to the forefront and gives it an edge. You can look around and you’ll find that Chicago simply doesn’t have anyone else giving this quality work. It’s a city with a long history and that history is filled with people who did everything they could to make the city shine. Bringing that back to the forefront is what this construction firm is all about. Nobody else has the same level of success and nobody has managed to get as far as they have in the construction industry.


See Why Aloha Construction Won The BBB Torch Award For Ethics

Aloha Construction is headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It offers home construction services and solutions to the people of that state and of southern Wisconsin. The company began as a small family business and has grown over the years into one of the leading contractors in the region, having completed over 7000 local projects. The company has also established a solid reputation for excellence, integrity, and safety.

Aloha Construction has recently received the BBB Torch Award for Ethics. The company takes great pride in this honor, as it recognizes the values that it has espoused since its founding. The Better Business Bureau awards it to companies that have demonstrated exceptional ethical practices in their business throughout the year. Nominees are put through a rigorous screening process and the winners are selected by an independent panel of judges. Aloha Construction received the 2017 award for many reasons, including the regular contributions it has made to the community.

The company has a top-notch team of home construction service specialists and support personnel. They are all dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions to the homeowners of Illinois and southern Wisconsin. From roof repair to home renovation, you can trust Aloha Construction to meet your needs.

If you are like most people, you do not regularly check the status of your roof. However, if you have felt a draft, seen a leak, or heard strange noises from overhead, you may have a problem. A roof that has been materially compromised can cause all sorts of long-term damage to the rest of the house. Such matters must be resolved immediately. After you call Aloha construction, a team composed of roofing specialists will be dispatched to your home. They will provide the solutions you need in an expeditious and effective manner.

The company can also help you refurbish or renovate spaces in your home. If you are planning to redo your floors or add a patio extension or do something as basic as install new windows and doors, Aloha Construction can send out a team that will ensure the job is done well. Working with such professionals will save you time and money.