Whitney Wolfe Gets Recognized for Dating App by Way of Recent Wedding

Whitney Wolfe is doing what she has to do when it comes to expanding her company. People that have heard her in interviews are witnessing an entrepreneur that focused on expanding. There is no doubt about her desire to turn Bumble into a powerful company that touches on every aspect of social media. This is what Whitney Wolfe has in mind, but she also has a desire to fulfill her own dreams and her personal life. Whitney has definitely taken a lot of time to expand Bumble and get people excited about this company. She has a strong marketing campaign and there’s even merchandise for people to buy if they want to patronize the Bumble brand. Whitney Wolfe has done all of this before she turned 30, and someone that has worked so hard deserves to have a little fun sometimes.

Whitney Wolfe decided to have a little fun in a very big way. She took the time to go and get married to fiancee Michael Herd on the Amalfi Coast. Whitney Wolfe is taking the World by storm, and her whirlwind marriage was something to see. This destination wedding gathered Whitney Wolfe with some of her closest friends and family as she’s recited vows to the love of her life.

Whitney certainly has made a great impression on the dating app industry, and it was only right for the CEO of a dating app company to set the stage for everyone else. Her wedding represents so much more than another union of a couple. For someone that has a dating app the wedding has become a symbol of love for Whitney Wolfe to share with all of the Lonely singles that are utilizing her app to find a mate.

When it comes to marketing Bumble one cannot get any better publicity than this. People that have never even heard of the app are now getting a taste of what Whitney wolf brings to the table because they are admiring her wedding. Whitney Wolfe is recognizable to millions of people, but there are still some people that never would have known who she was. The fact that pictures from her wedding are plastered over various websites gives people some knowledge of the young entrepreneur behind Bumble.

She is not a celebrity, but her wedding and her lifestyle looks like that of a celebrity. This invokes a level of Interest.

Respecting Whitney Wolfe: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitney_Wolfe

Igor Cornelsen Investment and Banking Expert Talks About the Investments In Brazil

Brazil’s economy has been a point of interest for investors from across the globe. It is because the country’s economy has been growing fast giving exemplary returns to the investors. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: http://igorcornelsenbr.snappages.com/

The existing government in Brazil has been doing a terrific job in revamping the economic structure of the country, and it has been working wonders on getting it out of the stagnancy that it reached during the previous government.

Igor Cornelsen, one of the most respect investment specialist and banker, who has worked with some of the top banks in the country for many years, says that Brazil has become the investment destination for many of the big investors from across the world, and rightly so.

However, Igor suggests that before the investors put their money in the country, it is imperative that they understand the ground reality and the basics of the country are banking system. He believes that it can make or break their financial and investment goals.

PR Newswire believes that Igor Cornelson says that there are top ten banks that the investments should take note of and the financial moves they make, and the policies they follow should be of great interest to the investors.

It would help them time their investment accordingly, and it would also assist in maximizing their returns from the investments made. Cornelsen says that the investors should also keep a close watch on the government and the economic policies they frame.

He believes that the existing government and the finance minister, Joaquim Levy, has the potential to stabilize the country’s economy and put it back on the growth track.

Igor mentions that the investors should also keep a close watch on what some of the biggest trading partners of Brazil are doing. He believes that it would help in predicting the financial future of the country as well as the Brazilian financial market.

It is because a good economic situation of the trading partner indicates a healthy financial state of affair in-house as well.

Igor Cornelsen is currently living in South Carolina and is heading a stock market consultancy firm by the name of Bainbridge Inc, which helps the investors profit systematically from the equity market.

OneLogin Partners with Envoy to Better the Use of Data at Work

OneLogin is a cloud-based platform that sells identity and access management (IAM) to organizations. The primary goal of OneLogin is to ensure that devices can be accessed securely. The platform was formed in 2009 by two brothers, Thomas and Christian Pedersen. This idea of establishing OneLogin platform came about after Thomas and Christian realized that security with regards to access to data on devices is a problem that organizations face worldwide.

Organizations have now found a better way to host their guests, and this is through the use of an iPad. This basically means that the old way of signing in visitors through manual logs will soon be history. Envoy, which is an organization based in San Francisco, has made it possible for visits to now be fully automated, making it hard for any insecurities to occur.

This innovation now makes it easier for clients using Envoy to host guests without having to worry about the small details such as having them manually sign in or tampering of the security detail. The System for Cross-domain Identity Management protocol is an innovation that was invented by Envoy and OneLogin which eases the exchange of user identity information. The feature can now be found on Envoy premium as well as customers using enterprise.

