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U.S Money Reserve Paid Tribute And Respect To The Soldiers Of The U.S. Navy At The Lone Sailor Awards Dinner In Washington D.C.

The largest licensed distributor of products made of gold, platinum, and silver, U.S. Money Reserve was a member of the Annual Lone Sailor Awards Dinner at the National Museum in D.C.

Top officials from U.S.  Reserve like the Vice President of media Christol Farris; The Director of Operations, Jennifer Olivier and the Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Jim Warren was present at the event that was hosted on the 25th of September this year.

It is hosted by the United States Navy Memorial foundation with the purpose of honoring and remembering the brave soldiers of the past, present and the future. Christol Farris addressed the crowd by portraying his deep love for the motherland and paid his respects to soldiers in the sea protecting them from both domestic and foreign threats every hour of the day.  Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The Navy Memorial foundation started their journey with the U.S. Money reserve when the latter released a unique set of 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor gold coins and donated a major share of their production to the United States Navy Foundation. The assets were used as funding for constructing the statue of the Lone Sailor for the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center in Honolulu.

The other invitees included the current leadership of the United States Navy, Board Members of the Navy Memorial Foundation and other influential people in the society. During the event, prestigious awards were presented to the high achieving soldiers of the U.S. Navy.

Founded in 2001, U.S. Reserve is headquartered at Austin, Texas. It has been growing at a fast rate since its inception and has become the leading producer and distributor of U.S. Experts believe that investing in precious metal is the best way to diversify and secure the assets as the value of gold stays unaffected by the volatility in the market.

U.S  Reserve has a talented and dedicated team who specialize in coin research and market trend analysis which helps them identify the type of precious metal products preferred by most of the interested customers. They are trained and briefed well on their roles in order to maintain high levels of excellence at all times.

Apart from producing the finest and attractive precious metal products, they prioritize customer service and feedback system for addressing grievances effectively along with building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with loyal customers across the globe.

Eric Lefkofsky: A Leader

Eric Lefkofsky is a successful American businessman from Southfield, Michigan. After graduating high school, Lefkofsky attended the University of Michigan. He then continued on to the University of Michigan Law School, where he obtained his Juris Doctor in 1993. Once he was out of college, Lefkofsky and a college friend, Brad Keywell, borrowed money to buy a clothing company, Brandon Apparel. They then continued on to create an online company, Starbelly that specialized in promotional products. Since then, Lefkofsky has founded or co-founded 13 companies, including: Mediaocean, Groupon, Tempus, Innerworkings, Uptake, Lightbank, and Echo Global Logistics.

His companies span multiple industries, such as e-commerce, marketing, technology, and even healthcare.Beyond his working ability to create successful business, Lefkofsky is highly involved in improving the community. With his wife Liz, Lefkofsky founded the Lefkofsky foundation in 2006. This is a charitable foundation with a focus of improving quality of human life. The initiatives of the Lefkofsky foundation focus on ensuring equal access to education, equal rights for women, medical research, as well as expanding cultural initiatives.

In 2013, Lefkofsky and his wife also became members of The Giving Pledge, a public commitment to donating most of their wealth to the philanthropic causes.In addition, Lefkofsky is on the board of directors at the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, The Art Institute of Chicago, and trustee of Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He is also a board member of World Business Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky is not only a successful businessman and entrepreneur, but a philanthropist that enjoys contributing to his community.


Ryan Seacrest: Charming the Airwaves

This September, Ryan Seacrest will kick off his second season as co-host of the long running morning talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan. Such a milestone calls for big plans and even bigger expectations, but Ryan is no stranger to either.

Seacrest got his start in the mid-1990s on Los Angeles radio station 98.7 FM. His show, Ryan Seacrest for The Ride Home, became the #1 daily afternoon talk show and would go on to be a popular program for nearly a decade. In 2003, he began a syndicated show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, for iHeartMedia, and once again climbed to the top of the charts. It’s no surprise that not long after he took over for broadcasting legend Casey Kasem as host of American Top 40.

