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Epic Games reveals ‘Fortnite’ release timeframe for Android

The popular co-op survival game “Fortnite” looks like it will be arriving for Android mobile in the near future. With the game already available for multiple platforms including the Apple’s iOS mobile version, it will be a welcome addition for non-iPhone gamers.


As Business Insider reported on Friday, “Fortnite” developer Epic Games hasn’t given a specific date but said they are “targeting this summer.” They also have yet to give any further details about which models of Android phones will be able to download and support the “Fortnite” game. The expectation is that it will feature similar “on-screen” controls to the iPhone/iOS version of the game.


The iOS version of “Fortnite” was deployed for iPhone back in April. The iPhone 6S, iPhone 6SE, and newer models all are able to support the game. That could indicate that Android phones from the past two years will support “Fortnite.” That might include the original Google Pixel phone or the Galaxy S7, according to Business Insider’s speculation.


The massively popular survival game was first released as an early access title for various platforms back in July of last year. That included Microsoft’s Xbox, Windows, macOS, and the Sony PlayStation 4. However, the game is a downloadable product rather than one that can be purchased online or at a real-world store, yet. It’s expected there may be release dates for the physical copies of the game this year as well.


There is also a standalone version of the game called “Fortnite: Battle Royale” involving up to a 100-person battle royal style battle where the last character alive wins. That particular game was said to be nearing 50 million players this past March, showing just how popular the “Fortnite” titles have been. Making sure the game is on Android will be another huge boom for Epic Games.

Clayton Hutson: Information on Upcoming Concert Event and Work Life Information

Clay Hutson had just made a decision to join the second stage of a world tour. The performers are husband and wife Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. This tour is called “Soul2Soul: The World Tour”. These two artists haven’t been on tour together since 1997. Due to the results of the first stage the tour will go longer. This included sold out concerts amounting to seventy. The first stage of the event was in 2017 and occurred from April to December. Now, Clayton Hutson is at the wheel of the exciting event series.


The second part of the event will begin in Richmond, Virginia. This will be on the date of Thursday, May 31st 2018. Caitlyn Smith will be performing for the opening act. Other acts associated in this performance are “Brothers Osborne, “NEEDTOBREATHE”, Margo Price, Midland, Seth Ennis, and Devin Dawson.


Clayton Hutson has been considered a well-respected figure. For longer than twenty years he has assisted musicians in starting up live concerts. He has also done really well the fields of tour production, stage management, and sound engineering in the area of concerts, Hutson has worked for acts like Kelly Clarkson, P!nk “Guns ‘n’ Roses”, and Kid Rock. Hutson enjoys being considered the guy who works the hardest in his environment. Also, he sees that artists have a true appreciation for the efforts that are putting into the concerts. This then would let the businesses reputation keep on increasing with every attempt of success.


Clay Hutson serves the position as manager of production and live sound engineer. He’s a tour producer too. His job is from Nashville, Tennessee. He’s someone who is determined and contains an enthusiasm for music and things that have relations to it. Hutson spent a lot of time in experience doing work for companies and getting experience from concerts. Those things convinced him to begin company of his own. However, the company at one point started having financial issues. After that occurred he decided to go his own way. That decision did well from him, he then ran his own business from that point till now. Something that Hutson has a great belief in is checking and then checking again the work being done by him completed by him and his crew. In doing this, it aids in making sure no issues will happen with a performer at an event. Learn more:

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ revealed to be multiplayer game with solo missions

The brand new “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” game was officially revealed on Thursday and brought with it the news that there won’t be any single player modes. Instead, the newest edition of the first-person shooter video game will be completely multiplayer and also include a competitive mode. Here are the latest details on what was announced with regards to the latest game in the line of Activision shooter titles.


To the dismay of many fans, there won’t be any real single player gameplay or a story tying things together like in past editions of the game. A report from Forbes confirmed that instead of having any single-player campaigns, the new “Call of Duty” game will have solo missions for multiplayer Specialists.


While there was a trailer released on the Call of Duty YouTube channel for the solo Specialist missions, it was more of a narrative teaser with a bit of video footage mixed in. Basically, there isn’t much information in the trailer with regards to what these particular missions might entail. There will probably be more information about them coming in the weeks and months ahead.


What the new game will feature is a competitive game mode called “Blackout” in which players are in a battle royale sort of competition. It will also include one of the biggest maps in the history of the game featuring iconic settings from previous installments of the game. The cooperative multiplayer mode will be called “Zombies.”


While there have been some pretty disgruntled fans sounding off on social media after the news of this title’s lack of a single player campaign, the new “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” game will probably still sell more than a few copies. It’s slated for release on October 12, 2018, for the Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Windows platform PCs.

The new Harry Potter Game Disappoints Fans Everywhere

Fans of Harry Potter have been waiting for a new video game for years. When Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery finally released, fans were instantly turned off by the game’s microtransactions. People are even claiming that these microtransactions are directly targeted at children.

