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PUBG and Epic Games Prepare for Litigation

Everyone knew it was going to happen: PUBG has sued Epic Games. When Epic Games announced that Fortnite was going f2p and adding a battle royal mode, PUBG threatened them with litigation. Now, these threats have became a reality as PUBG officially files the lawsuit.


PUBG has put themselves in a very interesting situation with the lawsuit. PUBG and Epic Games aren’t merely two game studios. PUBG leases the Unreal Software, which is developed by Epic Games, in order to run its game. PUBG takes offence that Epic Games would create a battle royal game mode when a game of that type already exists and is running on Epic Games’ software. The last time a company that was licensed to use the Unreal Engine sued Epic Games, that studio, which had been in operation since 1992, went out of business.


PUBG, is both the name of the game and the name of the developers. They are headquartered out of South Korea and are a subsidiary of Bluehole. According to one source, the lawsuit was filed way back in January.


PUBG’s decision to sue Epic Games comes just before Epic begins a partnership with Neowiz Games to bring Fortnite to the Korean market. The details of the lawsuit are simple: they are seeking to have a court decide if Fortnite is a direct copy of PUBG or not. The lawsuit was filed at the Seoul Central District Court.


What is Battle Royal?


Battle Royal is a popular game mode that has taking the gaming community by storm. Players are parachuted onto a battleground where they will fight until only one player remains. In PUBG, players must scavenge the game map for weapons in order to arm themselves for battle; In Fortnite, the same concept of finding weapons exists, but it also has a Minecraft like building factor.

Ryan Seacrest Shares Some Of The Lessons He Has Learned Along The Way

Ryan Seacrest is a famously busy celebrity. Each day he starts out filming an episode of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” along with his co-host Kelly Ripa. He then goes to another studio in the building so that he can do his daily radio show, “On Air with Ryan”. He also slots in time to produce shows such as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. He has a line of men’s clothing called Ryan Seacrest Distinction, available only at Macy’s. He also has a skincare line he created called “Polish”. He also spends time working on and promoting his nonprofit, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which works with pediatric hospitals. He has also returned to hosting “American Idol”.

Up until recently Ryan Seacrest lived and worked in Los Angeles. Agreeing to host “Live with Kelly and Ryan” meant that he had to move across the country, a change he is still getting used to. He says he has to check the daily weather forecasts, unlike in Southern California, which took some adjustments for him. He says he also decided to hire a personal trainer as well as do boxing and riding bikes. He can now be found sometimes riding around Central Park on his bike.

As he has gotten older and more experienced Ryan Seacrest says that he has learned a few different ways of doing things. He has learned to put off phone call interviews to later in the day, for instance, rather than agreeing to do them at any time. He has also learned that not every question needs an immediate answer. He can now queue questions up and get to them when he can, a habit that didn’t come naturally to him.

Another habit host Ryan Seacrest has taken to is putting his smartphone down. He says that he used to look at it far too often and now he goes so far as to lock it up in a safe when he is away on a trip. He says that he discovered he could do perfectly fine not being in constant contact and the world kept right on revolving when he wasn’t actively engaged with it.

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Upwork Highly Effective Platform for Freelancers

For people who are looking to build a career as a freelancer, there needs to be a certain discipline that you need to follow. Life as a freelancer might seem easy from the outside, but it can be challenging. The competition is high, and it is the world of survival of the fittest. If you are not the best at your game, then you would have to struggle hard to make your ends meet.

The one common thing amongst most of the freelancers is that they follow a to-do list on a daily basis. It helps them to stay up to date with their schedule and ensure that they can complete their tasks on time, every time. In the world of high competition, the freelancers have to make sure that they can keep their clients happy and satisfied. Any delay with work or compromise in quality would give the clients the reason to hire another freelancer, which is a commonplace thing in the world of freelancing. It is this flexibility that the clients and the businesses love about hiring freelancers.

Upwork is the first platform on the internet today with over 12 million freelancers and 5 million clients. Upwork helps the freelancers to find the work in their skill sets, and there are tons of projects being posted every day that makes it easier to keep getting work constantly. If you want to be a successful freelancer, you need to make sure that you can discipline your work routine. The best way to be able to do that is to have a to-do list.

To more effective at work, make a habit of constructing your to-do list a night before. It would help you save time the next day, and most importantly, make sure that you write the works at hand in one place. Use the latest and advanced to-do list applications that can be installed in your mobile phone as well as PC. It would help you stay updated with the work at hand and help you complete tasks within deadlines. Make sure that you attribute time to each of the projects and assign priorities as well. Upwork is a competitive platform, and it is essential that you are good at what you do to sustain the heavy competition.

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‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’ is confirmed by Ubisoft, with details to come at E3

The next installment in the popular Assassin’s Creed lineup of games will be Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The new title was officially confirmed by Ubisoft, although details won’t be more readily available for about a week or so. However, a teaser that Ubisoft released to the masses gives an idea of where the game will take place.

According to IGN’s report, Ubisoft released a quick teaser video on their Twitter page which reveals the game’s location will be ancient Greece. The video is only five seconds long and reveals one warrior kicking another off a rocky cliff with a city in the background. The teaser trailer ends with “See you at E3” on the screen, letting fans know to expect more details then.