Naturally, Seacrest’s charm lead him to television, where he shot to notoriety in 2002 as the host of the television phenomenon American Idol. Years later, Seacrest would go on to forge deals with NBC Universal to appear on other programs, including the Today show, coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics, and the NBC game show The Million Second Quiz. Around that time, he started hosting the cable entertainment show, E! News, and even took over as host and executive producer of the iconic Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

However, his creativity isn’t just limited to being on camera. His company, Ryan Seacrest Productions, has been responsible for many programs including, the hugely popular, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and, the Emmy Award-winning reality series, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Seacrest has also proven himself a capable entrepreneur with the founding of Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a fashion brand specialized in tailored menswear and accessories, and Polished by Dr. Lancer, a men’s skin care line. He also serves as chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at inspiring youths to explore their creativity in the realms of radio, television and new media.

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The JingDong Chief Executive Richard Liu gives an Insight into the Future of Retail Business

The Chief Executive and founder of JD. Com Richard Liu noted that the future of the retail business was all about encouraging and attracting customers to purchase commodities from the online portal. Consumers should be enticed to purchase whatever commodity that they want at any time that they feel pleases them. What customers don’t want is a restriction. Richard Liu was noting this at an event that was held in Madrid, Spain. The businessman was attending the World Retail Congress. While being interviewed, Richard stressed on his firm’s vision of retail innovation. Liu extensively explained the focus that JingDong had on retail innovation. He expressed that innovation was bringing more choice, peace of mind to consumers and also convenience.

At the same time, innovation will be leveraging on the best technological clarifications to sanction suppliers and partners. Richard Liu noted that the firm is planning on building a retail business that will reach nearly 300 million consumers. He said that the company beginning the journey and they intend to accomplish the set goal. The Chief Executive said that the organization had a scale and were constantly supporting the society through various programs which include recycling packaging and sustainable farming. Jingdong’s actual legacy is not the figures that they will tally of all consumers that they will manage to reach. The company’s true legacy will be the overall impact that they will have managed to influence on the society.

During the Madrid occasion, the CEO also announced multiple strategic collaborations to empower all interested European brands with its outstanding technological resources and e-commerce capabilities back in China. So as to be able to satisfy the massive growth in demand by having the top-quality wines on their platform, Jingdong is busy developing and working with several European wine manufacturers to grant them a direct access to their 300 million consumers. Recently, JD. Com entered into a new partnership with a family owned winery named Peter Mertens. Jingdong said the Germany produced wine can make a debut on the Jingdong platform. The company is now waiting for all other interested wine producers to table an agreement and they can all work on a win-win concept.

How Nick Vertucci gained such success in the real estate market.

Nick Vertucci, real estate academy, is a premier institution which was started by the real estate guru Nick Vertucci he has been in the industry since 200 this gives him more than a decade and a half of prime practical experience. He ventured into the industry with his own money meaning he was risking it all when he went into it.He began his foray into this sector after an invitation by a close friend to attend a seminar on the same over a weekend.The seminar proved to be an eye-opening moment which led him to find his calling.

After the workshop he would immerse himself into the search for knowledge into the subject through meticulous research and invest a lot of energy and time in this endeavor, he was finally able to break into the industry, but his was no ordinary break as it coincided with the mortgage crisis that hit the country hard. This was a difficult period and not a lot of agents survived the shock.But for Nick Vertucci he was prepared he had come up with his strategy earlier and was following it to the letter and he was able to pull through and by the time he started his academy he was already a millionaire.

His strategy has been quite simple on the surface but one that needs a deep understanding before trying to take it to market.His look the sector is one that involves a three-step principle it can be broken down into the following parts

Get In

This is the part where as an agent you scout the market looking for every good deal out there.The skills of the agent will enable them to figure out where the next best market or neighborhood clients will be flocking to is.They will have identified this in advance and booked themselves several properties.

Get out

Under this second step Nick Vertucci urges the agent to endeavor and work on the property they should ensure that its actual value is brought out by doing the necessary renovations, interior redesign or any other works it requires.The work is put in before the agent puts it on the market this is done with a precise future market value in mind having considered all the prevailing factors while ensuring that their profit markup is realistic.

Get Paid

This is the final step, and it involves cashing in.Once the client is convinced to acquire the property that best meets their needs the money is paid for any agent this usually the best part when their hard work is rewarded.

