Whitney Wolfe Foresees A Much Bigger Picture For Bumble

Whitney Wolfe has been vilgient about the path that she has taken for creating a social media app. She started with the dating app, but it was evident that she made it her goal to do more than just dating. This is obvious when people look at the way that this app has been constructed. A ton of people that are looking at app technology are well aware that she is someone that has taken a strong role when it comes to creating jobs for women. People that are connecting the dots when it comes to more women in the workplace are going to be able to look at what Whitney Wolfe has done to increase these numbers. Read this article at vogue.com to know more about Wolfe.

With Bumble there are multiple platforms that are being utilized inside of this environment. Everyone that has taken note of the app is going to be aware that it is more than a dating app. With a billion dollar valuation by Forbes it is possible that this could become an app that is just as big and powerful as Facebook or Instagram. Whitney Wolfe is not trying to replace these apps, but she believes that there is a core mission to connect people through business, social interaction and dating. In other words, Whitney Wolfe has set her sights on connecting people, regardless of their needs. This is what makes her after environment so powerful. She has been able to carve out a path that leads to other paths so she is truly maximizing the potential for transitioning one customer group into another group.

She knows that there are people that are going to sign up for dating and never give any thought to the concept of building friendships. She realizes, however, that this may considered when people know that this exists. Wolfe knows that someone that may be looking for a friendship today maybe looking for a business partner tomorrow. This is what Bumble has the ability to do. It can put people in connection to different avenues even though they’re only signing up for a single app to create a connection to other people.

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