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‘Dark Souls’ Gets Nintendo Switch Port, Showcases Improved Engine.

Nintendo stunned the world with the Switch as it rapidly became their best selling console in the prolonged history of the legendary gaming company. One of the major reasons that the Switch found such success was that Nintendo opened up their doors to have more third-party access from other developers in the industry. Now, the Switch is racking up amazing title additions to their library and one of the most surprising additions is that of ‘Dark Souls’.

‘Dark Souls’ is an absolute classic in the world of hardcore gamers. The legendary fantasy series is known for its visceral gameplay and unforgiving difficulty. ‘Dark Souls’ has been a mainstay on consoles and the series is continuing to grow, now Nintendo is getting their first chance to bring it into their catalog. Nintendo will be porting the original ‘Dark Souls’ which premiered on the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Gamers were right to be skeptical as to the quality of the port to the Nintendo console/handheld but so far the early reviews have been nothing but positive.

The team at Digital Foundry put together a string of gameplay footage from the PS3, Xbox 360 and the upcoming Nintendo Switch version which was teased via the Nintendo Direct. Using their analysis tools, Digital Foundry was capable of deducing that the Switch port of the game will sit at 1080p when docked and 720p when the Switch is taken mobile. This is in line with what Nintendo has been targeting in terms of their ported upgrade quality. Digital Foundry also went on to deduce that the Nintendo Switch footage did not feature new textures or extra remodeling efforts, though at this point in time we don’t know if Nintendo has any plans to actually address new models or textures.

One of the most exciting aspects of the ‘Dark Souls’ port is that it shows Nintendo is serious about catering to older gamers. The title is slated to release on May 25th but more news will drop in the meantime.

Neurocore: Offering Personalized Treatments For Mental Health Conditions

Research shows that more than 20% of the current population in America is suffering from some form of mental health disorder. While this number is rising at an alarming rate, the need to offer a good course of treatment to patients is becoming more prevalent than ever before. Most of the people who seek professional help for the treatment of their disorders are prescribed a course of pills which don’t always work as intended. Thes pills often don’t work since they aren’t individually tailored to the person, and sometimes end up being something that harms the body more than it benefits it. Most importantly, these treatments aren’t a cure, but rather just a suppressant, as a way to control the symptoms that one is experiencing. Read more about Neurocore at


Neurocore is one organization that is changing the way people are treated for their mental health disorders and conditions. Using state of the art techniques that are different from the regular medications that people are prescribed, the organization has been able to bring an alternative course of treatment to the people looking to control their symptoms.

Neurocore operates through their network of centers that are located throughout the country. More and more people are opting for this over traditional treatments because of one key principle that the organization works on, which is delivering personalized treatment. Neurocare knows that not all patients coming to them are the same. Even two people who have been diagnosed with the same disorder may exhibit different symptoms and react differently to different treatments. Because of this, Neurocare takes a great amount of care to ensure that their patients receive the treatment that is specialized to their needs to give them the most efficient course of treatment. Visit to know more about Neurocore.


When a patient visits one of the Neurocore centers for the very first time, they are asked to undergo a brain mapping test that helps the doctors at Neurocore understand the finer aspects of the work that they are doing, and also what course of treatment needs to be given. After that, the doctors at Neurocore analyze everything that they have uncovered in the test and present a course of treatment to the patient. The treatments that are offered here are not like the traditional ones and take a unique approach to helping patients deal with their symptoms in a better and more efficient manner.


The professionals working at Neurocore are also one of the bigger reasons why the organization has grown so extensively during the past few years. Neurocore has a large pool of doctors, medical practitioners and researchers who work in collaboration with one another. The combination of these professionals helps the patient receive the best service, and helps them receive the treatment that will work best for them.


Fortnite Earns $1.5M on iOS

“Fortnite Battle Royale” has quickly become the most popular video game in the world after launching in September 2017. The game was already being enjoyed by millions of video game fans on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, but it just launched on the iOS smartphone operating system a few days ago. Putting a survival shooter that requires a lot of skill to succeed on a mobile phone seemed like a bad idea, but “Fortnite Battle Royale” has already earned over $1.5 million dollars during its first four days on mobile devices.

