3 Of Robert De Niro’s Best Movies


Robert De Niro is arguably one of the most influential actors in the business. Starring in everything from dramas, comedies, and mobster movies, Robert De Niro is a versatile actor that has a resume to back it up. Let’s talk about some of his best work.



One of the first roles that people think about when they talk Robert De Niro movies is Taxi Driver. His role in this movie earned him a nominee for Best Actor Academy Award, and the movie won at the Cannes Film Festival. His role in this movie put him on the map and put his career on fire.


Goodfellas was a movie he made in 1990, about 14 years after Taxi Driver. He had many notable roles in between but Goodfellas is one of those movies that really captured how fantastic Robert De Niro is as an actor. He showed such a wide range of emotions that both terrified and enthralled audiences. This mobster classic showed so many sides of Robert De Niro as an actor.


Meet the Parents is a funny movies favorite for many. Robert De Niro plays the father in law of peoples nightmares. This role has some typically tough guy elements Robert De Niro has played for years but it also has some huge comedic elements that you would not have seen in his other movies like Goodfellas. Meet the Parents made him a household name in the next generation of movie watchers which he has continued to solidify every performance since.


Robert De Niro is a talented actor who has played in every type of movie possible. With his versatile skill set, it makes you wonder what type of role he will take on next.


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