Thor Halvorssen Is a Democratic Socialist Champion

Some of the most evil governments in the world claim to be socialist democracies, according to Thor Halvorssen, countries the likes of North Korea and Venezuela make such claims of their despotic out-of-control madness they falsely claim are sovereign governments. He points out the rampant corruption, oppression over their citizens, and the huge amount of hypocrisy demonstrated.

Halvorssen has committed himself to winning true freedom for all the people of the world. He joins several of his family members who have also worked for freedom over the many years they have struggled for it. His family has been among the major leaders in their native Venezuela. But, when conservative commentators have tried to smear his view of democratic socialism, he has set them straight, right quick. Read more: Trouble Maker For Tyrants | Weekly Standard

According to The Atlantic, Thor Halvorssen actually very much supports true democratic socialism. And, he points out the Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden and Norway, are actually very stable and happy socialist democracies. Halvorssen traveled to South Korea, where he participated in a major human rights conference in the central city of Seoul.

He was there to present his ideas for helping oppressed people-groups of the world achieve freedom. He was so passionate about human rights that he was calling and texting people all over the world. Of course, being in East Asia, most of the recipients got the calls and texts at very odd times of night.

Thor Halvorssen has been fighting for freedom in his native Venezuela for many years. This builds upon a tradition of leadership and activism throughout his family history. His own father was a major help to two governments during World War II; both Venezuela and Norway.

He advised the then-king on how to harbor for safety the entire Norwegian merchant marine fleet. This same man was abducted off the streets of Venezuela in the 1990s and held and tortured. Thor’s mother was shot and nearly killed when she was attending a peaceful public meeting. Others were shot and killed by the same evil security forces.

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