“Fortnite Battle Royale” was able to quickly amass the big earning by becoming the top download in a total of 47 countries on its first day of availability. Unlike other popular mobile and console video games, “Fortnite Battle Royale” is completely free to download and play. Most of the earnings have come through the purchase of the $10 Battle Pass subscription that rewards players with special cosmetic items for their character in the game.

The massive earnings for “Fortnite” on iOS are impressive when you consider that the game is not available to everyone at the moment. Only people that have received a special invitation can download the game on their iPhone. These invitation are being limited to ensure that game runs smoothly. The game’s earnings are only going to skyrocket when everyone with a iOS or Android smartphone can get their hands on the game.

The earnings are even more impressive due to the fact that millions of people are already enjoying the game on their game console or personal computer. “Pokemon GO” had the same instant success, but that was only playable on a mobile device. Since the mobile download is just an extension of the original game, console gamers have no incentive to purchase anything through the app. All of their progress and items are instantly available once they download the mobile version. Most video game experts think the “Fortnite” phenomenon is going to die soon, but that does not look likely.

Amazon Launching New GameOn Service

While video games have become extremely popular in recent decades, there is another popular form of gaming. Known as e-sports, this has become a gaming industry that continues to grow in terms of popularity. E-sports are played in which teams or team members battle against other highly-skilled players in order to determine who is better at a certain video game. There have been numerous websites that feature these tournaments in addition to certain television networks featuring e-sports content. It now appears that Amazon will be entering into the world of e-sports through offering a new service to game developers.

This service will be known as Amazon GameOn, a set of coding tools that allows developers to have their games feature tournaments and either in-game or real-life prizes. The Amazon GameOn service looks to be enticing for game companies looking to offer tournaments and rewards to their customer base. Fortune reports that is currently free for all game developers until May 1st. After this period has passed, developers will be charged one-third of a cent for each person playing a tournament.

To summarize, Amazon recently announced that it will launch a new service known as Amazon GameOn. This service allows game developers to create multiplayer tournaments within their respective created games. In addition, players can compete for and win either physical or in-game prizes. Amazon GameOn is currently free to all developers. That being said, this free period will end on May 1st. After that, developers will pay one-third of a cent for every user engaging in a multiplayer tournament. Many within in the gaming industry feel that this could have huge potential implications on how gaming companies are able to offer tournament-style gameplay to consumers.

‘Sea of Thieves’ Now Available on Xbox One and Windows

The highly anticipated pirate-themed video game “Sea of Thieves” was released on March 20, 2018. Available on Microsoft Windows and the Xbox One, with cross-platform play, it features an open-world in which dozens of players can engage ship battles, fight sea monsters and scavenge for loot.

“Sea of Thieves” was first announced in 2015 at Microsoft’s annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Developed by Rare, Microsoft unveiled the game’s Unreal Engine 4, which offered realistic physics paired with smooth, fluid gameplay. Rare and Microsoft had originally planned to launch “Sea of Thieves” in 2017. Like many games, however, the launch date was pushed back.

Something that makes “Sea of Thieves” stand out from other games is its unique open-world, pirate-themed gameplay. It features a shared world in which multiple groups of players will frequently encounter each other. “Sea of Thieves” also features multiple environments, including oceans, underwater caves, land and towns. Furthermore, it includes some comical gameplay elements like the ability to shoot someone out of a cannon.

Because of its focused on a multiplayer style of gameplay, there’s been some concern over griefing in “Sea of Thieves.” While players can perform solo missions, this doesn’t offer the same experience as having ship battles between two or more groups. Unfortunately, some players join games with the purpose of ruining their teammates’ game. Known as griefers, they’re a common problem among many team-oriented multiplayer games, and “Sea of Thieves” is no exception.

In an interview with BBC, developers explained how they they are trying to stop griefing. For instance, players can’t attack other players in their crew. They can swing their sword or use other weapons pointed towards their crew, but this doesn’t cause damage. A player’s attack will only cause damage to non-player characters (NPCs) and players who aren’t a part of their crew.

Rare developers also designed a shared reward system in which all players of a crew are equally rewarded when one player completes a mission. This means a single player can’t steal his or her crew’s reward.

Finally, developers have implemented a feature that allows players to place abusive players in jail. Once jailed, the player is unable to interfere with other players’ gameplay, thus encouraging a healthy environment in which players work together to achieve a common goal.

