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New Deal by Talk Fusion, the Video Email Feature

Talk Fusion is a growing company providing video communication services to both individuals and businesses. Bob Reina, who is the current CEO, founded the company in the year 2007. Talk Fusion uses a relationship-marketing model to thrive in the business and provide income opportunities to the clients. Instead of having companies paying commissions on weekly or monthly terms, the company, Talk Fusion, offers a new model referred to as instant pay compensation plan. The priority of the company is to offer the services in video solutions. The company has a great passion and enthusiasm to bring dreams into reality. The company is also committed to bringing memorable and engaging efforts for a good marketing plan. To this date, Talk Fusion is available in various countries, more than 140 and expanding into video chat app. It has incredible features and functions that are enabling the business to operate with increased convenience. The business world is competitive but with this feature, it helps the business to cut across the stiff competition. The app is readily available on various platforms like the iTunes and Google Play stores. Learn more:


One of the leading products of this app is the video email. It is convenient for connecting a business with its contacts. It allows the user to send video email texts to the clients from the Apple or the Android devices. With this feature, it is easy for a business to monitor the marketing campaigns from the business location. The best advantage out of the video email is that you can easily customize the email message depending on the type of recipient. It could be a team member, a customer, or a partnering business that you would want to draw their attention. It performs better than promotional emails and with time, the outcome is great. When it comes to usability, it one of the easiest to navigate and use. All you need is the app and from that point, you can be able to send videos either by having recorded them live or uploading them. It is possible for one to make changes to the display names and the features that enable the message to be relational to the recipient. Additionally, the video email feature allows one to send more personalized video messages to their friends and families in a more convenient way. One can effectively connect with them from where they are and from whichever device they choose as long as it remains compatible with Talk Fusion

Mobile PUBG Is an Acceptable Play Experience

“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” has been the independent darling of 2017’s gaming landscape, to the point that it has now gone to iPhone and Android devices. While seasoned gamers may balk at the notion that a PC shooter could work just as well on an iPhone as it does on PC, the evidence indicates that both platforms are equally suitable. Despite the small size of the screen, everything seems to play well without requiring a controller, like the console releases necessitate. What may surprise most users is just how well the mobile version of PUBG maintains the sense of tension; headphones allow mobile players to track gunfire just as easily as someone playing on PC.

Others have commented that, much like with gaming PCs, anyone looking to experience mobile PUBG should do so only if they have a fresh model of phone. While graphics have taken an understandable hit for the sake of accessibility, with buildings being less populated and terrain being flatter and blurrier during while parachuting from the starting plane, the overall experience is one that is synonymous with what people expect from PUBG. Notably, the refresh rate on some phones may exceed that of a console experience. One reviewer, Matthew Gault of Motherboard, remarked that mobile PUBG is kinder to gamers who lack a specialized gaming mouse or lightning reflexes. Indeed, he feels that the mobile experience places everyone on equal footing in regarding to gaming skill.

One welcome distinction between the mobile version of PUBG and its contemporaries would be the inventory. Mobile PUBG automates loot collection, prioritizing whatever equipment your character is currently using; wielding an M16 will ensure that your character will focus on 5.56mm ammunition without having to push anything. While raiding a downed player’s corpse for gear involves a few more hoops, the game features quick item slots for one-shot items like bandages. The one major drawback to mobile PUBG? Tank controls combined with a touch interface for aiming.

Academy of Art University: Creating Creative Success

Universities and colleges alike long to see their alumni go on to have largely successful careers post-graduation especially but not limited to that seen in their field of study, so imagine the thrill and support that exuded from the Academy of Art University when alumni, Daniel Arriaga, won an Oscar for the awe-inspiring animated film “Coco”. Events like these inspire new students and graduates giving a sense of greater meaning and purpose. As for students on a hunt to find their college or university of choice, Daniel Arriaga’s achievements could indeed make one consider the Academy of Art University as their school of choice.


Academy of Art University was established in 1929 with the idea that anyone could be taught and guided into the art industry as a professional by professionals. Many schools required on-comers to have an existing art portfolio prior to acceptance which interfered with the potential to see more inspiring artists to flourish in the arts. This mission, started by founder, Richard S. Stephens, continues strong today with much-seen growth throughout the years offering much to its constituents and the world.