The biggest gripe with the new Harry Potter game is its energy system, a system that mobile gamers are all too familiar with. An energy system is basically a timer that runs out as you play the game. It takes energy to complete tasks and progress in the game. Players can purchase more energy with cash, creating one of the harshest, most common pay-to-win systems in gaming today.

The Devil’s Snare, a plant that should be familiar to all Harry Potter fans, is a random event in the game. When a player is captured by the Devil’s Snare, even if they have full energy, they must either put the game down or be forced to shell out real world cash to be freed. This is an example of a money-hungry game that is abusing the curiosity of children.

Errors concerning canon are also prominent in the game, showing that the developers did little research during the creation of the game. One of the most obvious canonical errors is a particular broom that didn’t exist in the Harry Potter universe in 1984, the time in which the game takes place.

This game has left a sour taste in the mouths of Harry Potter fans everywhere. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery was anticipated as a great RPG for mobile devices, but upon release it has been bashed and criticized into notoriety.

With lootboxes and microtransactions coming under scrutiny from governments all over the world, it is interesting to see if government regulation will be sped up due to this world-renowned IP.

The FTC puts the Gaming Industry on Notice for “Do-Not-Remove” Stickers

The Federal Trade Commission sent out notices to six companies back in April. These notices called for “do not remove” sticker to be removed from gaming consoles and other electronics. These stickers usually void the warranty when removed, but the Federal Trade Commission has declared this illegal. Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Hyundai, HTC, and Asus are the companies who are being forced to remove their “do not remove” stickers.

The notices were issued on April 9th, and all companies have been given 30 days to change their warranty policy.

The Federal Trade Commission, with the issuing of these documents, believes that these companies are in violation of the 1975 Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. This act says that companies who charge more than five dollars for a product may not place restrictions self repair restrictions on machines that a warranty is offered for. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act only applies to consumer goods and is not a restriction upon any devices used for business purposes.

For years, game consoles from Sony and Microsoft have been telling consumers that they cannot work on their own consoles. In fear of the warranty being expelled consumers obeyed. Now, with the shipment of these notices, consumers are open to work on their own machines.

With the changes being forced upon the gaming and mobile phone industries, we may see class action lawsuits in the future. Any company that doesn’t comply to the notice is subject to fines, possibly for every device they sell past the cut-off date. Even though the notice has just went out, console manufacturers and cell phone creators have been in violation of this 1975 law since they began production. Everyone will have to wait and see what more comes from this FTC ruling.

Shervin Pishevar Believes Bitcoin Will Grow In Importance

The technology and investment specialist, Shervin Pishevar has been strangely silent in recent months for a man well-known for being forthcoming with his opinions. However, the early investor in Uber and former head of the Virgin Hyperloop One project returned to the Twittersphere with a vengeance when he embarked on a 21-hour outburst about a range of different economic and political subjects. Among the ground covered by Shervin Pishevar were his thoughts on the state of the U.S. economy, infrastructure projects, and the importance of cryptocurrency in the near future.


Cryptocurrency has been a subject close to the heart of Pishevar in recent times and his latest prediction showed his deep understanding of the history and future of the Bitcoin market. The current state of the Cryptocurrency markets is seen as an issue with a sudden crash already underway for Bitcoin; the crash will be followed by a market offering less volatility and a steady rise in value for the next 24 months.


The 50 Tweet marathon of messages included some scathing words for politicians in Washington D.C. by the member of the J. William Fullbright Foreign Scholarship Board who sees the failure to secure trade deals as a problem for the bonds market. During the barrage of Tweets, Pishevar predicted more than a 6,000-point drop in the U.S. markets would be followed by the Bond’s Market attempting to rebound quickly. A lack of new foreign trade deals as the U.S. ignores its traditional allies and trade partners would leave the Bond’s Market with few partners remaining to deal with.


Turning his attention to what Shervin Pishevar described as the crumbling infrastructure of the U.S., the friend and business partner of Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson singled out the two entrepreneurs for praise. However, the Tweets of Shervin Pishevar then stated those working on infrastructure projects who ridiculed the work done by SpaceX and Virgin Hyperloop One were short-sighted about the work being done by a small group of hard-working professionals.

Mysterious New Atari VCS Console Available for Pre-Order Soon

The brand new Atari VCS console is on the way and avid gamers can pre-purchase one soon, although details still remain scarce as to what all the new console will feature. The consoles won’t actually be in use for about a year and so far nobody seems to know which modern video games might end up being available for the new system.

What’s known so far is that Atari will launch an Indiegogo campaign at the end of the month and will give customers the ability to lock in a pre-order to get the console in the future. There will be a $199 price available for “early bird adopters,” with a $300 price tag for the later release. The early birds can secure their console for just $199 but will be waiting for a year to receive the system. There will be an Onyx black variant version released as well as a “Collector’s Edition” woodgrain model. The design of the new gaming system is similar to that of the classic Atari 2600.

