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Stansberry Research: Capitalizing On Emotions and Market Volatility

Stansberry Research is an American publishing company that publishes a newsletter aimed at helping inform investors about potential investment opportunities. They have readers in over 100 countries and publish newsletters on both a monthly and bimonthly basis. The Corporation focuses on providing a diverse array of opinions by including analysis from many experienced sources. They focus on creating a long-term approach that will help to increase your overall net worth in a reliable and consistent manner.

Just recently Stansberry Research published an interview with an experienced investor on the topic of volatility and how you can use rapid changes in prices to create opportune investing times. For the last several years stock markets around the world have been increasing at a relatively consistent pace with very few downtimes. During the recent 2008 financial crisis, the volatility and stocks were near an all-time high with some stock values increasing by as much as 5% in a single day. This caused significant fear in most investors which further drove the fluctuations in price. Anytime that an asset declines in price investors become afraid of losing additional money. This also occurs when an asset increases in value as investors began to fear of missing out on an opportunity ( By taking advantage of put options and call options it is possible to use the emotions of investors to make profitable trades.

By purchasing put options and call options you are effectively purchasing a type of market insurance. By buying put options, you are able to protect yourself from a potential decline in the value of the stock stressed by Stansberry Research. If the value of a stock decreases in your holding several put options at the time, you can turn around and sell these and use a portion of the profits from these in order to purchase call options on the same stock. While it is possible to make money through simple, straightforward investments, it is possible to make even greater returns through the careful use of put and call options (Facebook). In this way, you were able to capitalize on the emotions of investors and generate significant profits as a result of the volatility experienced in the markets.

The Life and Legacy of Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll, a Portuguese neuroscientist, recently conducted a study on the human mind. This study, done in collaboration with fellow neuroscientist Jordan Grafman, concluded that the brain experiences good feelings from giving to people, and putting other people’s desires over their own.

This contradicts the belief that people are naturally selfish, and that one has to force themselves to be kind. This is simply not true. They found that the same primitive parts of the brain that are stimulated by things such as food or sex, are also stimulated by the act of giving.

Some people feel that it would diminish the effect of one’s free will and personality, if the morality of individuals is determined by simple brain chemistry. Some scientist, along with Jorge Moll, are wondering if morality is simply an evolutionary tool that is wired into the human mind in order to help one another survive.

The idea of altruism was first described as a ‘helper’s high’ to explain the physical sensation that people feel when helping others. Moll and Grafman found that morality has biological roots, as it functions mainly in the reward center of the brain, similar to a drug. Ergo, some may feel that it undermines the significance of personal responsibility.

Through all of the research that has been conducted, Moll still finds that the neurological functions that occur in relation to human altruism, still remain obscure ( Through various brain scans, he found that patients who were being tested on their altruism took longer to make costly decisions, than to make uncostly decisions.

With all of the research that has been done, Jorge Moll’s research has concluded that many proverbs, as well as the sayings of many theologians and philosophers, are somewhat rooted in scientific truth. It has also found that the ability to give to others is natural, and that it is also stimulating to the giver.

Firewatch Set to Get a Switch Release

Award winning and groundbreaking games are something everyone wants for their platforms. But some gaming platforms evoke a sense of concern there when they’re released. The more daring a console, the more concerns are often raised. That was certainly the case when the Switch was first announced. It’s a very different gaming system than most people expected from Nintendo. But there’s been a recent flux of games which are changing that perception. They’re often among the best that gaming developers have been able to put together over the past few years.

And it was recently announced that a particularly daring project called Firewatch is set for a Switch port. Firewatch itself is a noteworthy game in many respects.

One of the games most important points is the simple fact of how it plays. The game is often classed among a genre of walking simulators. The term is somewhat appropriate here. As the player takes on the role of a forester watching out for fires. But he’s also working on some general upkeep of his nature preserve. This means that he needs to walk out through a variety of beautiful landscapes. It gives people a sense of hiking. And a sense of really living the life of this interesting character they’re coming to know more about.

But the release of Firewatch isn’t just notable for the game itself. It’s also notable as assurance that Nintendo is keeping track of independent releases. One of the more notable aspects of the Vita was that it served as a means of playing independent games on the go.

But with the Vita on the way out, many people feared that the ability to play independent games on the go was gone as well. There was hope that the Switch might inherit that role. But Nintendo’s position on 2nd or 3rd party publishers has never been very certain. But this announcement adds more confidence to people’s decision to go with the Switch as a means to play independent games. And that Nintendo really is working to bring the best of the best to the system.

World of Warcraft’s Newest Expansion is on the Horizon

MMO Giant World of Warcraft has announced a release date for its newest expansion pack. The update is called Battle for Azeroth and it releases this August.

The original World of Warcraft MMO was released in 2004 by Blizzard. Previously, top down strategy games simply called Warcraft were the company’s expertise. Blizzard is also the developers behind popular game Overwatch as well as a series called Diablo.

