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Far Cry 5: Ubisoft’s Crown Jewel in the Franchise

Since being released on March 27th, 2018, Far Cry 5 has already surpassed expectations from players, reviewers and activists alike. The Far Cry series has always been a first person survival shooter, set in a dystopian society, with the protagonist being the one to kickstart a revolution. Every Far Cry game usually takes place in exotic areas, such as Africa for Far Cry: Primal, and a make believe country in Asia called Kyrat for Far Cry 4. But Ubisoft has pointed its crosshairs at a dystopia in our own backyard: The United States.

Far Cry 5 drops you in Hope County, Montana, having you face off against an evil cult called Eden’s Gate, who controls the entire county with brutal authority. The main antagonist of the game, Joseph Hope, is a charismatic leader who is always used to getting what he wants, when he wants it. You are a sheriff deputy who was called to take care of the Eden’s Gate threat, not knowing they control a massive arsenal, and fanatic members willing to die for their cause.

Far Cry 5 has quickly become the best selling game in the franchise history, meaning the risk of setting it in America in such a tumultuous time in American history has paid off. According to this fan made infographic, people have gone crazy over Far Cry 5, and it shows how much of a labor of love this game has been. 90 fake brands were created for the game, and the cast consisted of 96 different voice actors.

In a time where triple A game companies have been criticized for selling the game, and then selling additional micro transactions inside of the game solely for more money in their pocket, without a meaningful experience, Ubisoft has gone against the grain.

2018 Gifts to our children; Adam Milstein

Information has always been an aspect that defines human beings. In the world today, there are various channels through which one can access information, for example, radio and television. However, a lot of young people are shifting to the internet as source information. Adam Milstein has taken it upon himself to avail information to the young generation.

He is a blogger and an author for the re-known Times of Israel. He writes articles covering a broad range of topics. Adam Milstein was born and raised in Israel. He graduated from Technion and served in the IDF before moving to the US where he earned an MBA and commenced his career in the Commercial real estate. Today, he is the managing partner of Hager Pacific. Recently his main focus has been philanthropy and writing.

He is using blogs to give people of Jewish faith a voice in the world. He feels it is important that they should learn to understand and embrace their cultural background. In the article “Pride and Courage: Gifts to Our Children in 2018,” Adam Milstein states that it is the responsibility of adult Jews to equip their children with gifts of pride, brotherhood, passion, innovation, and knowledge for them to thrive.

Apart from writing articles, he has established the Milstein Family Foundation that aims at conserving Jewish heritage, educating children and availing support to pro-Israel organizations. The foundation distributes books with Jewish related concepts to families.

Adam feels that the move will help shape the future for Jewish children all over the world. Besides, Adam Milstein involves himself in activities that help improve the well-being of the Jewish communities considering his success in real estate business. He helps in building schools, community center and other utilities that would make life easier for the community.He strongly believes that each effort he makes will help change lives of Jewish families.Altogether Adam Milstein’s main objective has always to put Israel on the map.

Far Cry 5 is a new Height for Ubisoft

Ubisoft has just announced that sells of Far Cry 5 during its first week in stores has doubled the sells of Far Cry 4 during the same period. Only The Division has had a more successful launch in company history. Far Cry 5 is also doing very well on social media. Players have streamed over 55,000 hours on Twitch.

Far Cry 5 is a unique entry in the franchise. Previously, the Far Cry games took the player on an adventure to a foreign, fictional country. Players were dropped into war-torn areas and expected to survive the harsh realities of combat. Far Cry 5 is based in Montana, United States. This not only marks a return to non-fictional locations but enters America for the first time ever.

Just like previous installments of the series, players are allowed to freely roam the entire map. Players are not restricted to a linear experience as is with most military games and first person shooters, instead Ubisoft places players in their own version of an open world experience. Along with Bethesda, Ubisoft is one of the leading developers of open world games.

About Ubisoft

Ubisoft has a wide range of video games under its brand. All of the games based off Tom Clancy novels are published by Ubisoft. The Assassin’s Creed series is one of Ubisoft’s longest running series. Even the Far Cry franchise is minuscule when compared to the catalog of Assassin’s Creed games.

Last Fall marked the release of the newest entrant into the Assassin’s Creed franchise. It was released to critical applause.

Ubisoft also produces games that are appropriate for children such as their popular series Rayman. Dozens of games in the Rayman series have been published, beginning in 1995.

Ubisoft Announces April’s Assassin’s Creed Update

Following up on Ubisoft’s promise of continuing development on Assassin’s Creed: Origins instead of releasing a new Assassin’s Creed game in 2018, Ubisoft has announced Origin’s newest additions for April.

PC players are privileged to have an all-new feature, one never before seen in any of the Assassin’s Creed games: an interactive animus control panel. Not much information has been released about what can be done with this new control panel, but it will be a feature in the Uplay overlay.