The new Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will be the first title released for the series since 2017 when they brought out Assassin’s Creed Origins. The series has been going strong since 2007 when the original was released. It’s since spawned nine other major titles for the franchise as well as comic books and a 2016 movie starring Michael Fassbender.

The teaser trailer for the new game arrives not long after there was a leak about the new Assassin’s Creed title and information suggesting it would take place in Greece. That leak, according to TechRadar’s report, was of a keyring for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and showed an ancient Greek soldier’s helmet. Apparently, this latest entry into the series will bring new features along with it such as dialogue options and the ability to choose either a male or female hero to guide through the adventures.

Beyond those minor details, not much else is known about the gameplay or story. There is speculation that this new game is part of a trilogy as players have already been to ancient Egypt and Rome in other games. For now, fans will have to keep speculating until June 12th when the annual E3 event hits California. Ubisoft will probably have a lengthier presentation of the game in store for everyone to really wrap their heads around.

Francisco Domenech – Building Bridges In Business

As former Director of the Office of Legislative Services of the Puerto Rican Legislative Assembly, Francisco Domenech has seen his fair share of bureaucratic battles. He was responsible for managing 130 team members, expanded the services of the Legislative Library to be more inclusive of people with disabilities, and participated in over 800 pieces of legislation. His dedication and service led him to his appointment as Puerto Rico’s Senate President’s Chief Legal Counsel where he worked tirelessly to fight for the Senate’s rights. Needless to say, Domenech was a natural choice to serve as government affairs firm Politank’s managing partner where he is working to develop strategies to best represent private interests above political ones.

Domenech is a twice graduate of the University of Puerto Rico – Rió Piedras Campus where he earned his B.A. in Political Science, and his Juras Doctor. While at University, he served as Academic Senator for the Rió Piedras Campus, and President of the Student Body Counsel. During the 2016 Domenech served as Campaign Manager for Hon. Jennifer Gonzalez’ victorious bid to be Puerto Rico’s first female, and youngest Resident Commissioner. He also served on Hillary Clinton’s National Finance Committee where he assisted in organizing Mrs. Clinton’s campaign trip to Puerto Rico. Domenech also holds the distinction of being the awardee with the most votes in San Juan’s Class of 2016’s “40 Under 40” event, an annual selection of Puerto Rico’s top entrepreneurs.

Both individually, as well as with Politank, Francisco Domenech has championed various causes. Notable are The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, The Clinton Foundation, Museo de Arte de Ponce, the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. Mr. Domenech is currently admitted into practice before the courts of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the U.S. District Court of Puerto Rico, the Federal Circuit and the District of Columbia Circuit, the U.S. Court of International Trade and the U.S Supreme Court. Please visit Politank’s website to connect with Francisco, or to learn more about his firm’s services.

Detroit: Become Human has Finally Released

Detroit: Become Human is quite possibly the most popular game in recent months. It is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and it is the 10th PS4 exclusive to hit number 1 in the last twelve months.

The game was developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was only released a couple days ago, on May 25th, but it has already became the talk of the gaming community. The game has been praised for its ultra-realistic graphics and its excellent story telling. The game has been in development since at least 2012.

The game is about an android who has become deviant. He is taken down by the police with a trail of bullets and dumped off at a landfill full of broken androids. The android then proceeds to fix himself and leave. Eventually, the android, with the help from his fellow machines, finds his way to a safe haven for androids called Jericho. The rest of the game, without going into too much detail and providing spoilers, consists of the androids at Jericho struggling with a society that doesn’t accept them, even facing attack from government law enforcement agencies.

The game has been long awaited by fans. It was first announced in 2015 at a Sony press conference at Paris Games Week. It also appeared at E3 in 2016 and 2017, furthering raising the anticipation of fans. When anticipation of a game is so high, often it is a huge disappointment. Detroit: Become Human does not disappoint. The game received a 8 out of 10 on IGN, a 7 out of 10 on IGN, and an 8.5 out of 10 from EGM.

Talos Energy Merges With Stone Energy

Talos Energy, an independent oil, and gas company headquartered in Houston concentrate on offshore production and exploration. It emphasizes exploitation, research, and asset optimization and it is skilled in asset acquisition in and around the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf coast. The company’s experience is in geophysical, geological and operating aspects and its corporate strategy is acquiring, exploring and exploiting the basin using their reprocessing methods and seismic database. Talos Energy aims to maintain control of all operational areas hoping to safeguard the environment, increase hydrocarbon recovery and enhance performance.

The company recently went public after merging with Stone Energy, a deal costing almost $2 billion. Instead of filing for an initial public offering (IPO), Talos opted to join with Stone Energy Company which was already publicly traded, by acquiring controlling interest of 63% while Stone remained with 37%. With the closing of the deal, a more massive offshore energy player was created to focus on the Mexican and United States sides of the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy has already begun trading on NYE under “TALO” sticker. Tim Duncan, Talos’ Chief Executive Officer described the move as a transformational combination. He added that Talos can now capitalize on its high-quality asset portfolio due to its strategic positioning, which also enables it to take advantage of potential opportunities to further develop its business.

