The Crew 2 – Looking Ahead to the Release on June 29th

The Crew 2 is an extremely hyped up open world racing game that comes to consoles and PC on the 29th of June. The closed beta is currently active as Ivory Tower and Ubisoft, the game’s developer and publisher, make final preparations for the upcoming release.

The Crew 2 features a wide variety of racing disciplines and a large selection of modern vehicles. Each vehicle can be heavily modified and suited to different racing disciplines. The new installment also features speed boat racing and stunt flying, which provides a breath of fresh air to the racers who were growing old of the same old features from the first game. The open world racer also received a massive graphics upgrade, one that offers an enhanced lighting system and the ability to run at a 4K resolution.

The racing environment seems to feature more events, and more activities to do when playing with friends, although details are still unknown as the closed beta does have a content lock on some of the features. The game takes an emphasis on exploration and excitement, and there is plenty of character spread across the MotorNation.

The standard edition of the game will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, on June 29th. The gold and motor editions of the game have special benefits, including in-game content and the season pass. Players who pre-order these editions will receive access to the game three days earlier than everyone else.