So far the details are as follows: 75 parameters can be changed, three presets will be available at launch, and player created presets can be shared. This isn’t much information to go on, but from what little Ubisoft explained, it is sure to be a unique experience. The trend to offer players the software to mod their own game is a strong one in the industry at the moment. Similar moves have been made by Bethesda with Fallout 4 and Skyrim’s Special Edition.

Ubisoft also announced that the Trials of the Gods will continue through April with 4 distinct challenges for each week of April.

About Ubisoft

Ubisoft is one of the leading developers of open world video games. One of their most beloved franchises, Far Cry, got a new addition to its line up just last week and it was released to praise from consumers and critics alike.

Over the long existence of Ubisoft, several standalone games and franchises have emerged from the developer. Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, and Far Cry are only a few of the world-renowned franchises created by Ubisoft.

The company has had some low points, like the release of Assassin’s Creed; Unity, which was riddled with game breaking bugs and graphical errors. Thanks to the recent success of Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Far Cry 5, the company is back on track.

Game Informer’s Hands on With Spider-Man

With the announcement of Spider-Man’s release date, September 7th, a ton of new footage and information is sure to be released in the coming weeks. Game Informer got a hands on look at the new game and has given their opinion on the game.

Employees of Game Informer were permitted by Insomniac Games to test out the very beginning of the game. During the quick preview, Game Informer was able to experience the combat system and even go free-roaming around New York City via web slinging.

Physics appear to be an important factor in the Spider-Man game. During a GIF originating from the game play footage acquired by Game Informer, Spider-Man can be seen leaping from a building to the ground below and using his web to swing through the air, moments before impact.

Insomniac Games, the developers of the new Spider-Man game, are famous for their Sony mascots. First came Spyro, then Ratchet and Clank, now Spider-Man. This doesn’t mark Spider-Man’s first time on a Sony console. At the time of the Tobey Mcguire Spider-Man films, Sony teamed up with the movie team for some promotional synergy. Incase you were ever wondering why older PS3 game covers had the Spider-Man font on its case, now you know.

This also marks the very first time Insomniac Games has worked with an IP as big as Spider-Man. All of their previous contributions towards the video game community have involved one-hundred percent original characters and stories.

Coming off the release of their smash hit Ratchet & Clank, which marked the revival of the franchise, Insomniac Games are sure to move units and sell consoles when Spider-Man hits store in September of 2007.

Far Cry 5 is Fastest Selling Games in Series History

Gamers all over the world have been exploring a fictional version on Montana for the past week. Although the original launch announcement of the game was teased and criticized by gamers, they have now changed their tone. Prior to release, players were making fun of the game for its unrealistic population. Animals attack while you are busy with human enemies, your animal followers always see something to run after, and the enemy population in-game is greater than the real-life population of the entire State of Montana. Now, after they got their hands on it, there is nothing but praise for the game.

Far Cry 5 isn’t being praised by a just a niche audience. Far Cry 5 is the fastest selling edition in franchise history. Millions of gamers are playing Far Cry 5 from all over the world right now, exploring Montana, collecting bear skins, and killing cult members.

Not only is Far Cry 5 the fastest selling game in franchise history, it is Ubisoft’s second most successful release of all time, only behind Tom Clancy’s Division. Far Cry 5 has even outsold the popular Assassin’s Creed franchise, also a Ubisoft title.

Far Cry 5 is one of the largest franchises in company history, the 5 in its title is a misnomer. Actually, there are 11 games total that bear the Far Cry name. In addition to the main numbered series, Ubisoft has produced Far Cry Instincts, Instincts: Evolution, Instincts: Predator, Far Cry Vengeance, Far Cry: Blood Dragon, and Far Cry Primal.

Ubisoft, even without Far Cry 5, has had a very successful past few years. Rebounding from the horrendous release of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Ubisoft has earned the forgiveness of players with hit titles such as Watch Dogs 2, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Far Cry Primal, and now Far Cry 5.

Nick Vertucci and a Trusted Academy

Nick Vertucci is a person who has many things to do on a daily basis. He’s the person who launched the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy located in Santa Ana in California. He did so back in 2013. This academy has grown considerably since its establishment several years ago. It offers exhaustive educational programs that accommodate people who want to go after real estate investments of all kinds. Vertucci is the Chief Executive Officer of the academy. He’s been able to use his brain to do a lot for his life. He’s been able to depend on tenacity, too. He’s eager to assist people who want to get out of difficult circumstances. Nick Vertucci wasn’t ever someone who had plenty of money. That’s why he wants to show people the way out of significant debt. He wants to show them how they can attain considerable wealth. He wants them to have “tomorrows” that are much more promising as well. He believes that the majority of individuals out there possess the ambition to thrive. He believes, however, that they in many cases just don’t know how to proceed.

This individual has the assistance of a corporate team that never gives up for a minute. The members of his crew include controller Jeff Wilson, Vice President of Operations Jamie Tomlinson, Student Services Director Amberly Morgan and Logistics Manager Dana Monson. He collaborates with various student educators as well. Some of these educators are trainers Jun Zhou, Derek Hudson, Alek Gilmore, Hal Tanner, Joe Finnegan and Megan Shaw.