Talos Energy was established six years ago by Timothy Duncan, with the $600 million financial support of top private equity firms Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management, it was able to focus its operations on the Gulf. The firm had planned to go public through an IPO in either 2014 or 205, but following the oil burst, they postponed the plan. Talos was successful last summer when it won some of the offshore bids with other partners of the energy reform process in Mexico, which opened up offshore blocks to foreign investors. The Zama-1 filed discovery is the first major one in Mexico’s deregulation process, and the exploratory drilling uncovered 1.4 billion to 2 billion barrel of crude oil, which could yield around 425 million barrels.

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Rockstar bringing ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ & two other classics to Xbox One

The XBOX One’s backward compatibility feature will allow for several older Rockstar video games to be playable on the new console next week. That will include one of the popular Grand Theft Auto titles that were only available for the Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles, until now.

Rockstar Games dropped the news of the three popular titles that are coming to Xbox One. Leading off their announcement was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The Xbox and Xbox 360 versions will be backward compatible with Xbox One as of June 7th.

It’s mentioned that the saved games from the Xbox version won’t be able to transfer over to the newer console. However, the gamers using that original version will get the upgraded Xbox 360 version of the game on Xbox One. It has better overall gameplay and a higher resolution, plus special Achievements included.

The two other titles joining San Andreas will be Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis. That gives gamers access to three different genres of games all on the new console if they want a “blast from the past” or two, or three. All three games were generally well received and are considered classics from the past five years.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles received an 81 score via the Metacritic review site. Table Tennis received a “Metascore” of 81 on the Metacritic review site, with a 7.8 out of 10 from users. The 2014 Grand Theft Auto game didn’t receive a Metascore, but the game achieved a 78 out of 100 in a review from IGN website.

All three games become backward compatible on Thursday (June 7). Gamers who have physical copies of the original titles can put them into the Xbox One to download the game onto the newer console. Those who have digital versions will be able to access their games on Xbox One and simply download from the “Ready to Install” area on the console.

Atari VCS pre-order promotion: Over 5,000 systems sold in first six hours

A pre-order promotion to help generate more excitement for the Atari VCS console has seemed to show there is some anticipation for the retro gaming system. After just six hours of the promotion, over 5,000 of the new systems were sold. That may be a good sign for Atari as they prepare for the eventual release of the item once dubbed the “Atari Box.”

As Forbes reported, Atari put out a notice to boast of the success of their early pre-order promotion. In the notice, they told prospective customers to hurry up and order as they had “Over 5000 Backers in Just 6 Hours.” Forbes said that as of their report, the number had increased to over 7,200 backers and climbing, but that parts of that number may only be in reference to ordering the controllers.

The pre-order promotion that went into effect on Wednesday (May 30) was exclusive to Indiegogo and reportedly the base systems with a controller were going for $279 to $299. The Atari VCS effectively eclipsed their goal of $100,000 raised, by taking in over $2 million in pre-orders.

The expectation is that the Atari VCS will officially be released in June 2019. The platform will basically be able to perform emulation for Atari 2600 games, but it’s also been said other games may be introduced via a Linux operating system on the console.

With all that said, there’s still over a year until the early backers will receive any of the perks they pre-ordered at this time. The Atari VCS won’t be making a serious challenge to the top platforms like Sony PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One, but it shows there are plenty of gamers out there interested in those “blast from the past” games of yesteryear.

The 2018 Video Games Released By The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco

The horrible news we read from the Internet may be too much, so what you need are light news, probably from topics like video game. One of the most recent video game articles you can read from Buzzfeed News is the one from 24 May 2018 where Buzzfeed’s GoodGame went to the Game Developers Conference in San Franciso and tested some wonderful series of games. Let’s try to recap all the highlights of the event and some of the games that would be exciting to many gamers today.

Downward Spiral: Horus Station is one of the newest games that would change the expectations of PC and Steam gamers. Planned to be released in spring of 2018, this game is seen to be the next big step to virtual reality gaming. There’s still a lot of development and tweaks needed for virtual reality to catch up with the demands of its users, and this new VR entertainment is the answer to that. Two players can enjoy this game, and it’s actually best played in pairs for more collaborative effort.

The testers from Buzzfeed encountered a lot of glitches while playing the game. There were rogue androids that just pop out of nowhere, but they had to admit it was such a fun experience shooting at the robots using a heavy-duty industrial nail gun.

Smoke and Sacrifice is the second new selection this 2018 that would push the boundaries of gaming today. This game is compared with Nintendo’s 2018 juggernaut creation, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is a reference point that should be exciting news for all enthusiasts. The longer the testers played with the game, the more likely they agreed that the comparison is not off-the-mark.

What makes the game extra exciting, too, is that it’s able to balance a colorful, bright, animated art style in its interface with a narrative that can get any gamer committed to finishing it. It starts with a character named Sachi, who ambles through a bucolic village that’s painted all over with a watercolor palette. It’s also noteworthy to say here that the game’s story is intuitive but still providing enough level of challenging excitement. Its perfect balance should excite all types of gamers.