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Fortnite Releases Season 3 Update!

If you’re tired of sitting around waiting for the next iteration of Fortnite, well, wait no longer! The team at Epic Games just dropped a 2.5GB update to their wildly popular arena battler and fan reviews are already starting to pile in and we couldn’t be more excited. Ever since its launch, Fortnite has been fighting to separate itself from the similar-but-different super-success that is PUBG and we feel like the team might have inched just a little bit closer to that goal.

Fortnite’s Season 3 Update hit the PC, PS4 and XB1 on February 23rd, 2018 by way of a 2.5GB patch. The 3.0.0 patch adds Season 3 to the game while changing a few core components of the title. Battle Royale is now running at a smooth 60 FPS on consoles and the game looks better than ever as a result. You don’t have to have the Xbox 1 X or the PS4 in order to enjoy this new framerate. If you still like 30 FPS as a setting, you can go into your own private settings and change it back.

For Battle Pass owners, the game now has improved building modes in Save the World and for the Battle Royale players-only, the building has been modified and improved. There are going to be some bumps in the road to get used to the new settings but we feel like gamers will be quick to adapt. Among the other updates are John Wick inspired outfits, superhero-inspired outfits, and an aesthetic overhaul that really leans into Asian stylings. Additionally, Epic Games has released the Hand Cannon weapon which is, probably, one of the most entertaining single-handed weapons in the entire game. If you have been looking for a reason to boot Fortnite back up, wait no longer and get on your Xbox!

Video Games and Consoles Sold Like Crazy in January 2018

Video game sales experienced explosive growth in January 2018. Newly released data shows overall sales were 59% higher than compared to January 2019. Sales growth can’t be attributed to one great title, either; hardware and accessories are selling just as much as software.

In fact, hardware sales experienced the biggest growth, with a jaw-dropping 119% increase over last year’s figures. Over one million consoles flew off of shelves, with sales revenue almost dead even between the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Although Sony’s PS4 was the most profitable, the Nintendo Switch made up for its lower price point with the highest number of actual sales.

As reported by Forbes, software sales hit $517 million. In January 2017, they were less than $400 million. Some of this growth was driven by new releases in two long-standing franchises: Monster Hunter: World and Dragon Ball: FighterZ. Other top-selling games included familiar staples like Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty: WWII and The Sims 4.

Even console-specific titles showed up in the list of the twenty best-selling games of January 2018. Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey all placed in the top ten.

It’s unclear if these high sales number are due to Christmas stragglers picking up late gifts, gamers accepting the holiday sales season is over or other factors. What is clear is that the gaming industry continues to grow, with both newcomers like the Nintendo Switch and long-running staples like GTA V attracting gaming revenue.

Niantic Wins Big With New Community Day Event.

Niantic has been working harder than anyone anticipated them to be in order to ring in the new year in style. The developers at Pokemon Go have been pushing their new monthly Community Day event hard with marketing and now it appears that the results are finally matching the effort put toward the actual promotion. Pokemon Go recently saw their next Community Day Go live on February 24th and fans around the globe were ecstatic with what they got to do.

For those not in the know, Pokemon Go introduced the Community Day event as a way to incentivize people to play the game and get out and try to have more activity. Community Days happen around the globe every single month and the event starts and ends on a specific timeslot depending on where you are at. Niantic releases these specific schedules by way of their social media so you can quickly and easily find where and when you should be out and about. For the February Community Day, the event was all about Dratini — one of the rarer and more satisfying-to-catch Pokemon in the entire game.

Dratini is a Dragon-type Pokemon that is typically farmed in order to evolve a Dragonite, one of the best battling Pokemon in the game. For this Community Day event, Niantic decided to feature Dratini. As a result, Dratini spawned in swarms with increased stardust output and the ability to learn a special, Community Day exclusive, move known as Draco Meteor. This was, hands up, the quickest way to get yourself a Dragonite that the game has ever offered and if you missed out you will likely be kicking yourself over it for awhile. During the event, it was also revealed that shiny Dratini were out and about in the game world which only increased the frenzy of trainers trying to get out and capture the rare Pokemon.

