What makes Michel Terpins such a good driver?

The Terpins brothers founded the Bull Sertões Rally Team one of the most elite teams in the Brazilian rallying circuit. These are Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins, having been raised in a family that grew up on sports ensured that there love for sports was nurtured and it would turn lead them to rally. Their father Jack Terpins was very influential in there lives and him being a legendary basketball player who played for the national team as well at club level had already had a taste of how far sports would push one too. Their father now a businessman and a real estate developer was keen to nurture his son’s sports interest, and it thus came as no surprise when Michel Terpins joined the cross country championship where his father was very supportive.

Michel Terpins would grow from a junior competitor to one of the most compelling champions in the competitions. His rise was steady, but his style of riding has already long been seen as capable of producing a champion. When the elite level of the championship came calling he did not shy away but was able to rise to the challenge. He would later be elected chairman of the sport by his peers to lead the championship to greater heights. His contribution to the cross country championship has always been a key talking point as he was able to streamline the sport and in the process attracting new sponsors and draw more interest to it from the public.

Michel Terpins would then move into Rallying where he was welcomed warmly by his brother Rodrigo. There bond growing up would help them form a formidable team that would challenge the established competitors in the T1 prototype category. The brothers would compete together in the initial editions of the Sertões Rally and produce spectacular results in the process. Their breakthrough would, however, come when MEM came onboard bringing with them the T-Rex. The car would prove to have been the missing link in their earlier years as they were now winning championships. For Michel Terpins he is looking forward to the 25th edition of the Sertões Rally.

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