Revolutionizing Canvassing With NGP VAN’s Distributed Canvassing Tool

One of the most challenging tasks during the campaign times is being a campaign field organizer in charge of cutting turf. Cutting turf involves preparing walk lists and maps for campaign staff and volunteers. It takes a lot of time, but with NPG VAN’s organizing tool called Distributed Canvassing, the trends and efficiency will change for the better. The tool is meant to revolutionize workflow when launching canvasses.

A volunteer in a campaign contacts a field organizer who schedules office time and spends some time cutting and printing turf. Then the volunteer checks the list of voters before canvassing and reaching the voters. The volunteer will then review the list back in the office for the organizer to enter the data into the systems.

However, with Distributed Canvassing, most of these procedures are cut down especially turf cutting and distribution. All the organizer has to do is set up a universe, specify the script, and state how many doors for each volunteer. The system creates a list number, and the only work the organizer does is distributing the list numbers. Distributed Canvassing tool then cuts the turfs depending on the volunteer’s present location.

Distributed Canvassing is based on Knock 10 app that is in its beta stage. Different people have used it in various programs such as statewide universes, traditional canvassing, and ballot chase. It was highly successful in a statewide universe in Virginia where the entire universe was almost checked out and canvassed in one weekend. It provided an easy way for organizers to reach out and proved suitable for sending people out in actual canvassing using traditional canvassing.


NGP VAN is a software firm based in Washington, D.C., specializing in developing fundraising and organization tools for progressive campaigns. They were instrumental in the 2008 and 2012 Barrack Obama campaigns as well as for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaigns in 2016. They have worked closely with Democratic Party campaigns. NGP VAN provides technology for nonprofits networking platforms, local governments, and other companies. Their tools help create date to help political fronts understand their voters better. They have developed a MiniVAN smartphone app that can be used by volunteers in data entry when canvassing door-to-door.

Read consumer reviews here:

Sean Penn’s, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Circulates the Literary World

Depending on what critic you listen to Sean Penn’s new book is either really good, sensational, original, or confusing, twisted, and downright bad writing. The famous actor, and two time Academy Award winner, has written a lot in his professional tenure. This, however, is his first novel. The book is called, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. It tells the tale of septic tank salesman Bob Honey who is also a contract killer for the U.S. government. A satirical novel containing commentary, Penn has stated that is should not be viewed as an opinion piece. In the book he comments on current events, social tropes, politics, movements, and life in general.


So far numerous critics have panned the novel. Some refer to as garbage, others remark that it is a mixed bag, but the general consensus view is that Penn’s success as an actor will not transcend to his writing. Still others call the book brave, comment that it is original, and believe that Penn is destined for a good career. The actor himself does not care. In recent interviews he proclaimed a lack of passion for the film industry, remarking that he is basically retired. As a writer he could not be happier. According to him he is having much more fun. Currently he is on tour with the book. Some of his comments within Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, most famously the poem that ridicules the #MeToo movement, have brought him under fire. Penn has remained unapologetic citing that every reader will walk away with something different. Numerous celebrities like Sarah Silverman have advocated for the book, and still others have persisted that it just is not good.

Find his full interview on comedy central:—following-his-muse-with–bob-honey-who-just-do-stuff—-extended-interview

For now the mixed bag of reviews leaves readers to fend for themselves, but Penn has no intention of stopping. He will continue writing and has other books in development. So far the book is doing well, but only time will tell if the first foray by the actor-turned-author will bring him the same success as the camera.


The Many Endeavors of Dr. Mark Mckenna

Medical aesthetics has been growing at an alarming rate as of late. This exclusive sector of the medical industry is changing lives for the better. Looking and feeling good is more than just being physically fit, it’s a state-of-mind. Dr. Mark McKenna is a standout when it comes to medical aesthetics because he has brought many interesting aspects to the game. one of his best creations is known as OVME, and it is helping to revolutionize the industry in more ways than one. OVME provides the ultimate medical aesthetics experience. Located in the Buckhead community of Atlanta, this facility takes minimal-invasive procedures to a whole new level and here is why.