This university has a diverse assortment of majors. They could not have possibly left anything or anyone out! Aspiring actors, film producers, directors and more may venture into the Acting, Multimedia Communications, and/or Motion Pictures & Television majors. For those who’d like to explore the ever-expanding tech world, majors such as Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design & New Media Advertising, Animation & Visual Effects, and Game Design are available. Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture, Architecture, and Interior Architecture & Design would “tickle the fancy” of those that would like to influence the architectural world or create spaces that set the perfect mood. Set fashion trends in Jewelry & Metal Arts and Fashion majors. Allow others to appreciate your sound with Music Prod. & Sound Design for Visual Media. Photography, Visual Development, and Fine Art majors for eye-catching wonders. If you’d like to inspire the next generation of artists, majors in Art Education and Art History are available as well.


Academy of Art University is fostering creativity.


How NewsWatch TV Would Build You a Global Name within Minutes

What every business expects when starting up is being successful no matter how it has started. However, achieving this success requires the business to know the advertising companies it should work with. Many businesses even go to an extent of contacting the best TV shows to showcase what they deal with. If a business utilizes a TV show in the right way, the kind of awareness it creates is exceptional. This is what NewsWatch TV has come to help businesses do. Many small organizations, businesses, independent app developers and companies have achieved great success through a TV show program on NewsWatch TV.


Avanca is one of the companies that know what it means to showcase something through this TV show. The company had initially set to make more than $10,000 within 30 days. The business goal looked good and for sure it was. However, the NewsWatch TV helped the company realize something greater than this or exceed its expectations. After airing a promotional segment through NewsWatch for one minute, Avanca Indiegogo campaign gained unmatched view and presence. The results were unbelievable. The company gained a total of $456,551 within the 30 days set, giving it 29 times more of what it had initially set. Contour Design campaign, Saygus Smartphone campaign, and Steelseries campaign are among the other campaigns that realized exceptional results through NewsWatch TV.


The TV airs its shows in over 200 markets in the United States weekly. The TV uses ION and AMC Network to air shows. It started its operations in 1989 and it has managed to air over 1000 programs and episodes. Some of the content subjects NewsWatch TV airs include national public awareness, fashion, tourism and travel, business news, consumer electronics reviews, new product releases, and medical and health breakthroughs. Some of the celebrities who have appeared on NewsWatch TV in the last one year include Ted Danson, Julianne Moore, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Brooklyn Decker, Olympian Carl Lewis, Diane Lane, Dr. Oz, Carrie Underwood, and Phil Mickelson among others. Global companies such as LG, Legos, Toyota, Ford, Discovery Channel, Kelly Blue Books, Dewars whiskey, American Heart Association, Suave, NASCAR, D-Link, Sports Authority, Bounty, and GoodYear have appeared on NewsWatch TV.


Richard Dwayne Blair Is A Top Rated Financial Planner

Are you looking for a reputable and experienced financial planner or investment advisory firm? Need advice on how to invest wisely and secure your future? Richard Dwayne Blair is a leader in the industry and can provide the information and guidance you need to become successful.


Being a successful investor or entrepreneur is all about education. It is advisable to learn from one of the best in the industry. There are so many aspects of investing and entrepreneurship, that you really need to consult a professional to ensure that you know what you’re doing. In fact, you can spend time on trial and error, researching investing strategies or investment vehicles, and you will still have a hard time knowing what works. That’s why it’s crucial to turn to Richard Dwayne Blair – one of the most knowledgeable and experienced investing professionals.


Richard Dwayne Blair is the owner of Wealth Solutions, a popular investing firm in Austin Texas. This renowned firm has all the resources you need to invest wisely and reach the success you desire. Many people have followed his investing system and are happy with the results they have obtained.


Richard Dwayne Blair started his investment advisory firm as a single resource of top notch advice and guidance on investments and financial planning. His Three Pillars Approach To Financial Planning has been receiving raving reviews from clients and peers and is designed to equip you with the information and guidance you need to become successful and secure your financial future.


So, if you want to learn what works and what to avoid, contact Richard Dwayne Blair right away. Richard Dwayne Blair will also determine your risk tolerance and financial objectives. He will evaluate your current situation and work with you to develop the right investment portfolio for you.


