The Golf Club 2019 Will Feature PGA Tour License with TPC Courses

The developer of the popular ‘Golf Club’ franchise, HB Studios revealed that the upcoming 2019 edition of their game will be featuring additional tournaments for players to participate in. They released a video on social media that teased that the upcoming golf experience is now officially partnered with the PGA Tour. This license agreements means that players will be able to complete within PGA Tour Career Mode, similar to that of what Electronic Arts built when they possessed the license for their Tiger Woods franchise.

When the game officially launches to the gaming world, the game will offer six officially licensed TPC courses that are played each year in real life on the Tour. The importance of the new licensing agreement is a bigger win for fans of golf games, especially considering that EA recently announced the removal of their previous golf installment from online gaming marketplaces. This strongly suggested that the franchise would be discontinued, as it was in the past.

The good news is that ‘The Golf Club’ is in the hands of a very capable developer, and with licensing agreements, the potential to develop a new style golf game is very real. It also doesn’t hurt that Tiger Woods has returned to golf in real life, bringing the old school golf fans back to gaming stores to get their very own craving to play a golf video game. The developer expressed their excitement for their brand new career mode, and talked about their favorite new features. These new features are not limited to the real life courses, but there are brand new rivalries and sponsorship relationships in the game, creating a genuine experience when competing on the tour.