The main aim of the SCIM is to simplify the use and management of different identities. The system automatically categorizes customers details and updates their information which is then synchronized with OneLogin.

OneLogin explained that their partnership with Envoy came about when they realized that they shared the same idea of creating a comfortable working environment. They were also encouraged by the number of clients who were visiting their site to use the SCIM.

SCIM also gives the visitors an easier task of perusing through profiles. For the hosts, they are in a position to create invites for their guests and get notifications when their guests arrive at the organization.

The Head of Product at Envoy, Mr. Wells Riley, says that this system has significantly bettered the issue of security in organizations and made it a great experience for guests when they visit their hosts. This step by OneLogin is a clear indication that the company purposes to enhance its services.

Learn more about OneLogin:


Beneful Offers a Wholesome Alternative in Dog Food Products

If you haven’t heard of Beneful brand dog food and dog treats then you and your pet companion are missing out on one of the leaders in optimal canine nutrition on the market today. Beneful beneficial, a sub-brand under the world-renowned Purina pet food umbrella, has taken over the game in healthy and wholesome dry and wet dog food formulas, as well as healthy dog food treats.

The days are long when it was acceptable to feed your canine buddy sub-par junk filled dog food products that are loaded to the brim with all sorts of scary and unhealthy ingredients. With Beneful dog food products you don’t have to worry about damaging your dog’s health with grains and gluten, steroids, antibiotics, flavor additives, and other ingredients that are scientifically proven to cause a wide assortment of health ailments in canines. Beneful’s products are made with real wholesome foods such as blueberries, spinach, chicken, tomatoes, wild rice, brown rice, carrots, wild salmon, free-range chicken, farm-raised beef, wild turkey, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples, and many other premium ingredients and more


Digital Match-making Pioneer and Innovator Gets Married

Whitney Wolfe, the CEO and founder of Bumble, recently got married to Michael Herd, an oil heir from Texas, at the Villa Tre Ville in Positano in Italy.

Wolfe founded Bumble, a dating app that only allows women to begin conversations with men they are interested in to protect them from harassment online, and it was only fitting for the 28-year-old who has helped so many people find their life partners to have a romantic wedding of her own.

The philosophy of having only women approach the other person in a conversation was fantastic idea that got viral really fast. Being one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the dating applications business, Whitney Wolfe is regarded as the founder of one of the most popular dating apps ever created.

Because it is the girl who contacts the guy and not the contrary, Bumble is famous for not having the same problems with the other dating apps: Harassment. If you get a match with someone you liked, for example, the conversation must come from the lady.

Being the personality behind such a glamorous app, it was only fair that the wedding ceremony of Whitney Wolfe would be so memorable.

Wolfe and Herd tied the knot in a candle-lit villa on the idyllic Amalfi coast of Italy. Wolfe looked resplendent in the Oscar de la Renta gown she wore for the momentous occasion and later changed into a cream-colored slip dress for an evening reception at a venue surrounded by lemon trees. The couple selected a colossal wedding cake that comprised just a single tier and was decorated with fresh fruits on top to round off the celebrations.

Whitney Wolfe, an alumna of the Southern Methodist University, launched Bumble in 2014 with the aim of helping women take greater control of their dating lives. Bumble later expanded its services to include the ability not just to fix dates, but to find friends as well, by introducing its BFF feature. When selected, the user’s profile is no longer displayed on the dating side of the app so that she can focus on finding friends in new cities she plans to visit, for example.

In 2016, Bumble launched Bumble BIZZ, a career networking app to rival established giants such as LinkedIn. This helps women find jobs and projects as well, which completes Bumble’s vision of a futuristic platform that encourages positive connections in love, friendship, and business. The Austin-based company has helped revolutionize meaningful match-making by focusing on a “ladies first” approach.

For details: www.ft.com/content/58c69c92-08b6-11e7-97d1-5e720a26771b

The Upcoming of Drew Madden

Who is Drew Madden

Drew Madden is a professional Healthcare IT entrepreneur who is very animated about creating higher teams of excellence and quality. He wants a company culture that is unique and trusted by other customers partnerships.


Drew Madden decided to join Nordic Consulting Partners in the year of 2010. After serving his time there for a year, he became the president of the company from 2011 to 2016. What is Nordic you ask? Nordic is the globes largest consulting company. They have received numerous awards for consulting excellence and implementing services in 2012 and 2014. During his time with Nordic, he was able to expand the company from 10 employees to 725. Not only was he able to raise the employee rates, but he raised the amount of client partners, and the amount in annual revenue all within a few years!


