A Hair Experiment With WEN Cleansing Conditioners

WEN by Chaz Dean is a brand of hair products that focuses on the idea of cleansing conditioners. These products are supposed to improve the texture and overall health of your hair. There are a number of variety of cleansing conditioners sold on Sephora in the line for your individual hair type and hair needs. Cleansing conditioners work as an all-in-one product. They are a shampoo, conditioner, and styling product for your hair.

Emily McClure is a contributor to the online magazine Bustle. She decided to put Wen to the test for 7 days. She describes her hair type as fine, oily, and frizzy. She decided to try the fig product, because it promised extra moisture for her frizzy hair. The first time trying the product, she ended up using way more product than she thought she would need. But her hair did turn out very moisturized and healthy feeling. She tried it at night and by the next morning, her hair was already more oily than normal. It was also more difficult to hold a style. She had better results when she used the product in the morning. The moisture the product gave seemed to overwhelm her fine and oily hair. A different cleansing conditioner may have better suited her hair type and therefore gave better results. She did note that overall this product did improve the texture and shininess of her hair. Need Wen? Visit Guthy-Renker.com now.

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