With the release of the newest expansion, it will bring the total number of expansions up to seven. Since 2004, gamers have been able to log into World of Warcraft and always have something new to play, but for the first three years the game thrived in its original version. The first expansion came out in Juanuary of 2007, and it was called The Burning Crusade.

Players of World of Warcraft will be able to get their hands on the newest expansion, Battle for Axeroth on August 14th.

About Blizzard

Blizzard was founded in 1991 under the name Silicon & Synapse, changed its name to Chaos Studios and has been called Blizzard during the majority of the company’s popularity.

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, a top down strategy game, was the first title released by the company under the name of Blizzard. The original Warcraft spawned a couple of sequels even before the company made the leap into the MMO market. The game spawned two sequels, Warcraft II and Warcraft III.

Another one of Blizzard’s biggest properties is Diablo, which also has three titles in its series. The newest edition of the Diablo franchise launched on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 and has since been ported to the PS4 and Xbox One due to its popularity.

Spiro Reignited Trilogy coming to PS4 and Xbox One

PS4 and Xbox One gamers who don’t think there are enough old school games on the new platforms are about to be very happy. On Thursday morning it was announced that the Spiro Reignited Trilogy is officially coming to the consoles later this year. The announcement comes after rumors had been swirling for quite some time that remastered versions of the beloved game were on the way. The game is set to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series’ official beginning on the original PlayStation.

As the title of the remastered title likely tipped you off, it will have three titles in one. Spyro the Dragon, Spyro: Year of the Dragon and Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage will all be given some souped-up graphics and gameplay in order to look and feel better on the better consoles. The developers have said that they want to rez-up the graphics from the original games, but want to make sure that the art style that came in those original PlayStation titles stays true to what we’ve seen in previous versions.

Because the new trilogy wants to make sure to capture a new generation of gamers, but still have plenty to offer to those who played the originals, there are going to be a few new additions as well. It appears there will be some Orb Challenges, mini-games and what the developers have only teased as “more.”

There is also going to be some work done on remapping the controls, as those would cause a few problems with the new controllers and camera angles on the PS4 and Xbox One today. As for now, the two announced consoles are indeed the PS4 and Xbox One. There hasn’t been a mention of the game eventually coming to the Switch, but it seems like a perfect fit. Spyro Reignited Trilogy will arrive on September 21, 2018.

Maingear Offers The Next Generation In PC Gaming Systems

Sleek, beautiful, and flawlessly crafted are just a few words used to describe the new F131 gaming desktop by Maingear. This gaming desktop is slim and assembled by hand from start to finish by one of their master craftsmen using the highest quality material.

The new F131 is completely customizable down to the color of coolant the customer would like to have in their gaming desktop. The F131 is built with hardline crystal tubing that is shatterproof. The F131, also, has a hardline metal tubing used to help disperse heat. This nickel-plated tubing is both beautiful and functional.

The F131 includes the new APEX cooling system that was designed simultaneously with the F131 for a cohesive product. This system is designed with a dual pump cooling system that is pressure regulated by both a flow-rate sensor and temperature sensor. According to The Verge, the hardline tubing, APEX cooling system, fans, processor, and graphics card setup creates a quiet gaming system that does not get hot under strain.

The F131 has specs to meet the demands of most gamers. A system can have up to 18 cores and up to two graphics cards along dual channel DDR4 ram. Again, each system is handcrafted with custom coolant, supports overclocking, and an automotive paint finish. Maingear uses MARC II paint processes to give the gaming system a durable, high gloss finish. Customers can choose from a selection of designs or upload custom designs to create a true custom piece of art.

Maingear has developed a state-of-the-art PC gaming system. This system looks sleek and beautiful, and it can handle 4K and virtual reality gaming with ease. Maingear, also, offers lifetime service and support and never has bloatware. The F131 is built to withstand the future of technology.

Felipe Montoro Jens Investment Advisor

Many people in Brazil want to improve their financial position. With the strong economic growth in Brazil, people have more disposable income than ever before. For some people, this is the first time they have enough money to save or invest. Felipe Montoro Jens is a financial advisor who has a track record of success in the industry. Many people enjoy working with him to develop a plan for their future.

Felipe Montoro Jens worked hard to get where he is today. Not only does he genuinely care about clients, but he also wants to achieve high levels of success in his life. He is regularly reading books and articles about financial planning to learn new concepts. He is the type of person who will do whatever it takes to make his clients successful. Visit to learn more.

Economic Growth

When economic growth is high, wages increase and people have access to jobs. Several years ago, a significant recession hit Brazil. It was difficult for many people to survive economically during this time.

Felipe Montoro Jens was building a business during this recession. The bad economy made things much harder on him. He had to advertise his services to stay busy. He is now leading one of the largest financial planning firms in the country.

Helping Others

Felipe Montoro Jens is also an active contributor to his community. He firmly believes that successful business owners should do whatever it takes to achieve success. Operating a successful business is a proven way to make an impact on the community. Felipe Montoro Jens has helped thousands of people during his career.