While Community Day was a success, many trainers are still focused on getting their hands on Rayquaza — the Gen 3 Dragon Pokemon that is currently appearing in Gym Battles until mid-March. Rayquaza will have had a very limited run in Raid battles so if you want to stay competitive and complete your dex, you might want to get out and start trying to get him in your Pokedex. Niantic is also releasing the Pokemon Go Legendary Week which brings back Kyogre and Groudon for trainers that missed them the first time around.

Windows PC Edition of FF XV Launches

The long-delayed Windows iteration of “Final Fantasy XV” finally has a release date of March 3. One of the notable rewards for early purchasers includes a special costume for main protagonist Prince Noctis Lucis. Until May 1, anyone who purchases Square Enix’s title through Steam will be able to dress up the lead character as Gordon Freeman, the lead character from the “Half-Life” series of PC titles.

The full Freeman outfit includes his orange Hazardous Environment suit, glasses and a free crowbar weapon. Furthermore, this outfit is available for use within the multiplayer Comrades gameplay mode that was added in a post-launch patch.

While the vision of Noctis bumming around Eos as “the one free man” may be an odd sight, it is far from the first cross-promotional endeavor for FF XV.
• The stylish Regalia, inspired by the Jaguar S-type, is one of the premium cars in “Forza Horizon 3.”

• A limited-time event, inspired by the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise, allowed Noctis and friends to dress up like the Assassins and take on an evil company dressed similarly to that franchise’s Templar antagonists.

• “Kingsglaive” began life as a prolonged full motion cutscene to give backstory to the game but ended its creative gestation period as a theatrical film.

• A series of animated shorts were produced in order to better flesh out the relationships between Noctis and his friends.
Although FF XV released in late 2016, Square Enix continues to add new updates, add-ons and spinoff releases. The most recent iteration was a super-trimmed version for mobile systems. Beyond the chance to dress like Gordon Freeman and whack “Daemons” with a crowbar, the Windows edition will offer options for 4K and 8K resolutions, first-person gameplay, a refined map and even a boat to traverse the world’s waterways.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy – The Nation’s Best

When Nick Vertucci found himself struggling and drowning in debt after the 2000 dot-com crash, he began remembering things about his childhood. As he looked at the cold hard facts, it brought him back to a time of adolescence. At 10 years old, Nick‘s father passed away, leaving his mother a widow and single mother of multiple children. Nick had to watch her day in and day out struggle and work long hours just to make ends meet. At the age of 18, he then found himself living in his van with nothing to his name. As Nick thought about these times, he made a conscious decision to never go back. Not letting the dot-com crash bring him down, he decided to start a new venture in real estate investing.

Since then, Nick Vertucci has created massive success for himself in the real estate investment industry. Remembering his times of hardship, he always knew that he wanted to give back and created a vision for himself where other peoples dreams could come true, as well. This is when Nick decided to create his very own school. Founder and CEO of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, he offers real solutions for those who are currently investing, as well as, for those that want to invest but have not yet started.

Nick prides himself on and ensures the delivery of nothing less than top-notch education at his academy. This can be clearly noted as he travels from state to state doing seminars to spread the word about the education he is providing. Offering a wide variety of courses, Nick’s real estate school covers wholesaling properties, flipping properties, assignment of contracts, rehab, renovation, purchasing and holding properties to build a rental portfolio, commercial investments and asset protection, just to name a few.

Founded in 2013, The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy has helped thousands of people increase their income and their real estate investing activities. Whether you are located in Houston, Texas; Washington DC; San Francisco, California; or Tampa, Florida; Nick has something to help you in your real estate business.

Brazilian Racer Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins has had an interest in the world of sports since he was a young boy. He was motivated by his family members. His father, Jack, is a successful business man. Jack is also known in the sport of Basketball. His brother, Michel, is also famous in world of rally racing. Rodrigo has a solid work history that has set him up for success. He got his education from Saint Hilaire. Terpins shows passion any time he is behind the wheel. He has a large fan base in the country of Brazil. His many fans see how he has excelled over the years.