Charlamagne Tha God Releases New Book


Hip-hop talking head Charlamagne Tha God has released a new book detailing his life. The title of the book, “Shook One”, as he explains narrates he underwent like fights, attacks and racism which Charlamagne realized was because he was sacred and not fearless. His new book describes his struggles with anxiety, and he reveals how he rose to his current position in hip-hop. The talk show host has created a persona loved by radio show audiences through his talent for witty banter. His success story had challenging moments, but he managed to find a way through tough times. Many icons in the hip-hop industry fail to achieve the longevity Charlamagne Tha God has obtained. He’s been an inspiring voice for years, and he has no plans to stop speaking now.


Charlamagne Tha God picked the right time to write his book. Most radio hosts don’t have careers that last for years. Often, radio hosts find obtaining a long-term career challenging. The secret to Charlamagne’s success is his creativity and hard work. He’s constantly adapting to the industry as it changes, and he makes sure he has a new project in the works at all times. That work ethic separates him from less successful figures in hip-hop. Talk show hosts don’t make music, but they manage to thrive regardless. Hip-hop needs people who can fill that role, and he does this just fine. See This Page for additional information.


Most people wait until their careers are over to write an autobiography. Charlamagne Tha God didn’t need to wait too long. He already has a story to tell the world, and that story has plenty of details to describe. He became successful in spite of the setbacks he faced, but he tries to avoid looking back at the past. Charlamagne wants to look forward to his next project. While hip-hop styles are going to change, some things will remain the same. Charlamagne Tha God is using this book as a checkpoint. He has plenty to celebrate and much to do.



Paul Mampilly: Modern Pill will Save Lives

Paul Mampilly name is highly respected in the international community because of his expertise in the activities concerning hedge fund management and financial matters. His resume shows that the finance guru started his successful career way back in the year 1991 when he was working in Wall Street. His first position was at a company called Bankers Trust. His passion and dedication helped him to grow in the finance department, and this is why he landed prestigious positions in large companies in the market. One of the companies where he left a great impact is Deutsche Bank.

At the moment, Paul Mampilly is working in a company called Banyan Hill Publication. The businessman has become a strong pillar in the lives of so many investors living in many parts of the world. The finance guru has been helping people in the world to establish profitable ventures. The market has become so complicated in the recent years, and many people do not have the chance to enjoy the profits they have been yearning for. There are individuals who have sunk into depression just because they cannot be able to get profits. The investments they started ended up in losses, something they had not planned for. Paul Mampilly has brought a change in the market.

Paul Mampilly recently encouraged the stakeholders in the medical department to look for ways of introducing a modern pill that will enable its patients to understand whether they are taking the right medication or not. The expert says that there are patients who have already started to enjoy the benefits of the modern pill. According to Paul Mampilly, individuals who have access to the modern pill know how their treatment is progressing and when there is a need to change the medication. The businessman has been on this platform for a long time, and he is aware that the investments taking place in the world of medicine can prove to be very profitable and lifesaving. The finance expert has had to deal with several illnesses in the past due to the changes in the weather, and he is sure that he will benefit from the medical advancements.

Light From Darkness: The Victoria Doramus Story

Victoria Doramus had it all at one point in her life. She had managed to achieve much success in many fields, i.e. experienced market analyst, assistant media planner, and creative consultant; just to name a few. Victoria Doramus worked for such companies as Mindshare, Stila Cosmetics, Trendera, and Creative Arts Agency. She was also the personal assistant to film director and producer, Peter Borg; performing such duties as running personal errands, managing his New Your City residence, and household organization.

Writing was always important to Victoria Doramus. She did freelance work as well as ghostwriting for the Huffington Post and other publications. Victoria Doramus worked as a writer and research assistant on several books including “Decades: A Century of Fashion.”

Unfortunately, Victoria Doramus’ lucrative career was brought to a halt by her drug addiction. This crippling disease got the best of her even after being in two different rehab facilities. But the third rehab facility which consisted of a 12-step program proved to be the turning point in Victoria Doramus’ life. She began the slow but steady climb back up.

After getting victory over her addition, Victoria Doramus began helping others who faced the same problems she had. She supported the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which educates young people about addition; as well as the Women’s Prison Association an organization that works with incarcerated women in New York City. She also became involved with a global organization called Room to Read. This organization which was founded in 2000 works to give and education to underprivileged children around the world.

