What Do We Know About The New Spider-Man PS4 Game?

Spider-Man has a slightly new look in the forthcoming Spider-Man PS4 game. The look doesn’t deviate too much from the original classic wall-crawler costume. Hopefully, the new PS4 game won’t change too much of what fans expect from Spider-Man. Speculation about the upcoming game may soon become far less speculative. As clear details emerge, fans gain a better picture of what to expect. Insomniac Games sits in the development driver’s seat for the new game. Considering how awesome other games made by Insomniac Games turned out, this new web-slinger PS4 game should live up to all the hype.

What do we know about the game so far? Probably the most interesting feature about the game would be the age of Spider-Man. He’s not going to be a teenager in this one. Instead, players step into the shoes of an experienced 23-year-old version of Spider-Man/Peter Parker. That might be a nod to the comic books since the 20-something version of Spider-Man has always been more prominent in the books than the high school one.

Villain-wise, the game chose to utilize some lesser-known bad guys to factor into the narrative. That can be a good thing since they freshen up the proceedings a bit. Fans do, however, want to see familiar villains as well. No disappointments here. Classic bad guys do factor into the game.

Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk still controls the organized crime syndicate in Marvel Comics’ New York City. In addition to causing troubles for Daredevil, Fisk makes life tough for Spider-Man as well. Black Cat, Task Master, and Shocker all make appearances as well. The Shocker was a forgotten villain of the past, but Spider-Man: Homecoming introduced him to mainstream audiences. The game developers chose to bring the B-level baddie onboard for a supporting role in this game.

Speaking of supporting roles, Miles Morales appears as a character. No one knows if Morales dons a costume to play hero in the game. Insomniac Games remains mum about what Morales actually does in the game. Hopefully, players can become Morales and step into his hero costume. Otherwise, what would be the point of placing the popular character in the game? Not maximizing the character to his fullest potential would disappoint immensely.

Spider-Man’s popularity has soared once again thanks to the success of Spider-Man: Homecoming and his appearances in Marvel Studios productions. All that popularity should translate into a hit game for the PS4.

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