Rodrigo Terpins has gained lots of skills and knowledge over the years. Anytime he drives, he is full of adrenaline. He has a very hard job while navigating the racing tracks. Terpins watches his speed while handling rough terrains. He has an expert racing team right by his side. His team helps him fix up his car when it gets damaged. The mechanics put the newest technology on Rodrigo’s car. This gives him a major advantage while on the race track. He uses his expert racing skills to win Championships.  Check out institucional to know more.

Rodrigo is a famous race driver in the country of Brazil. He rally races for the Bull Sertoes team. He races all over Brazil for the Bull Sertoes team. Terpins is also successful in the business world. He is in charge of operations for the company Lojas Marisa. He is a director for T5 Participacoes. T5 Participacoes is a company based in Brazil. Despite his success in business, Rodrigo continues his passion for Rally Racing. His racing team built him a specially designed car that is one of a kind. The racing car is a T-1 Prototype and is named the T-Rex. Rodrigo’s car has the newest racing parts and latest technology installed. He has amazing endurance and speed anytime he drives it.

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Bright Future for O2Pur in the E-cigarette Business

E-cigarette business is booming and millions of people worldwide have embraced it. People are considering e-cigarettes an alternative to ordinary smoking. E-cigarettes were introduced in 2004 and by 2015; a tremendous growth took place globally. Its awareness significantly increased within a short time. According to studies and research, most e-cig users are former smokers of regular cigarettes. Not less than 52% of smokers have experienced vaping. Although growing rates of e-cig smokers slowed down in 2015, the use is still increasing.

The e-cigarette industry is a suitable opportunity for an investor. Among the promising companies are British American Tobacco, Reynolds-American and Phillip Morris. All these are major players in this industry with huge opportunities for growth and expansion.

Other companies are also rising and thriving in this business. One of the companies to watch is O2Pur. The company is fully stocked with mods, e-liquids, batteries, chargers and vape pens among others. All these products come in wide varieties to satisfy customer needs. O2Pur has a customer service department that receives all queries and concerns about vaping and e-cigarettes. All costs are favorable and the most competitive in the market. Each commodity will surely give you the value of your money.

To get the most out of every smoking experience, e-cigarettes go well with various types of flavors. They are numerous and one chooses according to availability and preference. Among the popular flavors are menthol, regular, vanillas, chocolate, bananas, strawberry and orchard among others. These flavors are over twenty types, which makes a good variety for users to choose.

Users can have fun by trying out flavors of different types each time ofvaping. Some users have identified which flavor is suitable for them at what particular time. For example, one may start the day with a regular, relax with strawberry flavor at midday and unwind with a peach flavor in the evening.

Dr. Saad Saad American Surgical Physician

Dr. Saad Saad a surgeon in Eaton New Jersey first received his medical degree from Cairo University School of Medicine and has since practiced medicine for over 20 years. Born in Palestine he was only one of his parents eight children. Among his siblings, there have been three surgeons, two PhDs and two masters of engineering. Dr. Saad Saad first emigrated to the united states over 40 years ago where he did his surgical residency in the pediatric ward of a US hospital. Over his career, Dr. Saad Saad has developed numerous pediatric procedures and has even patented two inventions in pediatric medicine. He is now retired but over the course of his life, he voluntarily performed eight mission surgeries to children in need in Jerusalem.

When looking back over his life Dr. Saad Saad realized that he first wanted to go into the medical field when he experienced the heat of Egyptian summers which instilled in him the desire for a career where he could work from in an air-conditioned environment.

Over his career, Dr. Saad Saad has received mentorship from numerous colleagues but one, in particular, stood out to him. Dr. H Biemann Othersen who taught DR. Saad Saad the importance of kindness, honesty and hard work when working with children. This was important to maintain no matter the history, ethnicity or race of the child.

Currently, the most exciting trend in medical science is the continuous discover of their influence of genetics on our ability to treat chronic illnesses.

Dr. Saad Saad believes that research is the lifeblood of innovation and is necessary for results to happen.

Being an organized individual is far more important than most people recognize. When a person is more organized they are more efficient and less likely to put off things that need to be done.

Dr. Saad Saad has a strong belief that only God is the one who knows what our fate is and that for young people it is not impossible to reach your goals as long as you insist on achieving them.