Nick Vertucci has put together a sophisticated system that can accommodate people who have major real estate investment objectives. His system can be good for individuals who are looking to flip all kinds of contracts. It can be good for those who are trying to wholesale them as well. It can even tend to people who are eager to find out about the renovation of properties. Property flipping is a big topic among students who study with Vertucci. He gives them many relevant and updated suggestions that involve asset defense, commercial investments and property purchases.

The Real Real Wants to Raise $100 Million for Business.

Luxury Consignment Company for re-sales known as The Real Real is now looking to come up with about $100 million before it considers paving room for others and listing on the industrious stock exchange market. The Real Real specializes in the resale of high-quality, fashionable designer clothing, jewelry, stylish watches that bears notable brand names like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Hermes among others.

Background Data

According to the chief executive officer of The Real Real Julie Wainwright who is currently trying to pitch investors on the same project, the company will probably raise the entire amount from the look of things. Initially, with the help of angel investors, The Real Real raised over $170 million during its launch seven years ago.

How to Succeed

From the look of the mechanism of operation, The Real Real is likely to land another marketing deal as it works under a prestigious consignment model that allows it to stash up to 70 percent commission. This entirely depends on the value of the said item. Even so, the company does not have to purchase stocks or unsold items that have been returned to the consumer.


Besides, the firm employs gemologists, horologists as well as luxury experts for them to ascertain the viability of the items stored. This is in light of maintaining the standards of quality assurance. When interviewed in 2016, Julie Wright categorically stated that the value of the employed gemologists is equivalent to the authenticity of the products sold. Although this is an expensive investment, the returns are worth it as the same amount made from the proceeds.

The overview

The Real Real started out as a boutique investment for women’s luxury fashion. Until now, the business has branched out to menswear, art, jewelry, home décor as well as watches among others. Coupled with a brick-and-mortar geographical location, the company has impressive potential and is on the right path to delivering outstanding results.

More on the Real Real

Also important to note is the fact that the company is a handful venture filled with backed-up online businesses that specialize in the fashion industry.

Fortnite Introduces Vending Machines around the Island

Fortnite has taken PS4 and PC gaming by storm. Fortnite is constantly one of the most streamed games on Twitch and has been growing in numbers since its launch. The game is all about being the last man standing. 100 players go to battle during each game of Fortnite, and they don’t stop until every player is eliminated but one. Players are dropped from a balloon onto an island that is littered with weapons, ammo, and building supplies. They then must then avoid a storm as its eye closes in on the island, all the while trying survive combat with other players. Eventually, 2 players will be left, fighting in an area no bigger than a house until only one remains.

Fortnite also offers a team mode where the last team standing is declared the winner. There is also a non-player vs player mode that you can enjoy if engaging in combat against real people is not something you are interested in.

The game is known for its frequent updates, and now its newest update is finally here. With update v3.4, players now have access to vending machines that spawn all around the island. The vending machine consumes materials such as wood, brick, and stone, and each vending machine contains three different guns that players can purchase. The guns are spawned randomly in each machine.

In addition to the new content, sniper rifle mode has been removed and replaced with high explosives. When you enter this game mode, the only weapons found on the island will be grenade launchers, rocket launchers and the Easter themed egg launcher.

In addition to the new game content, developers also announced that they are now able to roll out weekly updates without the need for a patch. This method of updating is meant to enable them to work harder and longer on existing bugs while still dishing out content on the regular.

PPP projects in Brazil

Brazil has been implementing many public private partnerships over recent years. Brazil, Latina America’s largest economy has been slowly recovering from a recession and has been leveraging public private partnership’s benefits as a solution to cut the deficit and help the economic situation. Brazil government in 2004 implemented the Federal Law 11,079 / 04, which details the rules and regulations regarding the implementation of public private partnerships. There are more public private partnerships in the country than it was ten years ago, but there is still the need for more of them. Learn more at for more info.

Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure specialist and Chief Executive Officer of Odebrecht Properties reports on many details regarding Brazil’s efforts in the successful implementation of public private partnerships in several states. Felipe Montoro Jens detailed efforts in Piaui, there is currently a public private partnership underway to improve internet connectivity, by installing 1,500 access points and fiber optic cables. Felipe Montoro Jens also details internet project will improve connection quality to the internet for 2.1 million residents. In the state of Maranhao, there is a public private partnership to building prisons that is scheduled for June 2019. In Pernambuco, the government is using public private partnerships to make improvements in the sanitation sector. COMPESA (Pernambucana Sanitation Company), and BNDE (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) has partnered up in an effort to gain momentum among investors to help fund more of public private partnerships in the sanitation sector.

Felipe Montoro Jens, also detailed the historic public private partnership in Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte. Belo Horizonte is implementing a public private partnership to replace all 182,000 public lights. According to Felipe Montoro Jens LED project is planned over a 20 year period. Belo Horzonte’s public private partnership to replace the luminary lights with LEDs is the largest in history. Visit: