Eric Pulier: Reaching Out Locally and Globally

It is pretty amazing how quickly a family’s life can change with one word. About a year after my wife and I were married, we decided that we were ready for a family. We were discouraged after about a year without conception. A fertility specialist concluded that with some of my wife’s problems, we may never conceive a child of our own. With broken hearts, we thought about other options.

We knew that there were a lot of children who needed homes, so we considered adoption. The adoption agency was so supportive. They helped many couples like us to get a child to love. Our social worker told us that we had to be patient, because finding and adopting the right child takes time. That was six years ago.

After waiting a few months, the call arrived. It was in the middle of December. The social worker said that they had a beautiful 9 month old girl who needed a home. We could not have said yes fast enough. Right before Christmas, we brought our beautiful daughter home. We named her Christiana, because she was our sweet Christmas baby.

Christiana has always been a happy and healthy baby. She is the love of our lives. Our daughter loves life and all the things she discovers. When she turned six years old, we began to notice changes in her. She spent a lot of time resting and did not have her usual energy. Concerned, we took her to her pediatrician. She just said that Christiana had a virus.

When she still did not get better, we took her to a specialist in an out-of-town children’s hospital. After some initial tests, we got the news that no parent wants to hear. Christiana was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that was like leukemia. We could only pray that it would go into remission with treatment.

Thankfully, she has been in remission and is doing well. While she was in children’s hospital, she got to talk to other chronically ill children Starbright World. This is a wonderful social network that was founded by Eric Pulier, a technical entrepreneur. Pulier is also on the board of the Painted Turtle, a summer camp that hosts children like Christiana.

I read that Eric Pulier is a graduate of Harvard and MIT. He uses his training and innovated thinking to launch numerous technical ventures. As a believer in giving back, Pulier is involved in several local and global charities. He started a non-profit called People Doing Things, a company that researches health and technology. Thanks to the generosity of people like Eric Pulier, children like our Christiana can blossom in the world.

Share Life Using Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa Photo Tips

Smart phones are a great invention, giving you the ability to talk with friends, surf the net and take photographs. Unfortunately, the best digital smart phone camera is still inferior to a real camera. By focusing on the strengths of your smart phone camera, you can get the best pictures says Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa.

“What is Your Smart Phone Camera’s Strength?”

So you have a great cell phone with a camera and maybe, even a video on it. You might love simply having this option, but you need to think about the strengths of your camera. What can you do that other cell phone cameras, cannot do?

Speed is one key feature of most smart phones. You can probably click a button and take a string of different photographs. This can help you “capture the moment,” faster than the competition.

Making your smartphone photos as good as those coming from a real camera, is based on being realistic. Your cell phone probably has a limited viewing width. You can’t get everything in your picture, so don’t try.

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“Optimize Focal Point”

The best photographs, “tell a story.” Your smart phone may be very good about telling a little snippet says Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. You can share a funny face with your friends. It is kind of like Twitter messages. Concentrate on that short, real-time strength.

When there is “Breaking News,” the quick smart phone photograph can share facts, faster than anything else around. More people are turning to Social Media to learn about what is happening on the other side of the world or even in their own backyards. Usually, police will create a security fence around a “danger zone;” with Social Media photographs, you can get real news immediately.

“Share Life”

Panama has an entrepreneur, who continues to lead the community in developing beneficial ideas and expanding opportunities: Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Just like your smart phone, he is multitasking, holding positions of treasurer, director and president in a number of Panama firms. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa also helps mentor the future leaders for his country.

Smart phones have “taken the world by storm.” Now, you can share your life and the lives of others with great photographs. Focus on “short and sweet, pithy” photographs to maximize your cell phone’s strengths.

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Choosing an Attorney in Brazil

Looking for the best lawyer for your legal matter in Brazil? Picking an attorney or law firm could be very demanding. You have to recognize which legal representative will certainly manage your case successfully. And generally, when you are looking for an attorney, it is usually because you are currently in a stressful circumstance.

Legal representative’s experience and also track record are some of the issues to consider. Some legal representatives deal with just personal injury instances, while others specialize in divorce or business litigation.

While many legal representatives or attorneys might be kind and also understanding, it is essential that your lawyer understand precisely ways to handle your situation. Unless the problem you are dealing with is extremely uncommon, a seasoned lawyer should have a good understanding of your circumstance promptly as well as know exactly what to do. If the attorney needs to search for the legislation or research prior cases, it is a good indication that this lawyer does not have the adequate know-how to manage your case.

If your case involves business dispute or a corporate matter, you need to consult Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho – a highly reputable and knowledgeable business litigation lawyer in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has more than 22 years of experience handling litigation situations. Before developing his own law firm, Ricardo Tosto practiced in a very small law office and concentrated on business and also corporate litigation. Ricardo Tosto supplies legal services to both startups as well as mutlinational firms. He has advised and handled cases for clients in many complicated legal issues in Brazil and has attained a fantastic track record in the legal community.

Ricardo Tosto provides sophisticated, expert representation to clients and aims to obtain the very best feasible end result in their instance. Mr. Ricardo Tosto has tremendous experience managing a wide variety of business and also corporate disagreements, and clients benefit greatly from his knowledge as well as vast experience. Ricardo Tosto has been acknowledged worldwide as a , especially as a business and corporate litigation professional.

Looming courtroom battle between the former Hawks ownership and AIG insurance firm.

The previous ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise has taken legal action against AIG. According to the previous Hawks ownership group, which includes Bruce Levenson, the lawsuit filed against the New Hampshire Insurance company alleges a violation of a contract agreement with the insurance firm concerning the settlement of claims. An official press release statement by the current Hawks ownership led by the principal owner Tony Ressler, claims that the new regime is fully aware of the lawsuit although they are not part of it. The statement further adds that the principal parties behind the lawsuit no longer have existing connections with the NBA franchise.

The legal action taken by the previous Hawks ownership was prompted by the refusal of AIG to admit receipt of a notification of claim forwarded by Danny Ferry, the previous general manager of Hawks organization, and agree to settle the covered claims. The Hawks organization had taken insurance coverage with AIG against losses pertaining to employment practices. The cover included, but not restricted to, particular acts of unlawful termination as well as workplace torts.

In regards to the claim notice, there are court materials that prove that Hawks organization notified AIG that Danny Ferry had stated claims that in Hawks’ judgment were covered. So based on the aforementioned facts, the previous Hawks ownership firmly believes that AIG had no concrete reasons to neither argue that it wasn’t given a claim notice nor refute that its insurance policy didn’t cover the claim. Although the claim is confidential as proven by, the court documents, the claim seeks to obtain a further 50 % fine for the due loss and legal fees and expenses.

According to ESPN, Bruce Levenson is the previous proprietor of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. He boasts of a rich educational background having earned a law degree from the American University. He is the husband to Karen and a father of three sons. Apart from business, he also takes part in philanthropic activities and helped fund the center for Philanthropy ( and not-for-profit leadership at the University of Maryland.


Waiakea Water: The Unique Bottled Water That Beats Out The Competition

Every few years, a new brand of bottled water emerges on the market, trying to distinguish itself from the rest with a unique backstory and location of origin. Soon, however, its popularity fades as consumers don’t consider the water different enough to justify the price.

A shining exception, however, is Waiakea Water, a brand of bottled water uniquely derived from Hawaiian volcanoes. Its founder, Ryan Emmons, has seen an astounding 5,000 percent growth since launching the product in 2012, and believes that its unique properties are to thank for its success.

According to Baby Boomster, The volcanic water comes from the Waiakea springs in Hawaii, and is naturally filtered over the course of thousands of feet of volcanic rock. This unusual source gives the water its unique taste that consumers are raving about, as well as health benefits that put the product in a class of its own.

At a pH level of 7.8 to 8.8, Waiakea water holds a high alkaline level which neutralizes harmful acids in the body. The water is also full of electrolytes, containing nutritionally-rich levels of magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium, in addition to 30mg of silica, a mineral shown effective in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Additionally, due to the unique filtration process the water goes through, the product is free of many contaminants found in other common drinking waters.

Also adding to the company’s success is its charitable contributions. Working alongside Pump Aid, for every liter sold, the company donates 650 liters of clean water to African communities in need. Through its efforts, the company has managed to donate an incredible 500 million liters of water to Africa.

The company’s sense of ethical responsibility can also be seen in its revolutionary packaging. One of the first bottled water products to be completely carbon neutral, not only is the packaging completely recyclable, but the manufacturing process itself produces 90 percent less carbon emissions than competing bottled water companies.

Socially responsible, sustainable, and rich in nutrients, it’s no wonder that the brand doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Specialty Foods has it that Waiakea Water can currently be found in over 2,000 stores across America, and as international demand grows, the company is building a manufacturing facility in Hawaii.

The company is now valued at over $10 million, and founder Ryan Emmons will continue to focus on a product that is simultaneously sustainable, nutritious, delicious and charitable for a better world.

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EOS – the backstory behind the creation of the most loved lip balm

The new entrant

The EOS lip balm entered the market quietly some 7 seven years back but it quickly became a juggernaut and crush all before it. It is currently the country’s second largest selling lip balm and sells a whopping 1 million items per week. EOS took no time from making its way from the minds of its founders to the handbags of who’s who of the fashion and showbiz industry. The success of the brand, according to one of its founders can be attributed to innovative product design and marketing.

Product design

While designing the product, the founders looked at the existing products and realized that there was hardly any innovation in the product lines and competitor products looked and felt the same. Hence came the idea of developing a product which is different and livelier than the bland and medicinal looking lip balms. They also realized that the product needed to be centered majorly at women who were the majority customers. Hence came the spherical design, the varied fragrances and flavors and the crisp sound that comes when the lid is opened.

Marketing strategy

Then came the tricky part of marketing and distribution. To make matters worse, they faced a strong competitive space with products belonging to power houses like Pfizer. To being with, EOS found it difficult make its way to the shelves of retailers. However, all it took to get a start was a woman at Walgreens to like it and there was no turning back after that. The owners were also cognizant of the fact that their main targeting base was the internet savvy millennials. Hence, they made sure of their presence in social media though influence marketing and creative Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook pages. All this was later supplemented by partnerships with compatible brands like Disney and Keds.

After the soaring success of their lip balm, EOS has launched a few new products and are thinking of entering newer ventures with similar disruptively creative products.

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White Shark Media: Adaptable and Innovative

The internet is always changing. Often times, the techniques that work in a certain era are not going to work in a later era. For one thing, search algorithms are always being adjusted. There have been algorithm changes that have resulted in sites that have once ranked high being dropped off of the front page. As a result, many people lose business and tend to have to go back to the drawing board. A similar thing has happened with the AdWords campaigns. Adjustments were made so that the search engines could provide a better experience to the users. It is important for online business owners to be able to make the necessary adjustments to their sites.


However, not everyone is going to have the time to find ways to make adjustments to their approach to bringing out the right campaign to attract customers. Fortunately, there are companies that are willing to help bring out the right ad campaigns in order to help people bring in enough customers and therefore generate a lot of revenue. One particular company is White Shark Media. This company is filled with a lot of professionals that are good at what they are doing when it comes to bringing in the traffic.


One thing that makes White Shark Media  stand out from the rest is that the professionals are passionate about the work they do. They are very passionate about doing the work needed to market the company of their clients to the right people. As a result, people will get to see results at a fast rate. White Shark Media professionals actually enjoy the work of coming up with a very creative campaign that will bring business to their clients. They are also very skilled at adapting to the changes that the search engines throw their way.


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The impact that Malini Saba is making in the business world

Malini is a business woman of Asian descent. She was born in South East Asia but has beat all the odds and succeeded in the world of American business and is now powerful not only at a local but at an international level. One of the great things you will realize about the investment portfolio of this woman is that she was not afraid to start small, and that she diversified to all types of investments from the world over at a very young age.

As is characteristic of third world countries, Malini has been a victim of corruption. She was once forcefully evicted from an area that she had put up business. She did try to fight back against the corrupt individual who was trying to take away her property but she ended up losing a lot of money and other resources including her time and business.

This did not deter her from pursuing the dream because soon enough, she was up and running and trying to put up another business. Her hard work and unrelenting spirit has really paid off because today, she is the proud owner of many investments which include rice fields, real estate investments and the energy business.