Dr. Saad Saad believes that an environment free from distractions both mental and physical is of incredible importance when it comes to performing top-notch surgeries.

Having come from a poor family Dr. Saad Saad felt it was his duty to excel in medical school and he was able to graduate with honors from his program.

He strongly believes that if a poor foreigner can become successful in this country that with enough drive and support anyone who has a strong desire for success can be in the United States of America.

Finally, Dr. Saad Saad would like everyone to take a few moments and read one of the books written by the late president Abraham Lincoln. It is in Dr. Saad Saad’s belief that this work showcases that we are all equal in the eyes of God. Learn more:


Soothe Joint Pain Away With Heal and Soothe Supplement

Nearly one half of the world’s population endures some type of agonizing, or annoying pain during some point and time in their life. Pain is the body’s way of informing you that something is not quite right. Often times the pain is masked by pain relievers that that just dull the pain. One of the most afflicting types of pain is joint pain. This could be due to inflammation from arthritis, or other bone and joint disease. This could really put normal daily activities on hold, and could also make it impossible to get a good night’s sleep because of the severity.

There are many medications on the market that will lessen the pain, but not for long. Heal and Soothe is a supplement designed especially to reduce joint pain, and keep it away. It is a natural supplement that contains no chemicals, or products that could have negative side effects. The ingredients in Heal and Soothe are 100% of what nature has to offer in natural pain relievers. They include Tumeric acid, Papain, L-glutathione, Vitamin E, Serrazimes, Bromelain, Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex, Rutin, Boswellia serrata, Ginger extract, and Devil’s Claw. the combination of these ingredients are called Systemic Enzyme Therapy which treats inflammation, and injury to soft tissue.

Systemic Enzyme means that the entire body systems benefits from the Heal and Soothe supplement for joint pain. Because it is a supplement, it is taken daily, and is safe for long term use. One single bottle of this amazing product sells for $59.00 by the Living Well Nutraceuticals. They are currently offering a free trial bottle for only the shipping and handling charges. This offer is available on their official website. Heal and Soothe can also be purchased at online stores.

Pain has no respect of person, and when it gets to be excruciating you want a product that will work then, and also give long lasting comfort. Let Heal and Soothe help you get back into the swing of things. Reduce your joint pain while allowing the all natural ingredients to work and give your body a wholesome new outlook.

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Michel Terpin: The Great Rally Champion

Michel Terpin hails from a sporting family. Michel’s father Jack Terpins enjoys basketball, having played it in the 60s and 70s.

Terpins participates in the T-REX T1 Prototype category. For the second consecutive year, the MEM team developed the car he drives. This car requires extensive modification because of its competitive and muscular nature.

Michel’s car uses a powerful v8 ethanol engine, installed by the MEM team. The engine makes the car powerful and effective for the terrain. Michel finds every competition that he participates in enjoyable. He prepares himself for the unknown because every stage comes with its challenges.

Maykel Justo is Michel’s navigator. He has won four major titles. He has participated in 10 competitions, 3 in cars and 7 in trucks.

He takes pride in Michel’s success. In the previous T1 prototype, the two emerged champions with 61 points. Closely following them was Facco Luiz who attained 43 points. This was a landslide margin.

Michel Terpins Expectations for the Sertões 2016 Rally

The Sertões Rally started on September 3, 2016, and ended on 10th. Michel Terpins participated, and he counted on the help of his all-time navigator. Michel knew that Justo was an amazing navigator, and he was certain that all would go on well. It was a competitive category, and he hoped to accelerate. He understands the value of commitment and dedication to every outlined goal.

His rally team

Michel and his brother formed a rally team to quench their thirst for speed. It has Bull Sertoes, Xarla and other sponsors. The two brothers represent the team in famous rallies such as the Mitsubishi Cup.

Bull Sertoes Rally Team received the Carbon Free Seal courtesy of the Green environmental initiative. The initiative seeks to reduce and neutralize carbon dioxide emitted by cars. It also seeks to encourage the planting of trees in the Atlantic Forest to compensate for the air pollution during the seven-stage competition.

Rallying is one famous sport in Brazil. It still attracts many competitors in Brazil and beyond.