Drew Madden received his B.S,S, in Industrial Engineering with his full divided attention on Medical Systems. He earned his degree from the University of Iowa College Of Engineering. This was only the beginning for Mr. Madden.


While Drew Madden had much success working with Nordic, he found better opportunities. He launched an Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Evergreen is a healthcare company that foucses on implementation and consultative services for many organizations and partners.

Where is He Now?

After all of Drew Maddens’ success in the past, there was no way he was slowing down. He created a new consulting firm in town for health care providers. Madden’s new company is serious competition for his old company Nordic. In order for his new company to achieve an high success rate, Drew Madden will have to get more employees and build it’s way up like Nordic did.

Closing Remarks

Drew Madden has had quite the career. Earning his degree, getting a job and then becoming the president of the company a year later, and building his own companies from scratch. He has surpassed all expectations and has given partners and platforms something to talk about. This is a fine example that anything is possible with patience and dedication.

Doe Deere: A True Role Model

When it comes to women role models, you cant help but notice Doe Deere and what a great inspiration she is to young women and entrepreneurs everywhere. Doe Deere is the creator and CEO of an internationally known cosmetics company called Lime Crime. In a recent interview, she discusses her road to fame and success and how Lime Crime came to be. The road to success was inspired by her true passion: make-up. She shows the world that using your passion and skills can really give you your dream career.

Doe Deere, a Russian born native, came to the United States around seventeen. Always a creative soul, she started out down the musician career path. When she needed extra money, she designed and made her own temporary tattoos and sold them in the streets of Bew York. Doe is always representing her own work, so she would wear them and insist that they were perfectly acceptable and cool to sport. When’s he found success in that, /$3 took her creativity to the next level and decided to make her own cosmetics.

Doe Deere met her husband and business partner when she was in a band back in her teenage years. She came to find that they make a great team. She claims she followed her heart when it came to the business and advises those with similar entrepreneurial dreams to do the same. “Go where you love,” she insists. This means go to that place in your mind that you love- use your skills and creativity and come up with something wonderful like she did. Being in touch with your ideals and beliefs will really help you on your way when starting up a company. Doe is always true to her business and personal ideals and that is why she is so looked up to. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/doe-deere#/entity

Doe’s incredible cosmetics line is different from the rest. It features bright and bold colors you’ve likely never seen before. The company started up back in 2098 when the look was an au natural one. Doe never expected people to love her colors as much as they did and she’s found great success ever since. You can follow Doe on Instagram where she has hundreds of thousands of followers, fans, or what she describes as.her “unicorns.” People really relate to her business adventure and her great sense of style. You can tell she is such a class act and a true role model in the entrepreneurial world.

Reasons Why Most Stay-at-Home Moms Have Become Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides

Family is very important in life but sadly the conventional 9-5 jobs take away a lot of valuable time for a mother to enjoy with her loved ones. This is one reason why most moms are quitting their conventional jobs to start their own businesses from home. There are so many opportunities out there for stay-at-home mothers to exploit. A good number of them have turned to Traveling Vineyard as it offers them with the solution they need and have been yearning for.

Getting the Right Opportunity

A simple search online for ways to make money from home will return a huge array of opportunities for stay-at-home moms. For an opportunity to be viable, you must gauge it to see whether it offers a chance for growth. The best opportunities to pick are those that offer forward momentum to ensure that your pay does not stagnate at one place. You can opt for an online business like a blog and watch as your ad revenue shoots up with the growth of your audience. If all this seems difficult, you can jump into opportunities offered by companies such as Traveling Vineyard, which offers resources and tools to build up a business with zero expertise and experience needed. A huge number of wine guides working for the company have positive testimonials all over social media accounts due to the huge opportunity growth potential they have enjoyed.

How is it Different?

If you love hosting parties and appreciate fine wine, you should consider becoming a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide. It is a great opportunity for stay-at-home mothers looking for work opportunities as they have full control over their schedule and chances of mingling with other wine connoisseurs and moms. No prior experience or knowledge of wine is necessary as the company provides Sommology Kits, which explain everything the wine guides need to know.

Training Vineyard’s Business Model

Traveling Vineyard operates via a unique business model that aims at balancing high quality wine with affordability. It also makes it possible for anyone to join the team with a minimal investment of $189 for setting up and starting to host events. There are no hidden charges and this amount caters for a full Success Kit. The kit comprises of two tasting sets made up of five wine bottles each. This is enough wine to host two events. The kit also contains tasting glasses, wine carrier as well as training materials and order forms. Members gain access to an online training center provided by the company with tutorials and articles that cover all wine terminologies and marketing tips. Members also get their own websites to use in marketing their wine and getting online orders. The website is free for the first three months and later on a maintenance fee is charged. Wine guides earn a commission of 15-35% depending on their sales volume.