Another amazing thing about Malini is her interest in helping women especially those in underprivileged communities. She started the Stree Mukti; global investment in women. This is a community that focuses on helping women with a low income make improvements in their lives.

In the 90’s Malini started creating an investment portfolio with companies in the Silicon Valley. She put her money into ventures such as PayPal, Sycamore Networks and Netscreen Technologies. With the advent of the information age, these investments have become very successful, catapulting Malini to the world of great financial success.

Malini Saba has very traditional family values. She is a mother of one and believes that she should always be present for her child. When she is not busy being a mom, which is her priority, Malini invests selectively in the commodity market. She describes herself as lucky to have made the investment choices that she did, but the honest fact is that it was a combination of intelligence and following great investment advice that she has made it this far in a world that is more often than not dominated by men. Malini is truly an exceptional business woman, mother and philanthropist.


The Basics of Managing Your Online Reputation

Whether you’ve just opened your business or run an established firm, people will talk about your brand online. According to Site Point, 72 percent of consumers engage with brands via social media. The best way to build your brand is to take charge of your online reputation management and shape the messages consumers receive about your brand. If you’ve already noticed your brand earned a poor reputation online, you may need the services of a brand reputation management firm or publicist, but if you’re starting out or have mostly positive feedback, you can handle the basic management by implementing these tips.

Know what’s out there. Search for your brand using Google and Yahoo. Read what people have already said on social media, review sites, forums and in comments on your website and blog. Set up Google alerts for your business, so you know when a mention of your brand occurs or use Buzzsumo. Also, in Twitter, set up your dashboard feed with your business name, brand name(s), products and relevant hashtags so you can easily monitor tweets about your business. Use WooRank to monitor your brand in multiple languages.

Encourage the positive. Let your customers know how to leave a review and where to leave them. You can include a link to Yelp or your Yelp badge on your website and in your Twitter biography. Also, link to your Google Business page and Reputation Defender’s review site. If you’re not already reviewed on Angie’s List, encourage customers to add you there.

Promote yourself. Actively promote your business and build your reputation. Self-promotion also lets you improve a poor reputation. You choose which aspects of your business to discuss and promote, and you can amend or correct incorrect information about your business. Some key tools for self-promotion include:

– blogs

– social media

– a business website.

Address criticism. Although it may not sound like it when you read it, your customers’ or fans’ criticisms are constructive criticisms. Respond to them with a positive tone and a learning ear. Don’t ignore them. Don’t delete them. Respond with the intent to improve your brand.

Encourage radical transparency. Let employees know you want them to talk publicly about the company’s products and services. Let them know you appreciate their efforts to publicize the business and improve it with their feedback.

By implementing these basic techniques, you can take charge of your online reputation. With a little effort, you can build and improve your online reputation. Become known positively for your brand and keep it that way.


Eric Pulier: Much More Than a Series of Accomplishments

Eric Pulier is a Los Angeles, California-based entrepreneur, computer technologist, published author, editor, technical genius, public speaker for premier technology conferences the world over, a time and money donating philanthropist and a Magna Cum Laude Harvard graduate (1988). He’s founded and co-founded over fifteen companies. These include Akana, Desktone, People Doing Things, ServiceMesh and vAtomic Systems. One of these (this year) sold for an incredible $350 million.

Just a portion of Pulier’s skill sets include Cloud computing, leadership, networking, executive management, business start-ups and strategic partnerships. His curriculum vitae is amazing. What some may not know about Eric Pulier is that he also owns a restaurant and a nightclub.

However, business phenom Eric Pulier is much more than a series of accomplishments, accolades and impressive titles. When one looks past all of this, one sees a man who is guided by simplistic, yet critical and somewhat spiritual ideals. He knows the importance of maintaining a positive mindset, of surrounding himself with those of a similar mindset, how to take something very small and make it really big and why it is so important to give back to others, in a meaningful manner. He is a man who lives what he believes to be true.

Pulier is also a family man. He’s a father and has four children. It is clear, while simply glancing at the organization’s for which he has assisted and given-to, in some manner, that he is also passionate about the needs of others, children in particular. The breadth of one man’s benevolence is unknowable.

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