Whether you want to save money for your children’s education or invest for retirement, it is imperative to consult a knowledgeable professional. Richard Dwayne Blair is well versed in this area and has the resources to provide the excellent guidance you need.

PUBG Hits the Mobile Market

Are you ready to acknowledge the fact that the gaming world is now in all-out war? PUBG and Fortnite, both developed independently of one another, have been competing for dominance in the battle royale genre for the past year. While both games are markedly different, the core of their content is the same: dominating up to 100 enemies in a vast game map that is replete with weapons. Fortnite seemingly took the upper hand earlier this month when it was announced that the title would be coming to the mobile market. Well, PUBG wasn’t one to be outdone and the developers behind the hit game have already announced plans to bring their star title to mobile markets.

So, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to mobile gamers everywhere after the title had found success on the PC, making it one of the best selling games of all time in Steam history. PUBG mobile will hone in on the core gameplay elements that the console and PC versions of the title made so popular: 100 player battle royale game modes. The goal in Battle Royale is to outlast your opponent and the mayhem will be making its way to mobile in much the same fashion.

PUBG was developed for the mobile market in collaboration with a mobile gaming company named Tencent. Chen Jerry, the VP at Tencent, praised the work that had gone into PUBG. Jerry went on to say, “We are working hard to create an authentic PUBG mobile experience that players new and old will love.”

PUBG Mobile is hitting the mobile market with direct competition but the PUBG team already has a leg up on their competition. Whereas Fortnite is a free console game, the mobile version is on invite-only. PUBG is a paid experience on console/PC but the mobile version of the game will be available on iOS and Android platforms for free. PUBG will be able to immediately steer the market toward their brand of mobile battle royale.

Michael Burwell’s New CFO Position In Willis Towers Watson Generates Maximal Growth

There’s as many solutions, ideas, methodologies and systems that a good business or finance leader can initiate as there are numbers in mathematics. This means that ideas are infinite, but it is when these ideas get translated into the reality where it all makes a difference. Concepts and theories are beautiful in the paper but could not be applicable in practice. Fortunately for Michael Burwell, the new finance person or Chief Finance Officer of Willis Towers Watson, he already gets the essence of this concept.


The Willis Towers Watson Growth

Willis Towers Watson has long been regarded as a top broker and solutions provider for various companies who need the advisory, ideas and real-life strategies to improve assets and hedge their portfolio against ruin. The growth of Willis Towers Watson comes from the fact that it knows no bounds in generating ideas and goes way ahead of its radar just to translate these ideas into practice. Now that Michael Burwell is the new CFO of the company, this idea or vision will not only be more implemented across the departments of the company, but it could also be expanded in other areas of the company not yet included in such strategy. Read This Article to learn more.

We don’t need to tell you the credentials of Michael Burwell or why he’s the man fit for the CFO job. We don’t have to even convince you that the CEO of Willis Towers, John Haley, cannot be more excited about making Michael Burwell be part of the team. You have to look at the list of awards and past work experience that’s listed in many authority profile sites that tell us about Michael Burwell. Many of these sites can vouch for the stellar performance of Michael Burwell at the Pricewaterhouse company, where he served as an accounting officer, finance strategies and Executive Vice President to some of Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s areas of operations.

The fact, too, that Mike Burwell has built an excellent ethical record of providing solutions for companies regarding finance is a straightforward reason why he’s selected for the job. Willis Towers needs more innovation to adapt to the modern markets, and the new election of Michael Burwell in the team is the perfect and most rational thing to do by the company. With such dedication of Michael Burwell in the previous work experience that he had, which included 11 years in accounting, there’s no question about how the competence of Michael Burwell could generate maximal growth to Willis Towers Watson.

Learn More:

OSI Food Solutions — The Modern Chicken Production Safety Measures

The epidemic of food shortages has come to a high point in eastern countries. There have been reports of tainted food and not enough to eat across Asia and South America. There are many citizens who love to eat chicken and they have not been able to find a safe source for their favorite meal. The reports of poultry illnesses can be linked to companies selling expired meat and tainted meat. These local companies do not have the capacity to produce a safe product for people to eat so they resort to purchasing products from shady distributors and untrustworthy farmers. The end result is often threatening to peoples’ health. OSI Food Solutions has stepped in to stop this problem.

In a recent purchase and investment, OSI Food Solutions has improved their capacity to produce chicken and meat for the world. These expansion projects come after a wave of demand for chicken and reports of people getting sick from inferior products. OSI Food Solutions values their customer base and place public health at the top of their list of priorities. The expansions in their Spain facility are the direct result of a professional team of scientists and experts examining datasets to determine the demand for chicken. They found the demand has risen more than 3% in the last year and it was on a steady trend of rising 8% every year for the last ten years. Those numbers are staggering!

With demand for chicken on the rise and no end in sight, OSI Food Solutions prepared their facilities to meet the demand head on. They have included a team of food safety specialists in every facility and have created a plan to examine each piece of meat before it goes out for consumption. Their production capacity has more than doubled thanks to the advances in each facility. OSI Food Solutions has been the world’s number one producer of chicken for years, and now they are comfortably in the lead when it comes to safety of production. The products that they prepare for human consumption will be the answer for sickness and they will make the world safe for chicken consumption.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Motivating other women in the Field of Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the renowned plastic surgeons in Dallas. She has bee named one of the greatest women in the field and has performed a number of successful surgeries. Walden is performing in the field which for a long time has been dominated by men. In fact, there are less than one thousand female surgeons. Dr. Jennifer has been in the profession for more than eight years and she is still very active in the profession. Her focus is exclusive on cosmetic surgery and she has specialized in surgery touching on cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has performed many cosmetic surgeries aimed at enhancing beauty. She has worked on several cases including breast augmentation, facelifts, eyelid lifts and she also has extensive knowledge on rhinoplasties. Walden also performs other operations in her line of work including liposuction which is an operation done on the abdomen, inner things and also on the arms to correct them and regain their initial shape. She has also some knowledge of other invasive procedures and she has performed some minimal operations which include injecting Botox and soft tissue fillers. Her success on the field has been greatly boosted given that most of the operations that are performed are done on women and hence Walden has an upper hand in her career.

Dr. Jennifer Walden attended the University of Texas medical branch based in Galveston. Her schooling years were characterized by intense hard work and she was always on top of her class. She later attended the Manhattan Fellowship center of eye, Ear and Throat Centre. Dr. Jennifer Walden built her successful career in surgery in New York City where she was first attached to her duties. Jennifer Walden is also an author and her contribution in writing has been enormous. She is the coauthor of the book known as the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Malcom CasSelle: A pioneer in blockchain powered microtransactions

Malcolm CasSelle is no stranger to the world of tech startups. After graduating from MIT and Standford University with a bachelors degree and masters degree respectively, both in computer science, Malcolm CasSelle was ready to make a name for himself. It was in 1995 when Malcolm CasSelle became a co-founder and CTO of NetNoir, a media production company focused on Afrocentric culture.

Since the early 2000’s, Malcolm has also been involved in projects on an international scale. He was a co-founder of PCCW, a telecommunications company headquartered in Hong-Kong now worth over $35 billion. In 2006 Malcolm signed with Capital Union Investments, an investment firm also based in Hong-Kong. His experience in managing start-up companies led him to become a director at Capital Union, where he would manage private equity investments into late-stage companies.

Apart from being directly involved in company leadership, Malcolm was also an early investor in companies such as Facebook and Zynga. When bitcoin was first released, Malcolm recognized the potential of a decentralized peer-to-peer payment system.

Malcolm CasSelles present day ventures have a strong focus on the video game industry as well as being an angel investor to other like-minded entrepreneurs. By 2018 the video game market exceeded $100 billion in annual revenue of which microtransactions are a small but growing percentage. Malcolm serves as the CIO of OPSkins, a leading merchant of virtual assets within video games, as well as the president of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange).

WAX streamlines in-game asset purchases by powering it with blockchain technology. Previously, a “fragmented” system of different and sometimes poorly integrated technologies behind payment processors, the video games themselves, and even regional locking across different countries have led to a less than optimal experience for video gamers. WAX solves this dilemma by letting players tokenize assets in video games. This makes the asset platform-independent and therefore common for all users.

Thanks to the WAX Platform, players can buy and sell their virtual assets almost instantly without interruption or pause to their gaming experience.