Amazon Launching New GameOn Service

While video games have become extremely popular in recent decades, there is another popular form of gaming. Known as e-sports, this has become a gaming industry that continues to grow in terms of popularity. E-sports are played in which teams or team members battle against other highly-skilled players in order to determine who is better at a certain video game. There have been numerous websites that feature these tournaments in addition to certain television networks featuring e-sports content. It now appears that Amazon will be entering into the world of e-sports through offering a new service to game developers.

This service will be known as Amazon GameOn, a set of coding tools that allows developers to have their games feature tournaments and either in-game or real-life prizes. The Amazon GameOn service looks to be enticing for game companies looking to offer tournaments and rewards to their customer base. Fortune reports that is currently free for all game developers until May 1st. After this period has passed, developers will be charged one-third of a cent for each person playing a tournament.

To summarize, Amazon recently announced that it will launch a new service known as Amazon GameOn. This service allows game developers to create multiplayer tournaments within their respective created games. In addition, players can compete for and win either physical or in-game prizes. Amazon GameOn is currently free to all developers. That being said, this free period will end on May 1st. After that, developers will pay one-third of a cent for every user engaging in a multiplayer tournament. Many within in the gaming industry feel that this could have huge potential implications on how gaming companies are able to offer tournament-style gameplay to consumers.

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