Why I Love Lime Crime’s Latest Line of Diamond Cushers

If you haven’t heard of Lime Crime yet, you must be hiding under a rock. The cosmetics company has his has gone from a tiny startup to a massive company in just a few short years. Her story is quite incredible. She was studying fashion when she began to question if that was her true career path. She felt like there was a light inside of her that was being hidden. After much thought, she decided that her true passion was to create a cosmetics conglomerate. Thus, the company was officially born.

The company has grown from a small eBay store to a huge company that is consistently in the news. Each time Lime Crime releases a new product fans and media outlets go absolutely wild to scoop up the product first. Then, they share posts of them wearing the product on social media. Unlike other makeup brands, the company consistently engages with its fans. This engagement has created an army of the followers that are incredibly passionate about the brand. This passion leads to Lime Crime’s number one source of new customers: referrals from current customers.

The latest product to be launched by Lime Crime has been a line of glimmer lipsticks that are unlike anything I have ever seen. The lipstick line is called Diamond Crusher Lip Toppers and it has been incredibly popular in the few shorts weeks since it was released.

The team at Instyle magazine just released several reviews of the various lipsticks. The staff at the magazine tested all of the shades of Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers to see how the shades looked. The staff then posted images of themselves wearing the shades along with their thoughts on the individual shade.

The snippets of reviews were all highly positive in nature. The shades varied from bold purples that would be more appropriate at night time, to pale nudes and pinks that could be worn every day. The great thing the team uncovered about the lipsticks were the fact that they could be applied directly to bare lips or paired were their favorite shades of lipstick that are already part of their beauty regimen.

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