Graham Edwards: His New Chairman Position and Transformative Decisions for Telereal

The world we live in today, while appearing to be progressive, is still fraught with so much political and social issues that if not addressed could escalate into something tragic and globally risky in a large-scale way. Many countries suffer so much poverty. There are banks today that pay nothing for the mistakes in their investments, and there are countries today that are populated with people that barely can make ends meet. To find solutions for such issues, Graham Edwards is responding by accepting the nomination to be the Chairman of a housing policy-making body.


The New Chairmanship

It is formally declared that the Center for Policy Studies is now launching its New Generation initiative, which is right now the platform needed to generate better solutions for the society. Graham Edwards, as the head of Telereal Trillium, has built the right network, social training and expertise to make sure that he can lead in the operations of being its Chairman of the Housing Committee and Research Fellow. It is in his duty to develop policies for home-building and housing of many people in Britain, and while he has all the help he needs, it is going to be a challenge to select the right and financially efficient strategies that will benefit the most number of people.


About Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards Telereal is the CEO of Telereal Trillium since 2001, a company based in London, UK. He’s also the CEO who was able to land an outstanding transaction that resulted to about 6,700 properties transferred to the assets of Telereal, totaling to about £2.4bn. He’s also the man responsible for many negotiations today that stamped Trillium into one of the biggest market leaders today with the largest revenues.

One transaction that stood out was the one in January 2009 where Graham led the acquisition of Trillium from another firm, Land Securities Group PLC. Without such acquisition, Trillium would not have been the top property outsourcing and investment firm that it is today. It may not be able to generate the kind of outstanding revenues that it enjoys right now, which reaches to about to 1 billion. Truly, it may be fair to say that Graham Edwards is one of the most important catalyst and economic generator in the UK property industry today.



Organo Gold Continues to Brew Up Quality in Large Amounts

Organo Gold is making some great strides when it comes to new products that are introduced to the market. The gourmet coffee that has been getting such great reviews has continued to reign as one of the more important products from the Organo Gold product line. This is not the only thing that this company has become known for though. It appears that the entrepreneural spirit of Bernardo Chua is taking on the world of detox support supplements, and that is what makes this one of the more exciting companies for people that work out regularly. Watch this video on Youtube.

The Hot Cocoa is a favorite with some people that have become introduced to what Organo Gold is providing. Others are big fans of the organic green tea and the Ganoderma lucidum ingredients. This tea is made from unfermented leaves, and that is part of the curious nature that lures customers.

Hot beverages are popular, and there are also Fenix Shakes that may people take notice of what is happening with the Organo Gold brand as well. People that want to check out the Fenix energy drinks will have access to chocolate and vanilla drink mixes. These packets are great because it helps with hydration. More people are trying to get to the gym, and they know that the best way to regain the energy they lose is through the Organo Gold drink mix. Visit to know more.

Bernardo Chua really wanted customers to have a lot of different options to embrace Organo Gold products, and that is why he did not stop with the beverages. He would also use social media to tell people about Organo Gold Smile toothpaste. He would use his social media platform to mention the G3 Beauty Soap as well. He would use this social platform to present himself to the world of consumers that may have never known Organo Gold for products like the coffee or the tea. This is the thing that Bernardo Chua has done is in order to build a diverse audience. He has proven that he has the ability to move beyond the beverage industry as this company expands.


OSI Group: Humble Beginnings to Sustainable Meat

Started in 1909 as a family meat marketplace in Illinois, by a German immigrant, the company would later become known widely as Otto & Sons before later being renamed OSI Group after further expansion. Known for their high quality of meat products, they grew into a meat supplier for many local businesses. In 1955, they were chosen by the then start-up McDonald’s to provide fresh meat for their burgers. From then, the two companies were forever entangled as they rose to success.

As the fast-food industry moved towards cryogenic food processing in the 1960s, OSI Group developed patty forming machines and nitrogen freezing tunnels to compete better and provide high-quality meat to a growing market. The opening of this facility in West Chicago led them to become one of four suppliers of McDonald’s, down from nearly 200 non-frozen local meat supplier required before the innovation of cryogenic food processing. By 1975 OSI Group’s Glenmark subsidy became McDonald’s exclusive supplier of fresh meat.

Built on a foundation of providing sustainable meat products to customers all around the world, OSI Group has revived several awards for their work. Of note, in 2016 they were awarded the Globe of Honour for their management of environmental risk. Earning a five-star-rating over a given period of audits by the British Safety Council. Added that they received this awards twice before in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

OSI Group in 2016, purchase Dutch-based Baho Foods to expand their reach in Europeans markets and to further advance their drive for high-quality and sustainable food products. Since their founding, they have grown into other categories of food as a result, such as bacon, hot dogs, pizza and dough products to name a few.

It goes without saying that the culture of setting high standards for their people, their day-to-day business, and their products has led them to become one of Americana’s top food companies. Sustainable isn’t something they take lightly, where many consider it as a means of branding or creating a buzz in the industry. It’s something they strive to live by every day, and with each purchase or expansion, their mission and values also expand and help to make the world better than how they found it.

In an age where food companies should be held to high standards as much as our pharmaceutical and tech companies, OSI Group has established themselves as a leader.