This particular gaming system was previously dubbed as the “Ataribox” and thought to be a console capable of only playing older Atari classic games. However, it appears the Atari VCS will try to become a competitor to the latest modern gaming systems based on its previously-announced technical specifications. These specs seem in-line with other popular systems on the market in terms of what it can handle for graphics, storage, and connectivity. The new game console will also feature a Linux operating system, allowing for installation of additional apps by users. These might include apps for streaming content, music playback, and web browsers, similar to other gaming systems.

A Forbes report indicated that the new VCS is set to launch with “100 classic games.” There will also be new modern titles that the company will announce at a later date, leaving it a mystery as to exactly which titles might arrive for the new platform. The new Atari game console won’t ship for a year, giving plenty of time for the company to partner with popular game makers ahead of the official product release to consumers.

It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me!

Sea of Thieves is one of XBOX’s latest gaming hits. It offers a versatile open-world player experience. Explore the vast oceans with friends, or sail all by thy lonesome. Live the pirate life you’ve dreamed about since you were a kid. Spend the day solving riddles or fighting for gold on the open seas.

This wide virtual world offers adventure for any type of pirate. With XBOX Live Gold, you and your friends can play Sea of Thieves together. Set sail on the deep blue ocean and find another ship worthy of your plundering. Ships are loaded with cannons and weapons to make it interesting. Battle other pirate ships to gather as much booty as possible!

Swashbuckling pirates will enjoy the diverse and personal combat experience. Players can fight against other players as well as computer characters. The computer characters come in the form of a scary skeleton. They’re usually located on islands with the most treasure to hold, but they roam the rest of the map as well. Wild animals are also found on islands and can be used for supplies.

Sail on to uncharted waters with your mates. Dive into Davy Jones’ locker and find abandoned shipwrecks to explore. You never know, they may contain something your ship needs for repairs. Master the art of solving riddles to uncover where x marks the spot. There’s treasure waiting! If you aren’t the riddle type, then scope the seas for your next ship to conquer for treasure. However, be careful because some treasures contain terrible curses that can sink your beloved ship.

This game is a blast. It’s a great game to play co-op with friends, or just to entertain yourself for an evening. It’s only available on XBOX. Sea of Thieves is constantly receiving updates, so look for amazing improvements in the game’s future.

Players can choose to fight each other or to join one another’s ranks. It’s all about where the adventure takes you. This fantastical world of myths and monsters will deliver you to another time and place. Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has Cut the Costs in the Real-Cash Shop

Fans of Harry Potter received a new video game for their mobile devices, but they were less than satisfied when they realized it was completely pay-to-win.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery uses an energy system similar to city builder games. The game limits your activity based on the amount of energy you have. If you have no energy, you can’t advance. The only option you have is to put the game down for a few hours ot pay real cash to continue playing.

For example, in the Harry Potter books and movies, the Devil’s Snare is a plant that traps individuals in its vines, but will release a person when they relax. In the video game, it is impossible to escape from the Devil’s Snare unless you have full energy. The Devil’s Snare is a nightmare for gamers. When you are capture by this plant, your only option is to put the phone down and wait or shell out hard-earned cash in order to be released from its grasps.

Taking into consideration the popularity of Harry Potter and the controversy surrounding loot boxes and other microtransactions in some country, it will be interesting to see what comes of video game microtransactions if the new Harry Potter gains mass popularity.

The outrage against Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery was so bad that the developers of the games have cut the cost of the real-cash shop.

Not everyone is seeing these price cuts right away. Screenshots show that some people are seeing the lower rates, but others are still seeing the expensive, original prices.

If you would like to try the Harry Potter game for yourself, it is available now for Android and iOS devices.

ESO’s Summerset Isles Expansion Gets a Visual Preview

The Elders Scrolls franchise is one of the most successful game series in history. The game has had five main entries into its series: Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. The series has also created a few spinoffs like Redguard and Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls online was released to harsh criticism from long term fans of the series. Fans cited class restrictions and general MMO features as the down fall of Elder Scrolls Online. Zenimax, the developers of Elder Scrolls Online have fixed many of the complaints that fans had. They have removed class restrictions, enabling players to wander the entirety of Tamriel, regardless of race and class.

The Elder Scrolls Online is now one of the most accessible MMOs on the market today. Players who choose to explore the world of Elder Scrolls Online but don’t like the typical game play of most MMOs will be delighted to know that you will be able to play with all your friends, regardless of level, class, and race.

The Elder Scrolls Online’s newest expansion pack is ready to hit stores soon. Zenimax released a little bit more information regarding the storyline of the new expansion on May 3rd, 2018. The new storyline takes place on an island that does not exist on the plane of Tamriel. Instead, players will wander to the island of Artaeum, assisting the Psijic Order in combating a new Daedric threat.

With the new explorable area comes new skills, weapons, dungeons, and much more.

PC gamers will get to experience the new content ahead of console gamers. The release date for the game is May 21st on PC and June 5th for consoles. There are several options concerning different editions and pre-order bonuses. There is a Digital Collector’s Edition, Physical Collector’s Edition, and the standard edition. Mounts, exclusive outfits, exclusive pets, and new emotes are the incentives to pre-order.