In addition to her rewarding work with the above-mentioned organizations, Victoria Doramus also spends time working with Best Friends Animal Society. This organization works hard to put an end to euthanizing dogs and cats in shelters.

Victoria Doramus found strength through humility and courage through self-examination and determination. The new person she has become is helping others face and overcome their addictions and other problems they may have. May Victoria Doramus’ light forever be a beacon for others who are in darkness.

Marc Beer Releases A Statement About His Latest Company Holding A Very Successful Series B Round

Marc Beer is an American entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical sector. His latest venture is Renovia Inc., a Boston, Massachusetts-based firm he co-founded with some business partners. His company recently completed its Series B round of funding in which it raised $32 million. He also brought in $10 million in loans during the same timeframe.

His company is dedicated to finding solutions for pelvic floor disorders. These types of disorders happen in women and it involves situations in which the bladder, bowel, and uterus “dropped” down on the vagina. This leads to issues such as pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, and lack of bowel control. Up to 250 million women worldwide have one of these disorders. Marc Beer’s first treatment for these disorders is Leva which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in April 2018.

There were three main investment firms who participated in the Series B round. It was led by two of these firms which were Ascension Ventures, based out of Missouri, and Perceptive Advisors headquartered in New York City. The other major investor was Longwood Fund which was one of Renovia’s first investors. Marc Beer said that his company will use the money they raised to create the next generation of Leva. They will also start testing and developing four other devices to help women with pelvic floor disorders.

When the Series B round successfully ended Marc Beer put out a statement as the chief executive officer of Renovia. He said that he was gratified to have the support of top healthcare investors who believe in his company’s vision. He said that his company’s proprietary sensor technology and other innovations such as their digital health platform will help women obtain valuable information about their disorder and what new treatment options are available to them. He looked forward to his company making information about pelvic floor disorders more widely known and helping to reduce long-term health care costs by offering medical devices that women can use to avoid expensive surgeries and other healthcare.

Marc Beer has been in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 30 years. He is a graduate of Miami University, earning his bachelor of science degree in 1987. He started out his professional career at Abbot where he was their sales training and development director. He became a top executive in 1994 when he joined Biostar, Inc. as a vice president and entered the C Level ranks in 2000 when he became the chief executive officer of ViaCell. Learn more:

Infinity Group Australia Reduce Your Debt With The Help of Financial Experts

Infinity Group Australia is amongst the most popular wealth and money management firms in Australia that was started by Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm. Infinity Group Australia is amongst the most reputed firms in the country and has helped many individuals and families to plan their finances strategically. Without proper financial planning, it is difficult to live life without worries as the financial markets are unpredictable and volatile. If you haven’t made appropriate investments that would safeguard your future, you will find it challenging to meet even living expenses. Infinity Group Australia would help you with all the aspects of financial planning, starting with helping you restructure your finance to reduce your debt.


If you are looking for assistance with retirement planning, the financial and investment experts at Infinity Group Australia will ensure that you can reach your goals without any worries. Infinity Group Australia was founded with the aim to help everyday people in Australia get better deals from the financial organizations. Many people who take credit products from banks and commercial organizations often land a deal that is not suitable for them. It is primarily caused due to lack of awareness among the people. Infinity Group Australia wants to help one Australian at a time to help them live life without any financial worries.


Being able to live life without any financial worries is what everyone expects and dreams of, and it can be achieved with the help of an experienced financial expert. At Infinity Group Australia, the financial experts are friendly, and they help the clients get the maximum returns from their investments. Also, the debt reduction experts at Infinity Group work with the clients as well as the financial organizations to restructure the debt and the payment terms to help the clients pay off their mortgage faster. Getting better debt repayment terms can help the people to manage their finance with ease and without additional stress. The amount of money saved through the restructuring of debt can help you with retirement planning. If you have any financial goals that you want to achieve, the experts at Infinity Group Australia will work with you to develop a strategy that would keep you on track with your investments. Infinity Group Australia continues to work with people to help them get rid of their debt and provide them with the financial cushion that would support them in the future. Learn more :