Traveling Vineyard info: www.directsalesaid.com/companies/traveling-vineyard

Tony Petrello, the man behind the Nabor Industries wheel

Nabors Industries is one company that has done so well in the drilling business. In the United States, Nabors Industries leads in the provision of offshore drilling material. It also offers supervision drilling services, innovative technologies and performance tools. The company that owns the largest drilling fleet in the world operates both in and out of the United States. Nabors partakes in contract drilling in over twenty countries around the world. With around 500 rigs and a highly skilled workforce, the company maintains operational excellence in the field, thereby, continuously building the firm’s name. Nabors Industries enjoys continuous demand through all seasons in the oil-field business, thus, establishing numerous profits. Its performance in the international market is so great that it acts as a role model to other companies in the drilling business.

Tony Petrello, the president, chairman, and CEO of Nabors Industries is a reputable man with great achievements. He holds a Harvard Law School J.D. degree and both an M.S and B.S. degree in mathematics. In 2013, Tony, as he’s known in the company, was with no doubt the most highly paid CEO. Tony came from the Baker and McKenzie firm that specializes in law to join Nabors Industries in 1991. While in the corporate tax business, he worked as a managing partner in the New York office. In Nabor, he joined the board of directors and assisted the company on different fronts. Due to his contributions, he moved up the leadder to replace the then CEO, Eugene Isenberg, in 2011. Tony has worked very hard to land where he is today.

Moving to his family life, you get to see the extraordinary characteristic in him. Tony Petrello and wife, Cynthia were blessed with a girl by the name Carena. Carena has been suffering from cerebral palsy since birth and was unable to eat solid food till the age of seven. The condition which makes it difficult for Carena to walk and talk like other kids her age was as a result of lack of adequate oxygen and blood flow to the brain during her infancy. Tony views that if enough research is done, people like Carena can get the help they need to lead a normal life. For this reason, he focuses on funding such projects that aim at helping the less fortunate. Tony continues to write his success story every day.


Legendary Norman Lear Hosts a Mind-blowing Weekly Podcast

Norman Lear, a legendary producer, director, and creator of top sitcoms in the United States such as Good Times, The Jeffersons and All in the Family is the latest addition to the PodcastOne fraternity. The 94-year-old World War 2 veteran will be hosting a weekly show that first debuted on May 1. In the new program dubbed as ‘All Of The Above with Norman Lear,’ he addresses a broad range of issues ranging from music, sports, current events, politics, and comedy.


Furthermore, in every weekly show, Mr. Lear will be hosting a celebrity on his show, and so far he has been joined by stars such as America Ferrera, Julia Louis –Dreyfus, and Amy Poehler. The show can be accessed by fans every Monday on PodcastOne.com, iTunes, and the PodcastOne app.


During a brief press briefing, Norman Lear expressed that he had been waiting to launch a new podcast after half of his life. Moreover, he urged his listeners to view him as one of his peers regardless of his age and to subscribe to the new podcast. Besides Mr. Lear’s career in broadcasting, he is also a founder of a liberal advocacy group known as People for the American Way.


Norman Pattiz, who is the initiator and chairman at PodcastOne elucidated that he was happy to have Norman Lear join the PodcastOne family and that airing his podcast on the platform a big success.


About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a prominent broadcasting entrepreneur behind the success of Westwood one and PodcastOne radio networks. Under his excellent leadership, Westwood One evolved into the biggest radio and source for news, entertainment, sports and talk show. Learn more: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=313830&privcapId=308417164


Mr. Pattiz created and launched Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 in Los Angeles. The broadcasting company focused on producing and financing multi-platform and quality programming. Furthermore, it hosted top radio celebrities like Bill O’Reilly, Ron Paul, Laura Ingraham and Dr. Drew Pinsky. In 2013, Mr. Pattiz founded another revolutionary communication network PodcastOne, and the company has since risen to be a top player in the broadcast industry working with renowned personalities like Adam Carolla, Dennis Miller, Kathie Lee Gifford, Jillian Michaels and NPR New York among several many others.


Norman Pattiz has had a successful career as a broadcaster, and in 2000 and 2002 he was elected by President Bill Clinton to be among the Broadcasting Board of Governors of USA. Furthermore, he was inaugurated into the National Radio Hall of Fame and was awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award by Library of American Broadcasting. Learn more: http://normanpattiz.com/author/npattiz/