Dr. Mark McKenna has the experience, the expertise and the passion to turn this business into a success. On the other hand, he has well-over 10 years of experience. The New Orleans-native is actually a medical doctor. He’s not your average everyday surgeon because of his numerous side-projects. Uptown, Title Inc., Universal Mortgage Lending and McKenna Venture Investments are just a few of his successful businesses. When it comes to maximizing health and wellness, OVME sits at the pinnacle of the industry. This facility is state-of-the-art from the inside-out. It hosts luxury- treatment rooms as well as private-consulting rooms. Body sculpting, Botox treatments, Juvederm treatments, hormonal therapy, PRP, Restylane treatments, PRP Facial, chemical peels and many more services are being provided on a daily basis. To make things even better, OVME will bring the services straight to your door. Yes, this is correct and no other similar organization is doing what OVME is doing.

Dr. Mark McKenna has found a new way to conduct business at a more efficient rate. He has conquered both the medical world as well as the business world. All in all, Dr. Mark McKenna has laid the blueprint to success in elective healthcare.

‘State of Decay 2’ to Launch March 22

The sequel to the 2013 zombie-based survival game “State of Decay” is expected to launch on March 22, 2018. Developed by Undead Labs and purchased by Microsoft as an exclusive title for Windows and Xbox One, “State of Decay 2” improves on many of the elements that made the original game such a hit.

“State of Decay 2” focuses on survival and player development. It begins like its successor, with the player stranded alone in a hostile environment that’s overrun by zombies. You must then scavenge for weapons, food and equipment while also searching for other survivors. As you connect with other survivors, you can establish a base in the zombie-filled landscape, which you can upgrade for perks.

There are a few major changes to “State of Decay 2,” one of which is deeper customization. Survivors can have random attributes, for instance, that affect their statistics or skills. If a survivor has asthma, he or she will have reduced stamina, thus preventing them from sprinting long distances. A survivor with a a high pain threshold, on the other hand, benefits from increased attack power as well as higher XP from completed missions and killed zombies.

Perhaps the greatest feature of “State of Decay 2” is multiplayer. While the original “State of Decay” was well received by critics, it was strictly single player. “State of Decay 2” takes a different approach by supporting four-player co-op.

While there’s no word yet on when or even if “State of Decay 2” will be released, Undead Labs has hinted about possible spinoff games. According to The Verge, Microsoft’s Shannon Loftis said seed intellectual property (IP) could encourage developers to create new games. Being that “State of Decay” has become such a popular title for the Xbox One, we’ll probably see follow-up titles released in the future. Whether they are direct sequels or spinoffs based on IP, however, remains to be seen.

New Deal by Talk Fusion, the Video Email Feature

Talk Fusion is a growing company providing video communication services to both individuals and businesses. Bob Reina, who is the current CEO, founded the company in the year 2007. Talk Fusion uses a relationship-marketing model to thrive in the business and provide income opportunities to the clients. Instead of having companies paying commissions on weekly or monthly terms, the company, Talk Fusion, offers a new model referred to as instant pay compensation plan. The priority of the company is to offer the services in video solutions. The company has a great passion and enthusiasm to bring dreams into reality. The company is also committed to bringing memorable and engaging efforts for a good marketing plan. To this date, Talk Fusion is available in various countries, more than 140 and expanding into video chat app. It has incredible features and functions that are enabling the business to operate with increased convenience. The business world is competitive but with this feature, it helps the business to cut across the stiff competition. The app is readily available on various platforms like the iTunes and Google Play stores. Learn more:


One of the leading products of this app is the video email. It is convenient for connecting a business with its contacts. It allows the user to send video email texts to the clients from the Apple or the Android devices. With this feature, it is easy for a business to monitor the marketing campaigns from the business location. The best advantage out of the video email is that you can easily customize the email message depending on the type of recipient. It could be a team member, a customer, or a partnering business that you would want to draw their attention. It performs better than promotional emails and with time, the outcome is great. When it comes to usability, it one of the easiest to navigate and use. All you need is the app and from that point, you can be able to send videos either by having recorded them live or uploading them. It is possible for one to make changes to the display names and the features that enable the message to be relational to the recipient. Additionally, the video email feature allows one to send more personalized video messages to their friends and families in a more convenient way. One can effectively connect with them from where they are and from whichever device they choose as long as it remains compatible with Talk Fusion