True Value Wouldn’t be What it is Today without Kenneth Goodgame

Everyone knows about the history and success of The True Value Company. It’s sales techniques and marketing expos have been beyond successful. Why do you think they have become the company they are today?

Well, this success wouldn’t have happened without a man by the name of Kenneth Goodgame. If you are looking for your own marketing success story, then you have to know about Kenneth and his many accomplishments. See, True Value applies an attention to detail that most do not. This,again, is all thanks to Kenneth Goodman.

Let’s take a look at some of his many accomplishments.

“He’s what you call the best of the best, if there is such a thing. He adds a personal touch that no other CEO has, ever. He will even make it a personal statement, even if Kenneth can’t take the time to help you out personally. Kenneth makes sure everything has his seal of approval.”

–Executive at True Value


He attended the University of Tennessee. He majored in and got his bachelor’s degree in marketing. His professors and fellow students have said that from day one he had a knack for it. It was just in his blood.

He joined a company called Proprietary Brands in 1999. One of his major accomplishments there was establishing and sustaining a connection with John Deere. This was the first of it’s kind, ever. He made sure the deal went through and kept on top of all the end goals.

He also assisted with other product launches with the company. The deal with John Deere was the most successful of it’s kind and still is. It’s the template to which all other deals were matched.

Along the course of his career he has assisted in the success of companies like Rubber Maid, Ace Hardware and Home Depot. With all of this behind him, it seems like he would have hit his peak. Not exactly. Kenneth and his branding of True Value still remains is greatest and highest achievement.

Can Kenneth and his associates help you? Only one way to find out. Get in touch with him today! You will find links for his contact information down below.

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